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  2. snapper

    Photographers in British Speedway

    Think it is about time I posted on this thread as some of it seems to be about me. My name is Ian Adam and I have been a photographer at Glasgow Speedway since 1991 of there abouts. I first met Taylor Lanning in 2015 as I knew his dad Phil Lanning from many years back at Shawfield Speedway. His dad asked me as he was interested in photography if he could take some photos on the centre green technically I should have said no as he was only 13/14 at the time but as Phil was a friend I said yes. Phil also asked me for some help in picking cameras and I have pointed him in the right direction in picking up good deals in lenses. Along these years I have been more that happy to pass onto Taylor tips on how to capture the action and I think now seeing where he is and the quality he is producing my help and training has paid off. Now it appears that according to Phil I have been involved in bullying his son for over two years an allegation that I strongly deny I have never bullied Taylor Lanning if I have where is the evidence. During this alleged two years bullying Phil and Taylor have shared a table with my family at the Tigers End of Season dance, 4 years running and no mention of bulling was raised at the table I also shared a car with Phil and Taylor to the SON meeting at Belle Vue in 2018 stopping off at Bolton for some lunch again no mention of bullying at any time during the trip. Phil also arranged for me to obtain a photographer pass for the Dubai Airshow in November 2017 and again no mention of bullying also in December 2018 I attended a Christmas Speedway function with Phil and again no mention of bullying at any time during the day. I was a member of a UK wide Speedway Photographers WhatsApp group which this season raised concerns about the number of tracks that Phil and Taylor were turning up at and taking photographs at without any prior introduction to the track photographers based there which should be a done as a form of courtesy which now appears to have been an oversight which Nigel Pearson has apologies to all the photographers for, and it may have turned into a bit of a moan fest but I do not see this as a from of bullying as it was not directed at any individuals and it was raised on a private chat group. The poster GreenLightGo seems to know a lot about this situation so I am more that happy to share with them my home phone number and we can have a chat and I will be happy to explain the facts to them and answer their questions I also notice they are a regular at Ashfield again I would be happy to meet them after a meeting at Ashfield and discuss. I believe the management at Glasgow are going to have a full investigation into these serious allegations, as they should and I commend them caring out this investigation, I have informed them I am more that happy to fully cooperate with this investigation. I will say again I have never bulled Taylor Lanning.
  3. Where is the shale going?
  4. Does anyone know if the meetings are filmed this season.
  5. Always does. Nothing flash,loud or brash. Just gets on with it. One of the reasons I like him.
  6. Islander15

    Leicester NL 2019

    I remembered this rumour so went back over the rulebook but can’t see it written down. Swindon have announced that he’s been accepted into their declaration and the whole 3 league thing seems to have been brushed under the carpet!
  7. Islander15


    If they have an NL average from last season (eg Bowtell) then they would be signed on that.
  8. Never encountered a poor view at Cardiff, that’s usually in the cheap seats (apart from a Polish flag - he’s probably still wondering what happened to it ). £30 max tickets and you can see all - why pay more?
  9. Fords wanted out for 2 seasons, and no race suits since. Less he spends the better at this stage, the more ££ for him..
  10. I understand what your saying,but you have to remember the we earn on average 2.5 times more than the Polish.If they didn't have it at these sort of prices the stadium would only be 25% full.
  11. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    We always try prepare a grippy track so there goes that theory. anyway the meeting, expected result, hope everyone who fell is okay. Felt Sarjeants move was a bit too firm imo. Good to see Ricky back in the points. Sedgmen attempt at trying to pass coles was embarrassing looks scared anytime someone comes near him. Lawson also shouldn’t be getting beat by either reserves at home. couple of changes needed imo before the season is finished before it’s even started.
  12. Today
  13. Only paid £24 for a brilliant seat in Warsaw middle of 1st/2nd bend 6 rows from front, paid £55 for bend 2 in Cardiff last year, I know which gp I'm going to next year !!
  14. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    On the strength of tonight at Redcar, from.a Diamonds perspective I wouldn't be interested in Jedd List at all, and I wouldn't fall over myself to sign Josh MacDonald. Granted MacDonald looked in a different league to List but not competitive with Max Clegg. I don't know what Bukhave"s average is (just like others on here, possibly!) but he was head and shoulders above the Australians and looks as though he might be a proper rider.
  15. Terrace Grumbler

    Julie Lewis Memorial @ Redcar 24/5/19

    I thought that this was a very enjoyable meeting - a very well thought out format and some top class racing to match. The Redcar promotion should take a bow!
  16. SharpenRake

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    Well done to all the Tigers riders including Connor Coles. For two away meetings running the tracks have been described as either tricky or grippy. Have teams been trying to psych us out. If so its not worked. Looking forward to Ashfield tomorrow and a fast fair track.
  17. Previously immaculately turned out Poole team look a bunch of scruffs without team race suits
  18. No surprises. Felt like Glasgow dominated but the score was kept quite close throughout. Did not see any potential heat advantages for the monarchs to peg back. Great to see Cookie fly around the Dale again always a pleasure even when against us. Hope Segy and Luke OK after their falls (and james too) and Andersson repair bill not to hefty. A very average looking team we look at the moment with too many passengers. Time for changes? Not sure who there is to bring in. Good to see a decent traveling support always seems to be a few more when they can smell a win.
  19. McDonald looked pretty good - couple of excellent rides. List was disappointing, maybe trying a bit too hard. Wright in an absolute class of his own again - difficult to see who can beat him next Friday in the semi-final. Massively impressed by Ayres yet again, and Bukhave was excellent in the individual part but faded.
  20. Endeavour

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    Not normally one for pressing the panic button but think time to change one possibly two riders. Good to see Ricky looking bit more like his old self
  21. I couldn't make it due to work.. how did McDonald do ? I've seen list on a couple of occasions this season & not impressed !!
  22. allthegearbutnaeidea

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Comfortable home win, although I said that twice last week with Berwick and we took Sheffield to heat 15 both meetings
  23. Paddy The Rebel

    Peterborough vs Poole 23/05/19 Premiership

    Get a life you idiot!!
  24. He certainly used the same ploy at Romford. I can still remember the pain i felt getting filled in by his back wheel at Brooklands. That low concrete wall offered very little protection for those of us silly enough to stand near it.
  25. M.D

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Fair point MD, its going to take Eastbourne a while to build again and the loss of Tom is a massive blow. I don't think we are a bad side, slightly unbalanced but the club is trying to move forward on and off the track so time will tell if we will get it right long term...
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