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  2. As said earlier, its not right but does happen. Sad when it does.
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  4. Gemini

    Where is SCB

    I'm sure Mummy and Daddy will have him back home again so doubt that will happen unfortunately.
  5. At the mid stage of the meeting I certainly didn't expect that we might win by 10. Some good racing and lots of passing in the second half of the meeting. A superb heat 13, an entertaining heat 15 and Lawson fought hard to eventually pass Berge in heat 14. Congratulations to Somerset and it was good to see their riders going over to applaud the fans who had made the long journey to support them.
  6. Spot on... If you spent two days in Piccadilly Gardens in City Centre Manchester and asked 500 random people a day 'who are the Belle Vue Aces?"... I would be amazed if out of one thousand men, women and children asked, 100 could give a correct answer... And possibly the more realistic answer is that no more than 50 out of the 1000 could.. In reality 1500 or so isn't too bad for such a poorly generically recognised Sport...
  7. That's always the issue at BV the size of the stadium can be deceiving to a small crowd when in speedway terms it's actually good.
  8. I think the obsession on here of 'what the crowd looks like' has had its day.. A very small minority sport gets crowds in keeping with its status in the national sporting grand scheme of things.. If the Aces get say 1500 it won't look anywhere near full but given the sports following and standing, it certainly is a reasonable crowd.... Probably not self financing but that is more down to the unrealistic, probably unsustainable, fixed costs that the sport has..
  9. Fullmax

    Torun 2018

    Are they for your personal use ?
  10. Testimonial for Stuart Robson start of next season? Great servant to British speedway.
  11. Hope the weather is kind, forecast not good.
  12. I thought it was a decent crowd there looked to be quite a lot on the back straight and a few rebels fans as well
  13. Banned for threatening to physically attack you lol. You have several different names on here and I’m afraid that I’ve only ever had the one but ignore it makes you feel better then keep accusing me of being Trackrat I don’t mind Now I’m not sure wether it’s bedtime or the warden needs to put the lights out but it’s time you left. For all their faults Starman and Shovlar have never set up different accounts and different usernames , they like myself are mentally stable adults. Im sure Shovlar when he returns will be proud of you for setting up an account in his name and defending him , trouble is he doesn’t think much of you and also finds you a bit strange. Now you can’t get banned for being a troll or I’m sure with your many accounts you would have been gone long ago. I have no issue with Shovlar in most respects and he went over the line to take cheap shots but yet being an adult I didn’t report him because I don’t see the need, the mods must have decided they didn’t like what he wrote. He may not have been banned for what he said about me it may be for something different. Shovlar is an adult who trolls and inflamed but at least he is a supporter of his team and not some freak behind a keyboard who is either 10 or has the same mental capacity. Nighy night
  14. Looking at the fixtures/results on the BSPA website, some teams were still running Shield meetings in June although we did have a wet start to the year. http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/june18
  15. IronScorpion

    Scunthorpe 2019

    No problem. I just remembered seeing a post that contained your name. You might have quoted this post.
  16. Congratulations to the Rebels, all 7 of them chipping in with valuable contributions to see them home. Great to see Cookie showing real speed, looked relaxed & smooth on the bike pulling off some great passing moves. That heat 13 was simply brilliant, well worth a look! Heat 15 wasn't too shabby either. Thoughts now turn to this coming Monday.....
  17. Fred Flange

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    My undateable stalker is trolling you with unfounded lies. YouTube is invested with scum cheering crashes, they even cheered the crash which resulted in a broken back for thorssell!! When Doyle fell off at Belle Vue last week in a crucial heat you could have perhaps understood some cheering from Aces fans as they qualified for ko bit of the league cup, but the reaction was personified by Chase the Aces' reaction captured perfectly on the replays from the alternative camera angle. Scum fans v Aces fans, there is no comparison. Edit I see the undateable stalker has been on a troll fest hitting a hattrick of three consecutive troll posts.
  18. Come on the Skipper

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Janowski 100 less Zmarzlik 100 less
  19. They had a 5 year plan a few years ago and I believe Chris Louis was involved when he first took over at Ipswich. I seem to rember Louis and the others putting forward ideas...... The 5 year plan was scrapped after a season.
  20. The crowd was good considering city are at home and United on TV. Cracking meeting and congrats to Somerset on getting to the final. Heat 13 was again sensational. As Rob said as per usual the Aces go out due to a poor away leg.
  21. With only 11 teams in it and on a good run 7 of em out in the first six weeks of the season why wait til the end of July? Once the four qualifiers are known there should be a fixed time period to complete the competition....how difficult can that be??
  22. Dont worry jye your back in on Monday I'm told. Ps: sorry I meant Bree.
  23. I think belle vue really need to get jye for Monday's play off as no replacements seem to be able to score points at home
  24. Trust me, you are wasting your time with that one.
  25. YOU'RE SO 2 FACED IT'S UNREAL You have been banned for threatening to physically attack me. Yes I am Matt Ford Fan / Trumpy unlike you ill admit to my screen names. Everyone know's you're TRACKRAT. You have also been banned for foul and abusive language towards other members of this forum. So many members not just one or two. Before anyone starts. As I said above I am Trumpy/Matt Ford Fan but I have changed my screen name in defence of Shovlar hoping the mods reverse the decision to ban Shovlar. I don't see eye to eye with Shovlar and we don't get along but I speak the truth when stuff get's serious and Shovlar has done nothing wrong. You're the soul reason why so many threads end up in slanging matches. You have already admitted that you have been banned a few times so that backs up my claim. Mods decision to ban Shovlar is more corrupt than the Ronaldo sending off against Valencia tonight. Both decisions should be overturned with immediate effect. Shovlar only spoke the truth and Ronaldo only baby tapped the Valencia player on the head.
  26. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I read that, but it wasn't me that stated it. I personally don't think it will be that low.
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