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    Can posters on here please stop criticising Redcar for the 'lack of a 2nd ambulance'. Firstly if the requirement to have a second ambulance was needed by the ruling bodies then Redcar would have provided one or we wouldn't have been given the meeting in the first place. Secondly can the critical posters tell us how many other British Semi final meetings - or indeed Finals - have actually had two ambulances in attendance? No? Probably because, fortunately, last nights circumstances have never arisen before. The only difference two ambulances would have made last night was that the meeting would have finished possibly 50 minutes earlier than it did. The major hold up being after the awful Heat 1 crash where riders were being medically attended to on track for perhaps 20 minutes. It was deemed then by the attendant paramedics that outside help was required and the 'county' ambulance (why is it called that?) was called for. I don't know what the critical posters think of our (marvellous) health services these days but ambulance staff/paramedics do not just dump patients off at hospital and I would suggest that said 2nd ambulance would not have been back at the stadium when the unfortunate spectator took ill. A First Response ambulance arrived within minutes and their specialist knowledge deemed that a seriously ill person required hospital treatment and another ambulance was called for. To criticise Redcar for any of this is beyond belief. The vast majority of the people stayed to the end (including the presentations) and although we grumbled what's the problem? The Redcar promotion team are enthusiastic and forward thinking and should be praised for the efforts they are making this year and not being shot at by petty minded jibes from outsiders. Oh and I also didn't appreciate a certain riders comment over the microphone under the circumstances.
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    Very very talented but His name has obviously opened a few doors or does every track let teenagers onto the track who wish to learn and become a photographer. The photographers at Edinburgh and Glasgow and other tracks have served our sport well for years for NO financial gain and they have won awards in the past. This scenario should have never made its way onto a public forum. Father Lanning has used his profile to put his side of this sorry tale over and decent guys throughout the UK have not the same platform to respond. Sort it out behind closed doors.
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    I watched Peter Collins, Chris Morton etc riding for Belle Vue in the 70s and 80s. I also attended Ellesmere Port during the same period. Despite being a lower standard, I never yearned to see the superstars when I watched the second division lads. I just loved speedway.
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    If it was mandatory that reserves had to be British u21s, that would be a great step forward. It was disgraceful that it was dropped a couple of seasons ago. Bring on our own talent. We will benefit in the long term.
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    this is definitely the way forward. And we need to stop worrying about riders' earnings - they can only earn what can be afforded to pay them. So what if big names are lost- generally i find the lower down the leagues the more interesting the racing anyway. Don't worry about shortages of riders - they said that in '68 and '69 about Div 2 and lo and behold there was plenty - quite a few of whom went on to be top internationals.
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    Absolutely love Peterborough ~ the track, the racing, the music, just everything. Also love my dogs who are so good and go to sleep while the match is on. My cars not bad either as it's almost 18 years old and can still belt along at 70......I mean 60........when there aren't any speed limits on the A47. If anyone is feeling a bit depressed with Speedway take a trip to Peterborough.
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    Tut tut should have waved him past
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    Back from the meeting. Good racing again. For all the stick I have given Buster I have to be honest and give him praise. Over the last couple of weeks he has put in effort with the track and the team changes. So fair play to him.
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    Right,,,, where are the usual suspects,,, I need help falling asleep. Any win at Poole is a good win,, well done the Panthers
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    Why do you lot engage with Shït Shovlar. He spouts crap just to wind you up.
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    Yeah we all know about the rent agreement Derwent it helped keep Town solvent for many years just like the food and bar takings from the Speedway , not so much a symbiotic relationship then. Comets did have a very difficult 2018 financially due in part to circumstances outside their control but i doubt very much whether Town are in a financially cosy position. No doubt they will exercise their right to charge the Reds to play at DP in order to make up for the income they will lose from the Speedway . I'm a Town supporter so are some other Speedway Fans but what they have done to the track is making me consider not going again i'm so incensed. They have botched the place up for no great reason other than to try and get themselves a new pitch and changing rooms before the poop its the fan.
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    Oh for crying out loud....at least a couple of people realised what was intended. I was on my phone at the time and it wouldn't let me put a smiley/emoji (or whatever they're called). It was a sarcastic/ironic/sardonic/satirical/derisive comment that was in no way meant to be taken seriously. In other words, a joke. Has everyone got that? I was not being serious. OK?
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    So you're the one on the back straight
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    A night that could be labelled unfortunate. Redcar are normally efficient at running meetings... this was a night when circumstances dictated most unusual delays which were totally out of control of the promoters, i left early due to family circumstances but would normally have seen the meeting out. The Redcar promoters have impressed me in the past and I have no problems returning even with a 205 mile trip to get there.. good luck to Redcar and I hope to be back weather permitting in the future.
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    Special mention for the Panthers race suits they look a professional team ! Its how it should be done.
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    High speed, lots of banking and now that last year's track alterations have settled down the racing has improved massively, with distinct inside and outside lines. We haven't had a dud meeting this season despite the relatively comfortable wins.
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    I appreciate the league would have folded without Buster intervention but it can’t be good for the sport in the long run - I just think Pboro original team with Harris and Cook would have walk the league then dump Harris to go to Ipswich and pboro then dump Cook to come to Lynn all Busters clubs - it stinks and in any other sport it not be allowed to happen.
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    Peterborough are currently converting seven bmx bikes with laydown engines to be able to ride the notorious pot holes
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    The slower the track the better the racing is
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    Wouldnt say its ridiculous at all Lawson went well at Poole earlier this season scoring 11 + 2 from 5 rides.....if he scores that again he will have done his job replacing Brady. The only issue i can see is that he has confidence riding for a top of the table side and dropping down to ride for an average side could affect him
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    Yeah he was at another Redcar meeting with Dave Payne as well. It's no secret that the way speedway had been run in recent seasons compounded by how Workington were treated last season had never seen him so disillusioned with the sport . The magnificent treble was just reward for an unsung hero who gave up so much of his own time for his love of the Comets.
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    The collection for Tom Brennan came to over £1700. Well done eagles fans and it shows how much we care about him.
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    I mean come on buddy you are having a laugh surely ???? For a start a face to face conversation is less likely to be taken the wrong way or there be lees chance of any confusion .Secondly a speculative conversation (im guessing ) between a handful (im guessing) of people you know, is completely different to putting it on a forum thread currently viewed 45,781 times do you not think ?
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    Because they are personal problems .. Would you like any of your personal problems discussed all over a speedway forum ?

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