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    I love these threads. Elsewhere we keep being told there are no characters in the sport, how great it used to be with controversy, riders throwing punches, brawls and more.. Yet as soon as anything happens everyone is up in arms.
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    As a Redcar fan when I booked my tickets for my first British GP with my son I never dreamt that we would be watching one of our own riders. Absolutely bloody magnificent! Go on Charlie Boy, see you in Cardiff.
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    On the parade lap, red flags and red lights mean return to the pits practice is over, not stop. Seen red flags many, many times on the parade lap but never seen a rider stop yet.
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    So, having reviewed the short video clip it seems to me the riders could clearly see the marshall with his red flag (which means stop in a controlled manner) but the leading rider thought he knew best and would ride around the marshall. The marshall, thinking the rider did not understand the simple instruction (or see him) foolishly moved across to make himself impossible to avoid. The highly paid professional then deliberately attacked the volunteer marshall with a shoulder charge. Open and shut case for me.
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    Can anyone deny Woffy's entertainment value tonight? Not to mention his usual good racing knowledge. Even his lack of commentating expertise was entertaining. Actually, he brought a brand of comment that I found refreshing. Forget the professional approach. Let's have more of this unvarnished expert comment.
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    Total and utter tosh.. Viewed it over and over again. The marshall walks over to Craig Cook's path as he is coming into the pit gate. I will say again anyone who walks into the path of someone riding a speedway bike is asking to get hit. As for the alleged headbutt, contact is made with the shoulder not helmet.
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    Where has this nonsense come from? I have NEVER in 40 years of watching speedway seen riders all STOP at a red flag. They slow down and leave the track. How many times do you see red flags when a rider is prone injured on a bend? The riders don't stop and get off their bikes, they ride slowly past. Which is what Cook was doing.
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    I most certainly won't trust you as what you have reported has been shown to be inaccurate. Cook was riding directly towards the pit gate. He did not 'aim' at a marshal, nor did he throw a headbutt as has been claimed on here. We all know they shouldn't have been riding. The marshall didn't need to do anything other than show the red flag to indicate the rider to leave the track or stop. He did that. Cook was leaving the track, the marshal instigated what came next by stupidly stepping in front of him which could have caused injury to both parties and damage to machinery. Cook was in the wrong initially, the marshal escalated the situation with stupidity. It's not a debate anymore, it's clear to see for everyone.
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    So to summarise: Cook does not deliberately ride into start marshal. Indeed the start marshal walks into him. Cook does not head butt the start marshal, he shoulder charges him. Likely being more than a little pissed with the fella who just walked right in front of him. Rightly so. Cook does very little wrong. The start most certainly does. If anyone takes a ban here, it’s that sausage with the red flag.
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    So now we have the truth. Cook did NOT aim his bike at a marshall, indeed it looks like he was headed for the pits gate to ride off the track? The marshall steps in front of him. Cook did NOT headbutt the marshall as I suspected. He put his shoulder into him, likely angry at being stepped in front of which could have been very dangerous. All that said, the riders were wrong to set off with the red flags waving.. but from that clip, they weren't going into a corner fast and appeared to be heading off the track.. as you do when the red flag is waved.. IF that is the pits gate we can see.
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    Christ alive. Y'all haven't half made a mountain out of a molehill. If you're going to walk into the path of a bike, then expect to get hit... And a headbutt? Where?
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    But the racing was still very good last night, so you don’t need all the top names to produce good racing. A decent track and riders who are up for it is what matters, both were present last night.
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    It's called the Precipitation Index Schlein Scale. You'll often hear the acronym used when it's raining ...
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    Well looking at the footage it clear to me that the marshall walks into Craig Cook's path. It is not brightest thing to do walk in front of rider on a bike whilst in motion. That was definitely not a headbutt in was a shoulder barge. For me its the actions of an over zealous marshall.
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    Just got home from the meeting. Going to 'try' and put an unbiased veiw on the meeting. Yes, I am an Eastbourne fan but I like to think I am pretty pragmatic and not afrais to say if our riders are out of orsder or if the track is not up to standard Got there tonight ready for a cracking meeting and feeling a little nervous despite only having a 4 point deficit. First thing I heard that there was issues was when the announcer said that the away team had complained about the track and did not want to ride it. There were several people down on turn 2 discussing and kicking dirt around so to speak. Then Jon Cook was interveiwed, he was seriously annoyed and dismayed that the fotness of the track and been called into question and clearly put the blame on Craig Cook (and his mates). At this stage I has no ill feelings about Glasgow or Craig Cook. I am no expert and certainly, I am not one to judge if the track is rideable by veiwing it from turn 1, on the stock car track, which is where I stand. That started to turn a bit when Martin Dugard explained that Jason and Alfi had been practising on the track that day. I must admit, I was less than impressed when we were told there would be a delay as the Glasgow riders had not yet changed. But still, no real drama. It was on the rider parade that it all started going a bit sour. For those of you that dont know, the way it done at Eastbourne is, the bikes are wheeled on to the track, then the riders are paraded out to 'Sussex by the Sea' and then introduced one by one, the away team first. This all takes place on the back straight as thats where the main stand is. When both teams have been announced, the riders are pushed off and have a few practice starts and the opputunity to slide into the turns to get a feel for the track. Tonight, after the Glasgow riders had been announced, some of them pushed off, before the Eastbourne team had been announced. They came down the straight and into turn . With people still on the track and the infield (including kids, who are the Eagles mascots) the track staff held out red flags to stop the Glasgow riders. Craig Cook ran straight into one of the track staff and then kicked off at him. Ot then all kicked off with several people involved. My lad went round the pits to see what was going on and saw people pleading with Craig to go and ride heat 1. He was refusing, talking about his injury and saying why should he ride an unsafe track! So, heat 1 started without him. As much as I feel he should be banned from the whole meeting, thats not what I want. I pay my money to see the likes of Bomber, Scotty and Craig Cook riding. I love them all, they are Brits and I support British riders through and through. The track rode fine. Even the reserves in heat 2 looked comfortable and were not struggling, Yes, there were some fallers but certainly was not more than you can often get. Someone on the updates site said its unusual to see 3 falls in 9 heats, really? I have seen 3 in one heat at times, and not just at Arlington. And Ed Kennet did not fall. He tagged the air fence riding a high line, stayed on and carried on, the air fence started to deflate and the race stopped, thats why he was excluded. Craig Cook, when he finally took to the track, rode it fine and looked classy and smooth. The races that he did not gate were the races of the night as he looked brilliant trying to make the pass. It was a real shame that the controversy ruined the night as it was great for Eastbourne to go through but I feel Glasgow were just deflated after the whole thing, it was really meeting over after a few races. Could have been so much better if Craig Cook had popped out and won heat one. I always think there are two sides to everything but the Glasgow manager having the guts to go on the mic and apologise afetr the meeting said it all and hats off to him for doing so.
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    Is all this rider “swapping” In “ best interest of the sport”.It harms it credibility IMO.Replacing injured riders ok ,but “ average swapping” is not.
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    I'd say that they set a standard and a blueprint for speedway clubs across the country. Their method is two fold : massive customer care and financial responsibility. Quite simply, they aim to give the paying customer and his family (and the latter is most important) the best night out they can so that he comes back again. Normal business practice, you might suggest - and you'd be right - but speedway has fallen disastrously down on that so many times. Any travelling fan will tell you of the 'get what you are given and be grateful' and 'if you don't like it, don't come' attitudes that have prevailed in speedway. It is one of the principle reasons why the sport is on its knees. Isle of Wight broke the mould. For a start, there is a concerted attempt to promote the existence of the club through show attendance, advertising and school and youth club demonstrations. Then there is the genuine care that they show on race nights, and innovation is paramount. Its little wonder that they have attracted almost universal credit and praise, culminating in a Speedway Star article by one of the sports most experienced and respected journalists. I started banging the drum for Isle of Wight in 2016 and have had no reason to waver from that view. Ironically, it came about because I was critical. Usual speedway club response to criticism is hostility and aggression, even abuse. To my amazement, I got an apology, a remedy and a wish that I would return. I was, to say the least, astonished and I know that I am not the only one who has had that reaction. Underpinning this remarkable degree of care is an equally robust financial policy. Huge effort is put into attracting sponsorship and sponsors and even the smallest are valued and appreciated. Rider pay and other expenses are carefully considered and weighed - no superstar pay here, but you get your money on time, every time. Barry Bishop and Martin Widman have done a fantastic job, and I can see signs that others are following suit. I was hugely impressed at Redcar the other week, for example. On the other hand, lets look at Plymouth. Reportedly losing money hand over fist, criticism is subject to hostile denial and a refusal to accept that anything is amiss - even when opposition riders threaten not to ride. Loyal and long standing fans are barred from both the club forum and the track for questioning the promotion. They are now apparently subject to an SCB investigation. The contrast with the Warriors is a truly stark one.
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    WHAT it show is if you put 16 riders of similar ability and similar equipment on a proper race track you will get great entertainment...
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    Er, why don't you just enjoy what we have while we have it and leave this to the close season?
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    We will never know but last night I think Wright was above Cook's level.
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    Worthy winner, be good to see a new Brit at Cardiff. Danny Ayres should be first reserve!
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    I feel sorry for atkins, this ridiculous points limit has to led to lads beings slung in the deep end very early in their careers, most of them after about 18 months in the nl, its a bridge too far for so many.
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    I don't agree. The way I see it, a flag marshal deliberately walked in front of a moving rider - something I was told when training for the post that you must never - never - do (when approached by a moving bike, you stand still every time). Had he not done that, there would have been no incident at all. I actually think that Craig Cook's reaction was rather tame. There's no way that's a head butt or even an attempted head butt (if that had been the intention, he'd have done it), its a shoulder charge. Hardly violent assault, I suspect most riders would have reacted in some way in the same circumstances and I can think of a few who would have done a lot worse. Even then, the situation was under reasonable control until some unnamed person confronts Cook and says something that makes him lash out. Cook is guilty, definitely. But the flag marshal, the person who confronted Cook, Eddie Kennett, Claus Vissing and possibly a few others are equally so.
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    Danny ayres has balls of steel. what an effort

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