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    Also want to say a big thanks for racers and royals for constantly putting up links for the weekends fixtures, glad ive got something to watch.
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    do i miss speedway?what is their to miss?walking to derwent park with my sons and grandkids,saying hi to people who are their early like us,standing by the pits chatting to dez the machine examiner who i went to school with and who rode for the comets ,standing listening to the roar of 14 bikes getting that special smell only they make laughing at others putting their hands over ears as they walk past,walking to our special spot on the first corner near the burger van standing with people who like us have stood their for years,being pestered by the grandkids for some money for a burger which they will never eat because they had tea before coming out,clapping and shouting as 2 teams are announced by michael max or hoggy with the tones of john walch in the box,shouting at a well know referee from scotland who once again had got a decision wrong,going home after a look at the track from the pits gate saying hi to chris the pits marshall, telling my mother how well we did or why we didnt win,taking boys home and looking on the pc how other teams had done that night,going on the forum to see what other comets fans thought about the team that night.YES i do miss my speedway seeing it live from 3rd april 1970 missing work sometimes to get my fix,remembering the girls i took their some still speak to me now a couple dont but their loss eh ,so again i do miss my speedway its good to go to glasgow, newcastle, redcar. and even edinburgh but its not the same,so if u can go when this is all over DO go or like me and a few more from comets land u might not have some to go back too.HAPPY DAYS.
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    Graham Drury in the Speedway Star (another excellent issue), talks about how he loved his time promoting in the NL, "riders just rode, no flights, accommodation, or transport requests". And when he rode 2nd Division how it was mainly 'part time' with riders having jobs, unlike today where so many have salary expectations to allow them to be 'pro' speedway riders in that league... So, we actually know 'what can work', and we also know 'what used to work' (pretty much the old 2nd Division NL).. Therefore that surely has to be the target to get back too? It does also make me wonder how much of my admission cost goes into the riders' own personal agendas through their salary from the clubs. By that I mean their own individual aspirations... I've said before, so much money comes into Speedway through fans attendance and individual sponsorship, yet so much of what gets paid out doesn't postively impact the domestic leagues in any way shape or form, but instead, goes to fund riders wanting to be full time pros and help support their own ambitions on the wider global individual stage.. No disrespect but any current GB rider winning the World Individual title won't put bums on seats over here every week. This was a pipe dream mantra from a long time ago, ie a belief a GB World Champ would be like finding The Holy Grail for the sport in the UK.. Havelock, Loram and Woffy (3 times) subsequently proved that wasn't correct. (Even when Tai rode here).. Therefore, the UK should just cut its cloth accordingly, putting the clubs first... In short, if charging £18 isn't bringing in enough punters through the doors as they tell you that you are too expensive, then listen to them and drop your prices... And if you can't drop your prices as you say your costs won't allow it, then reduce your costs so you can... I can guarantee that the many punters who no longer attend due to them not seeing £18-£20 as an acceptable or affordable price point, wont wake up one morning and suddenly then decide that it is and rock up in their droves.. And this absent, silent majority, are the ones that need 'listening' to..
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    Thanks for listening tonight everyone. I will admit, my head was all over the place during Sunday's broadcasts and I struggled a lot, but tonight for me went 100% better.
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    100%. And as a watcher of Polish Speedway over the past few years, it gets even better when the crowds are filling the stadiums to capacity.. The racing seems to take on even more of an edge when tens of thousands of fans are either screaming out in adulation, or disgust at their riders.. This year there has been some cracking racing, and I think some fans just equate passing in races as a benchmark to their standard.. In Poland you seldom get one rider miles in front of everyone else given there is usually two decent world level heat leaders in most races, and many of the races have two seperate battles for 1st and 2nd and then 3rd and 4th, given the close nature of the standards of the riders.. You can have some great racing with no passing at all, eg cant remember which race the other day, but it ended 5-1 to Czestowocha but it looked like synchronised speedway with the Wroclaw riders riding five yards behind for virtually the whole of the race, trying to find a way through.. (Might have been Woffy and Chugunov?) The whole experience from the mechanics in club colours, the fans in club colour T shirts, through to the 2 mins use and start marshall/ref communication to align the riders straight and right up to the tapes, and then the racing itself, is truly light years ahead of what we have over here.. And that's no disrespect to British Speedway as that it the way it should be with the millions of PLN it attracts.. But to think what we see in the UK is better, I do have to say is pushing the boundaries of reality a little bit far..
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    That's the first match I have ever seen where almost every prediction everyone made turned out to be wrong! Best match I've commentated on in years.
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    Just caught up through YouTube. Decent meeting. Nice track Grudiadz. Heat 15 was a tough one. Hope Lebedev is ok. Lambert was running for the kerb going into turn 1, maybe he came in a little to soon but Lebedev had no awareness and Robert spent the race 2nd guessing him. Lebedev had been at that all night. Good speed for Robert though. Those FGM pulling well and he looks quick. He’s a quality rider is Robert, probably took on a bit too much last season, hopefully he’s back to his 2018 form. I do think he’s in the top 16 riders in the world, and is consistent on the continent. Has a nice style and he actually reminds me of Tai a little. Very competitive. Good to see from a Brit, been a while since we’ve had this type of quality aside from Wofinden. High hopes for him.
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    Plus Scotland are at least 4 weeks behind the rest of the UK in relaxing lockdown. Taking that football down south estimate no fans until at least September , and even then that is on the basis that there are no spikes in the virus then October for any sport up here is unlkely. Lets be realistic this season as we all thought is a write off. Making the early call to write the season off by Glasgow looks to be the correct one.
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    For me, the biggest and most important step is for the UK to stand alone, away from the global sector of the sport. Fundin said that those who progress to the GP's should then move out of UK domestic racing to free up places for others coming through.. The two worlds of Poland and the UK are you could say 'poles apart' so why the UK still clings on to the odd GP star or two is beyond me.. As all it does is unbalance the league anyway, raise overall costs for those who then try and compete with teams with GP riders, create inconsistent fixture lists to accommodate them, and often mean guest replacements when fixtures cant be rearranged which impacts the whole credibility of the league. When the UK sees itself in it's true position, as that of a stepping stone to greater financial rewards and global fame for those who progress through it, it can then rebuild itself a framework that is fit for purpose to grow the sport in the UK.. Not holding my breath obviously.. Too many egos involved who refuse to accept that the UK are simply not important, or influential anymore, in the grand scheme of things globally I think to let it happen.. The irony being of course is that if they had a very successful GB team their influence on the global stage would grow accordingly, with wider UK media interest also growing the same.. The UK should be a conveyor belt for UK talent to progress through to the top level, which will then have the knock on effect of increased public interest, which can only then benefit the domestic leagues accordingly.. Like the RFU and TCCB acknowledged many years ago now when their domestic sports were respectively somewhat in the doldrums, a successful National team brings in the interest, sponsorship and crowds which then permeates down to the domestic level of competition.. A blueprint worth following I would suggest..
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    Premier always prioritise a live offering. They wont leave a live Nascar race, a sport which has thousands more fans than speedway incidentally, to show a recording of a speedway meeting. Likewise, they won't leave a live speedway meeting, even if it's running an hour behind, as can often happen in the Swedish league. Premier doesn't run solely for the benefit of the speedway fan. They broadcast popular sport as well. They won't be able to show every match when there's a stack of live football to be caught up on. The NHL will also recommence soon which will further tighten the schedule. Anyhow, this weekend the Friday meetings are on Freesports and Prem 1 respectively. On Sunday it looks like they are making use of Box Nation (sky 427) and showing both meetings live according to the sky planner weather permitting.
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    From what I have read a 'guest' over there is a DU equivalent over here, and has only been brought it to support the current challenges with Covid 19, eg possible sudden adhoc quarantine changes in other countries that mean riders can't get back into Poland should they relax the rules etc.. Meaning Holder for example can only ride for Wroclaw this season in the top league. . He won't be riding for 'all and sundry' on an ad hoc meeting by meeting basis like a rider can over here... The Polish fans wouldn't allow that kind of situation to occur anyway I would suggest.. Imagine Emil coming in for Wroclaw and scoring nil? The fans (when back) would rip the place apart, and he would need a police escort out of the town..!! So much of Polish Speedway's success is based on that raw, tribal emotion that you get following a team sport, so I am sure they will want to maintain that, and sharing the same riders around on a weekly basis within the same league would destroy that completely and lose thousands from their fanbase... And as you say, in contrast... So much of British Speedway's demise is based on the complete lack of that raw, tribal emotion you get following a team sport...
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    I have thought that was the way forward for a long time, I'd even consider withdrawing from FIM events in time and just run our own competitions.
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    Good news for Premier Sport subscribers,as round 7 July 24th/26th they are scheduled to show all 4 matches live including what will certainly be the Sunday 2nd match Czestochowa v Leszno.
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    The starting procedure in Poland is streets ahead of UK, think a 2 min clock Should be made compulsory in UK for starters.The riders don’t mess the Start Marshal about in Poland and it all runs fairly smoothly.
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    But the government has still not created the mess as you would like to imply. Is Black Lives Matter their creation ? NO. Or did they tell revellers to disobey the restrictions that they advised, using evidence of the responsibly scientists. NO.
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    Mine arrived yesterday. Congratulations again to the entire Speedway Star team on yet another brilliant effort. Loving the new features which are a great read and some strong news lines on the British clubs. Keep up the good work everyone at Speedway Star, long may it survive, it is a national sporting treasure, get behind it!
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    That is exactly what we are going to try and do.
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    I rather think they know a good bit more than you, mate...
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    Blimey Col you certainly see things differently from some. The Rybnik no 7 Kamil Nowacki was making his debut for the club after being loaned from Gorzow that morning.- obviously can`t get in his parent clubs team and i thought did really well. As for lambert correct decision, he might have been frustrated but turned left way to soon and Lebedevs had no where to go.
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    Most of the shielded I've spoken too say they wouldn't go anywhere where there are lots of people, I certainly wouldn't.
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    How having 3/5/6 rounds in Poland have any less integrity than a one off World Final?
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    I haven’t been to a meeting since Lakeside closed . With each passing week I miss it less. I was my intention to go to occasional meetings but there are such a bunch of cowboys in charge I don’t feel motivated and have found plenty of other things to do. There must be thousands like me. Great memories of the sport, but it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that the great days are gone and won’t be back.
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    As much as riding at a technical track such as Newcastle 2 - 3 times a season would be for Dan Bewley i reckon 2nd or 3rd tier in Poland would be far better for his long term career in the sport

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