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    Unless rules have changed you aren't allowed to reintroduce a rider that rode for you the previous season that didn't start the following year.
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    The only debates some of the poole fans have gavan , is mass debates at home in their bedrooms whilst looking at pictures of chris holder.
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    Many years ago back at the old shay stadium a man and a woman approached us and told us they were new to speedway and wanted to know the rules. We told them not to worry about the rules as they change them every other week, just enjoy the racing. The couple looked at us and walked off disgruntled. A few weeks later they approached us again to apologise has they had found out that we were correct. From what I have experienced in speedway since I started watching the sport again in 2005 nothing has changed. In fact it is so much the norm now that I believe the whole membership of this hallowed forum would have a mass cardiac arrest if the rules applied were ever well thought out, correct in almost every instance and were adhered to from start to finish.
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    PETER Oakes in Speedway Star this week has tried to unravel the farcical situation that the BSPA have put themselves in by preventing Scott Nicholls and Edward Kennett riding for a Championship team in 2018 because they did not do so this year and therefore failed to acquire an average. Although, of course, Nicholls appeared in various end of season Championship finales as a guest. We also now have a situation where Nick Morris and Craig Cook, both of whom have averages over eight, and Sam Masters (almost eight) could ride for the same Championship side but not together for a Premiership team. Do the BSPA ever look beyond their noses when making up rules, seemingly on the hoof.
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    Starman!! Before posting this, may I request only comments of a very respectful nature! I know many have expressed their opinions about Starman and his posts in the past but would ask at least on this occasion they remain polite. Starman's mum has today advised on one of the (many)Poole threads on Facebook that Starman is currently in Poole Hospital having been diagnosed with a (non-cancerous) brain tumour! She doesn't go into any further detail about the prognosis, but will pass on good wishes from any Speedway fans. Get well soon Starry.
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    If that was my team I would prefer Charles Wright.
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    After initial fears - I find the New Website much easier to use than I thought it would be. As my glass in nearly always half empty, and I don't like change, I tend to get up tight with new things. Well done Phil on dragging the Forum, and me, in to the 21st Century.
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    Thought we were told by the Remainers that the world would end after the referendum vote win for Brexit.
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    Up to this season neither could double down, the situation was lapsed for just this season. Chris (and others) took advantage and established themselves a Championship average, Scott didn't, even though it's rumoured that a club actually offered him a place. Personally I think British riders should be allowed to double up, whatever their average but I'd stop overseas riders being given that privilege.
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    There are certain Poole fans that see Gavan name and they go straight on the defensive instead of actually reading what he's posted. He's more positive about the Poole signings than some others!
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    always tried hard? good rider? nah he's the biggest gating tart to have graced british speedway imo
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    Peas that are so small that when you try to stab them with a fork they disintegrate. Restaurants that do not remove the skin from potatoes, when I order a steak it does not come with skin and hair on it.
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    Looks like he learnt something at school
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    Yes - I do have a Free Bus Pass. I don't use it much as I have a Car. If it makes you feel better VOR - I would like to thank you so much for your contribution to my Free Bus Pass. Very kind of you.
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    With the greatest of respect as nobody has heard of him from either NL or development leagues id fancy it won't be this mystery Searsby or any of the wind up names Odsal is chucking about in a cruel way. Suggesting names just so others can immediately dismiss them is not productive in any way. As for the possibility of a moto cross convert getting a team place straight into the Championship is both laughable and dangerous. Whatever natural ability / balls they may have they will have nowhere near the skill set to compete safely at that level.
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    2 point riders have to be eligible for the NL, they don't have to have ridden in it.
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    I don’t get this supporter obsession with the rule book, it’s too complicated and not worth the time and effort going over, that’s the promoter or team managers job, only they have the power to challenge or enforce a rule.
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    Scott would be a great asset to any club. I can see though the other side where a significant proportion of Championship sides cannot really afford such riders. It could be argued that the desirable position would actually be to deny more riders at that level rides in the 2nd tier in order to keep costs to a more sustainble level.
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    'Happy Holidays'. Just say Happy Christmas or say f#'ck all, please.
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    The problem is too many higher quality riders have been allowed to double down for too long. It wouldn't be a big deal not having Kennet and Nichols in the top league if cook Harris Morris masters, Schlien, lambert, king, Lawson, grazionek, among others were also prevented from doing so. thats why it's a problem.
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    If Coventry fans believe this, then all the more reason to prevent it happening by supporting the venture, proving there is support to warrant a new stadium.
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    Yes, but that's because the current format allows for the possibility of the race-off to happen without the host nation. It would be very easy to solve that issue. I think most people would consider a best pairs competition to be a diminished SWC, but let's see...
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    would think most comets fans expected mason back he definatly improved last year had some very poor meetings but had a good few really good meatings where he looked a top class rider

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