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    Neither should get stick, people have a choice of either getting involved or not, moaning about it shouldn't need to be an option. Good luck to Cook for 2018. And Bomber for that matter.
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    Radio Norfolk did an hour-long special remembering the Norwich Stars and the Firs stadium. Featured Ove Fundin and other stars. Good listen. Here is a link to the Speedway Show's home page http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p051d52h/episodes/player
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    A support group has been established to assist Cookie in 2018 as he steps up into the GP’s I’m not posting this to attract any negative comments but to inform the folks who do support Craig - so if you don’t like him (your prerogative) please just move on to another thread I think it is a great idea and have encouraged a fair few Monarchs fans to join For just £50 a fan can have their name on Cookie’s GP race suit, monthly prize draw for GP passes, merchandise, race worn kit, signed photos, birthday card and members only communications on WhatsApp and Twitter For more information on how to join the CC111 Support Squad contact 111CraigCook@gmail.com
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    Do what they do at Belle Vue and stream the press conference on Facebook. That enables those of us who have a long journey home to watch it when we get home or the next day.
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    And this is the attitude that has British Speedway where it is now...
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    I very much doubt you could write the rules of most sports on a sheet of paper (unless it was a very large sheet and writing was very small), especially a sport that caters for multiple formats. 'Tear up the rulebook' is just one of those silly mantras that gets bandied about by speedway people, and you of all people should know better than to repeat that. Whether or not there should be points limits, guests, averages and the like is one debate, but whilst they're deemed to be necessary by the sport, then there's always going to need to be a degree of complexity in the regulations. If there was nothing written down about these things, it would be total chaos and even more open to ad-hoc and biased decision-making. 'Four riders doing four laps' would frankly get pretty boring pretty quickly if there wasn't any structure to it. That's why the sport quickly evolved from ad-hoc scratch races to team events. And in reality, it's really only the team building stuff and certain technical elements that are highly contentious. The rest of the rulebook, whilst it might be better written, isn't controversial.
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    I admire your tunnel vision where the team comes before all else. but in reality it has to be a two way thing. Come to think about it I should say a three way thing.. The Fans, The Rider and the Promoters. all supporting one another. It's when one takes the other for granted does problems start to appear. Having witness the Stars for many years, I've seen many Promoters and umpteen riders and teams and have lost count of the times it has gone pear shape. Of the three, the fans are the easiest to satisfy. All they want is VFM and excitement from the Promoter, and for the Riders to have a real go. Winning is not that important, as long as they each apply them selves to the cause. Next is the Riders, they want to be appreciated by the fans and the promotions and expect a track good enough and safe enough to race on. Last but not least has to be the Promoter. He has to have a Workable/Viable business that is sustainable. He has to ensure the race track is in top condition enabling the riders to entertain the fans, he has to ensure the fans are happy with what they see so they will return the next time. Looking back at recent years, there has been a lot of cases where all three have been guilty of taken others granted, and that will always cause problems. I feel all three can learn from the closeness of the others, and working together is the best way to achieve success. Its not just about the team, or the Riders, the Fans nor the promoter, its about all of them.... Each as important as the other....
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    I have supported the Stars all my life and will continue to do so. But the last two seasons the racing has been poor. The Home meeting against Poole killed my enthusiasm and I vowed not to go again until Holder was gone. No ,I didn't go to any press conferences as I was bored most weeks and couldn't wait to get away. It's not the fans that need to be closer to the riders, it's the riders that need to get closer to the fans.
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    there is always one bitter and twisted fecker from a defunct track that claims to be a speedway supporter . BITTER,TWISTED AND CORRUPT FAN . PROPER DOOR HANDLE .
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    The very fact that people people harp on about complex rules and contradictions but are never able to list any says it all. It's a lie, a myth, a red herring. What is an issue is the wilful ignorance of the rules by the powers that be and the way any rule can be ignored if someone with enough power doesn't like it. Or the fact that some teams have signed riders on an old average from 2018 while others have signed riders on a converted average from another league thats more recent but nobody in power is explaining why. Maybe if the BSPA twitter had not blocked so many people we could ask them, but then asking them questions is a blockable offence it would seem!
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    You are a disgrace and an insult to the multitudes of great Speedway fans that I have met in over 50 years of watching Speedway. Any rider who makes efforts to obtain sponsorship from whatever source is more than welcome as far as I am concerned
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    The press conference great idea love it if racing started 7-30 prompt I’d definitely be there but I’m sure as eggs are eggs ain’t going to a press conference at gone 10pm when I’ve to be up early for work the next morning I’ve no interest in that what so ever . So get the racing started at 7-30 show a bit of urgency to keep the meeting moving rather than endless laps with the tractor and more would attend meetings and attend press conference it’s thats simple .
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    Why not some sort of relationship with an existing coffee shop in Poole, with free sponsorship in the stadium in return, there's already a restaurant I've been into in Poole that has pics of riders in it..
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    Tell that to Cradley fans.
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    I'm sure you need hot water to make a coffee shop to work.
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    Happy New Year speedway fans, especially witches fans looking forward to a safe successful 2018.
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    It would be an exaggeration to say that every meeting at Belle Vue in 2017 had brilliant speedway. It would, however, be true say that some meetings most certainly did and that you would be more likely to see brilliant speedway there than just about anywhere else. Its a myth to suggest that the racing was better 20, 30, 40 or 50 years ago. It wasn't, but nor was it worse. My Dad went to Wimbledon in the fifties - Boy Wonder Ronnie Moore and all - and when I said I was going he said 'first out of the gate always wins'.
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    Except for Eddie “the driller” Kennett
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    He don’t exist palmdawwwggg odsal boys a twit
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    Still think Jake Knight would be best option, national league average of 8.83 but his away average was higher than his home average so Eastbourne might not have suited, he said this on twitter...... 'Gutted not to be back with Eastbourne next year but that’s speedway and have to move on to the next chapter and see what the next few months bring up.'
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    What does in contradict? You could argue it's unfair. I'd argue it's stupid that if you ride Championship and Premiership and get a Premiership average over 6 its unfair you can double up/drop down but a rider who only rode Premiership and averaged 6.01 can't but it's not contradictory.
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    Saul is a great lad but he' not ready for a reserve berth in the nl let alone championship.
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    It amazing the amount of commercial property that council have been buying in recent years. It's a scandal but nobody seems to care. The government should be looking at what any local council spends on commercial property and taking twice that figure form next years budget, 1 lots because they clearly don't need it and a second lot because they still have last years to spend (albeit they not have to sell the property). Local councils should not be investing anything in no public projects. Mind you, lets not forget most of them lost a fortune when Icelandic banks went bust.
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    It will be interesting to see what Jason Doyle averages next year following the tweet this year that he seems to have ridden himself out of a job.
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    Not sold on the Stoneman selection but that' already been mentioned once or twice. I hope the number 7 is selected/notified soon so they can properly prepare. Too often a selection of riders are invited to battle it out at P&P and have no time to prepare for a full season of racing
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    Apologies I was having an unusually upbeat day (Not sure what was wrong with me). I am delighted that Pipe has stopped dragging Buxton down from the inside but fearful where he will end up next.
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    Why would they even consider riding in a league that is doing its damnest to get rid of them anyway? Zagar had already said he was looking to ride here next year and they came up with a couple of rules that effectively put a stop to it.
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    I don't have tunnel vision, that's why I helped start the Supporters Club, I had my ideas about giving the supporters more on race nights and I think we have delivered with pit walks, watching from the centre, having photos with riders and presenting Rider of the Night. We have an extra experience for 2018 which I hope our members will enjoy
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    The first time i went to Plough Lane i thought wow!!! what a place i was in awe of the stadium you could watch the racing in comfort.The track was always prepared well so the racing was always decent was never a fan of little tracks but i did like Wimbledon.I never tired of going to Wimbledon or Hackney both were a great night out and i can honestly say i didnt see many duff meeting's at either venue.
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    Never a truer word spoken. At the end of the day a rider can always find somewhere to compete against others with the same mindset, even if it's just some waste ground. What they need to realise is that if they want to be paid for doing what they enjoy they need to treat paying customers with respect (and not just by posting on social media) and not as an inconvenience, which is how some come across.
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    Really your'e glad PIpe has applied ? , I have to say I'm shocked , I thought you had good knowledge of speedway , but obviously not , Pipe should not be allowed within a mile of any authority within speedway ,
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    Would rather see good racing, that why its Speedway Racing, but unfortunately lots assume that only winning is the main thing, some really good matches have had dire results for the team supported, but I have still been happy that the spectacle was good.
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    Yeah that 'marketing to attract a younger audience' should see loads of new young 'fans' at tracks waiting to see him race!! Shame he didn't include a list of all the tracks and dates that he will be racing at in the UK in 2018?! Or maybe I'll have to wait to see how many extra young fans turn up at Cardiff.......?! Or maybe not!!
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    Yep. Those who want to see the champions, those who want to see the world champion and those who want to see the champions from years ago.
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    But we all knew that, It has always been 'you scratch my back I'll scratch yours' Some of the decision made beggars belief..... The worrying factor about all this is, are they as shallow as we all think they are, where every decision made has an ulterior motive, or do they think we are thick ones and won't cotton to what they are actually doing. Either way, it don't bear well for the trust needed in these situations, or for the future of the sport....
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    Could be similar to anders henriksson at newport , a fellow swede who was superb at home and pretty poor away riding at numbers 3/4, once Watson left he was thrown in at number one and in his final season with Newport he ended up as one of the top riders in the league with massively improved away performances. Cant see Thorsell struggling too much at 1 in this watered down league to be honest, but will have to see.
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    Just watched it... Shame he cannot lead the Sport forwards in this country... Ticks a lot of boxes from the marketing side in trying to attract a younger audience.. Confident, positive, an engaging personality, ambitious and tattoos...!! What's not to like? Came across very well...
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    Here in Bavaria back in the 1970s I remember seeing Jon Ödegaard and Edgar Stangeland as Norway's outstanding long-track riders.
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    didnt Nick Morris ride for Berwick last season ?
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    Good luck to Craig Cant say I'm his greatest fan but I wish him all the best and hope he can put together a set up that enables him to do himself justice
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    If that is the case it pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with British speedway.
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    Bloody hell the winners and losers in the star is all light hearted, why do some appear to take it so seriously? Hence some appearing in both categories.
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    If Thursday's had been approved, why change it? Sheffield and Ipswich should have had two choices if they wanted Thursdays. Ride top league or ride Thursday's but top league sides get priority on riders. Ipswich, in particular, seem to have been holding the top flight to ransom for years. I'm just fed up with speedway seeing the best way forward being to make the good clubs as crap as the poor ones.
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    No! But as the Andersons not coming turned out to be a feeble attempt at humour it does give me more confidence in the rumour I heard. And for the poster on the Bears forum - I'm not a bs merchant or an attention seeker! I am passing on some speculation for team building but at the same time respecting what may be privileged information and not trying to spoil any announcements planned by the Redcar promotion!!
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    Every time things change there's always negativity. I'm finding it clumsy just now but give it a few weeks then just like the last change we will be used to it and when the next change comes along we will be wanting this one back!
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    2017 NJL FINAL RIDER AVERAGES (These exclude Bonus Points) Ryan MacDonald 11.16 Kyle Bickley 11.00 Daniel Gilkes 10.00 Harry McGurk 9.18 Jordan Palin 9.12 Sam McGurk 9.04 Kevin Whelan 8.95 Joe Lawlor 8.89 Corban Pavitt 8.88 Archie Freeman 8.29 Carl Basford 8.24 Kieran Douglas 8.00 James Hitchen 8.00 Josh Embleton 7.50 Luke Harrison 6.91 Luke McKenna 6.67 Elliot Kelly 6.57 Dale Lamb 6.07 Leon Flint 5.33 Kean Dicken 5.14 Kyran Lyden 4.80 Gavin Parr 4.62 Gregor Millar 4.17 Sheldon Davies 4.00 Liam Little 4.00 Dale Pate 4.00 Dan Thompson 4.00 Joe Thompson 4.00 Luke Woodhull 4.00 Ryan Morris 3.38 Mark McIlkenny 3.00 Alex Goldsbrough 2.80 Lloyd Ditchburn 2.67 Lewis Millar 2.00 Jack Flynn 1.33 Jack Wright 1.11 Danny Smith 0.36 David Pye 0.27 Dean Douglas 0.22
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    Sorry folks, there was one error in the above figures. The average for Elliot Kelly should read 6.45 NORTHERN JUNIOR LEAGUE RIDERS' POINTS 2017 (Includes Guest Rides) Corban Pavitt 91 Josh Embleton 75 Sam McGurk 61 Archie Freeman 58 Jordan Palin 57 Ryan MacDonald 53 Elliot Kelly 50 Kevin Whelan 47 Dale Lamb 44 Kieran Douglas 42 Harry McGurk 39 Luke Harrison 38 Carl Basford 35 Kyle Bickley 33 Daniel Gilkes 30 Gavin Parr 30 James Hitchen 24 Gregor Millar 24 Ryan Morris 22 Alex Goldsbrough 21 Joe Lawlor 20 Kean Dicken 18 Sheldon Davies 12 Lewis Millar 9 Dale Pate 7 Mark McIlkenny 6 Liam Little 6 Kyran Lyden 6 Luke McKenna 5 Jack Wright 5 Leon Flint 4 Dan Thompson 3 Joe Thompson 3 Luke Woodhull 3 Lloyd Ditchburn 2 Dean Douglas 1 Jack Flynn 1 David Pye 1 Danny Smith 1
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    Hope he gets as much stick as Chris Harris did when he tried to raise some funds