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    THIS week's Speedway Star is its usual 48 pages plus a 24 page section from Travel Plus. How are you losing out?
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    ...trouble is SCB has a fixation about ageism and raises the issue over and over again. Gets a bit tiresome after awhile.
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    I think BT coverage is far better especially with the after meeting interviews and chit chat much better than the rushed finishes with sky . Natalie is quality and whilst I admit Nigel and Kevin are too shouty, you can’t knock the enthusiasm. we should start a petition to get Floppy back I thought he was really good.
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    Phil you have nothing that needs defending , like you state you need the extra revenue these days to exist every publication does really can’t see where Semion is coming from as like you say the 24 page ad is an extra that doesn’t cost the customer any more! I actually find the brochure quite good toilet material once I’ve read the actual magazine content lol Despite social media and the internet in general I still enjoy my fix of my speedway star as does my son...as you know! Keep it going more of us appreciate it than those that do not
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    BUT 33% of the usual 48 pages are not devoted to adverts. It is hard enough making SS viable these days without turning away what little advertising is available.
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    I doubt that there are many rich pensioners that include speedway as an interest.. The OAP concession should remain
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    Here you go again SCB. You really must be a very bitter person. You are right when you say that a hell of a lot of Pensioners are well of, some of them very well off. However the obverse is also true. There are also a hell of a lot of Pensioners who are not very well off, are indeed very, very poor. Some can afford Speedway every week, but others will inevitably not be able to, and it seems that you want to make them even worse off. I doubt if there are many very well off Pensioners who attend Speedway that often so you are actually having a go at the poorer ones. Shame on you!!! You are either very bitter, very jealous or very selfish or maybe a combination of all three. Shame on you!!!
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    Bit of a generalisation SCB, there's plenty of pensioners on basic pension and maybe a small personal pension .....
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    This is the uk not poland seen it all before with polish riders!!
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    Easy to say that but I doubt anyone would have expected KK to be so pathetic. Looking at the lineups Swindon are nowhere near strong enough to retain next season. No big improvers and no big hitting reserves. Looks like last year was a blip and its back to mediocrity for the Robins. While normal service resumed for Pirates? Looking possible.
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    Lakeside wanted him (and Kennett) Dont feel too sorry for them though as they simply gamzumped Berwick and Sheffield for Morris and Lawson instead and have brought in 2 reserves on out of date low averages....
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    Below are Brady's scores in the Aussie Championship you claim he should be dominating, while insinuating he isn't... r1 = 3 3 DNF 3 3 FEX r2 = 3 3 3 3 3 FEX r3 = 3 3 3 3 3 2 So, he's only been beaten once in three rounds when he has completed the race. Your post on this subject is EXACTLY why people hate you on here Gavan. You are a troll and t*sser.
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    It's free for him to watch the Colts. A good way to get him and his mates interested.
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    The speedway star in my opinion is excellent value look at the prices of other sporting magazines or papers the Racing post as a example for me it should be more than 3 pound.Also the 2018 teams line up edition is a terrific read great value that certainly should be a higher price.
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    What on earth are you expecting for £3 a Book! I find the SS excellent value for money!!!
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    Time to get some long trousers then !
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    First of all we are discussing a CL club here and no one is advocating that the NL should allow overseas riders to participate in their league. At Edinburgh, the supporters have had very few problems with the overseas guys recruited in terms of commitment. Indeed in 2016 when we ran our final home match, due to previous postponements, on 21st October , a break of 3 weeks since our last actual race meeting, our 3 Germans traveled back to honour their commitment. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of a certain English team member who threw a sickie, but was well enough to attend a social function at his EL club on the same night! Unlike the overseas riders who are prepared to commute here, we have great difficulty in attracting decent English prospects to sign on for us, usually citing our base as being too far for them to travel. So what are we supposed to do, just employ any Brit who is willing to come, irrespective of their ability? Well current & potential local supporters up here would soon lose interest if we were compelled to track cannon fodder in the name of keeping all British riders in a job. Oh and btw, our foreign guys do socialise after the meeting and our promising Aussie, Josh Pickering, stayed within a couple hundred yards of the Stadium with a local family.
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    A very sad and touching film that many of us ex fans of defunct clubs can relate to.
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    This thread is ok until gavan comes back on it then it goes into lets dig at every poole rider,you don't see any poole fans go on the Ipswich thread bleating on about how he's got beatan by him,he shudnt be beat by him hes a no1 and the other guy is a 2nd string blah blah blah why dont you focus ur attention on how ipswich are going to massive chumps again next season and win nothing again LMAO
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    Makes a change from you being reported eh Gavan. Considering all the abusive language and name calling you have used in the past, you really don't have a leg to stand on.
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    Along with his sons runs a very successful electrical business despite the awful injuries he suffered during his brilliant career which very nearly crippled him.
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    but he usually doesn't come back to you.
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    I don't think parents would be shocked at that for a one off night out. Getting them to pay it every week, however, is a different matter. But if my son was taken somewhere by his friends' parents and I was told it was 20 quid to see a live sporting event I'd pretty much expect it. I don't see why people factor food into the cost though. Just eat before you go. What's the issue? And you don't need to get a programme for every one either.
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    As many said, a tad dear for families, else nail hit on head. Put on more races, juniors, anything, after main 15ht match....
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    I see that Brady went through the card again in the latest round of the Aussie Championship. He really is a cut above the opposition in this event. Got pipped by a fast gating Holder in the final but virtually unbeatable. In fact Holder is the first rider to beat him over 4 laps this championship. The only points Brady has dropped is for an exclusion and EF. Let’s hope he comes into the speedway season over here in similar devastating form and battles to retain his number one berth.
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    Sadly the same can be said about everything leisure costs a fortune these days.A few years later as an apprentice my take home pay was £10.06 a week a pint of beer was 10p so I could(not that I did) buy 100 pints with my wage.Now a pint is approx £3.00 how many apprentices take home £300.00 pounds a week. Again a few years later on full money married buying a house etc I went to football on Saturday afternoon and speedway at night and could afford both no problem.As the years have passed and my money became worthless I could not afford to do both so I had to choose I picked speedway it would seem most others stayed with football. And there lies the problem people can't afford to spend as much on leisure because it and everything else cost so bloody much and your wage goes nowhere these days.As with me a lot of people cannot do everything they want to do and have to pick and choose and it would seem speedway is lower down on peoples list than other things and in my opinion is a big reason why speedway is struggling these days.
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    Have you finished wiping that egg off your face from last season, Steve?
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    HAD Lambert signing before it was announced. SS is feature led at this time of the year. What's wrong with ADDING a 24 page travel brochure. Thousands of people use TP to go to SGPs. Am totally bemused by your comments. So, no, I don't have to admit this week's issue is poor. But you are entitled to your opinion.
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    Please, please, please say it's Bridger
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    Because if the Brits don’t come first and we lose our British riders the national team with disappear, the profile of the sport will sink even lower, the sport won’t be able to afford the extra costs of flying in riders, our league will be at the beck and call of the foreign leagues, just like last season with Poland dictating where riders should ride, there will be less interaction between riders and potential local supporters because they will rarely be in the country, there will be less interest in a sport in which only foreigners participate, all us families who support NL riders and give our time to clubs for free will be lost to the sport ....
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    Forgive me for my feelings towards Lambert, but to harp on about sponsors and equipment shows a lack of professionalism . When the season ends all top riders make the sponsorship business their first concern. They all want to be assured the deals are in place to cover most of the expected expenses. If someone like Lambert, who is regarded as the best English hope, is struggling for support, something is drastically amiss. However, probably it was my up-bringing , but airing ones washing in public is not the behaviour, you expect from a member of the exclusive top earners in the sport, and I feel this information should be kept private. Pleading poverty doesn't do the sport or anybody any good..
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    I think they do a good job myself.
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    Robbo for me. He is a great Team man, if not him then Nichols. That's it from me. I won't hold my breath. Even if he did he would probably only pick up two or three in the next Away Match. I'm sorry if folk don't like that - but history suggests that I am right.
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    I asked on the Coventry 2017 what, if anything, has happened to Nigel Boocock's ashes - does anyone know for certain?
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    Thing is, Pirates Bleeding Blue called Gavan out for slagging off Kurtz in the Aussie Championship. Gavan denies he did but it was clear he was having a dig at Kurtz. We all read it on here. But he had to back track and deny he was slagging Kurtz off and ‘we all read it wrong’, after Kurtz has hardly dropped a point all championship. Gavan wasn’t slagging him off after all, even though it looked to everyone else that he was, and that being beaten by a second string etc should never happen, even though it happens in virtually every meeting with any top rider. Pirate Bleeds Blue smack on the money.
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    Speedway is just corrupt period. All GP riders 9.00 except Vaculik. Come on now.
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    Actually, all the incomes quoted there are pretty crap if you are looking to go to speedway every week - unless you are living in a house free of charge.
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    @Gavan I knew you'd report me. Not really fussed. You and others (Matt Ford Fan, please stand up) make this forum a cesspit that is barely worth participating in. I occasionally read it rather be an active member because of your direct behaviour, and that of others. I stand by what I said. You're a troll and a t*sser. To quote a mutual acquaintance, do us a favour and go play in traffic. < That should be enough to get a slight ban I guess, but oh noes. woe is me.
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    I thought most painters enjoyed their wine while painting masterpieces.Have you seen the state of some of the paintings that fetch a crazy amount of money
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    And why do two very long journeys a week to the other end of the country when Poole is just 15 miles up the road?
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    James Shanes is a local lad with Poole in his heart why would he ride elsewhere if he could ride for Poole.
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    Not sure I agree with that bit about sparse crowds because Coventry had pretty good attendances compared to all the other tracks ~ perhaps only Poole getting more (if they were on a winning streak) and combined with the Stock Cars it was quite viable. From 2010 onwards though when Sandhu took over with the intention of building houses on the land it was on borrowed time so I suppose I've got to agree it has done well to last this long. Very sad.
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    Well chuffed Stevie is back, hopefully he will put at least 0.5 points on to his average, something he is well capable of doing.
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    Zdenek did they used to call him Kermit? he was one exciting rider i can remember on a cold i think it was a November? night at the Abbey 1979 the track was dodgy but he gave it everything he was great value.
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    Graham - Using Swindon as an ax ample as that is your team, then Swindon would be in the one big league along with all other tracks, so hopefully 18 home and 18 away meetings from late March to mid September. As the teams would be the same strength at Swindon as it is at Redcar or Peterbourough etc then as an example only, Swindon could be a team something like Nick Morris, Tobias Musielak, Justin Sedgeman, Adam Ellis, Zach Wajtknecht, Mitchell Davey and a 2.00 NL draft. Then as they want to also compete in the Super Cup league of 6/7 home and the same away, they would name FOUR squad riders of which one must be lower ranked than the number one in the other team and these could be riders doubling up from a track not operating in the Super Cup. So Robins could name Jason Doyle, Niels K Iversen, Peter Kildemand and David Bellego and would name any two in the SC meetings while Kildemand and Bellego could cover for Morris if injured or missing and Bellego also for Tobiasz The team in the big league isn't a great deal less that what you have now and with 17/18 home meetings (should be a bit cheaper than now) I'm sure they would get the support as this is the regular action and could be one of the pace setters. Then for just 6/7 meetings through the season, you would use the top five of that team along with any two of your squad riders so it could be Doyle, Iversen, Morris, Musielak, Sedgeman, Ellis and Zach W which as its only once a month and against a top line opposition, then maybe £20 would be acceptable to many to see such a meeting and crowds should be good at both levels. If they wear a Robin are you going to turn your back on one level even though five are in the other level ?
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    Im a bit disappointed he hasn't towed the company line. At the end of the season he was pretty open about wanting to move on. He could have handed in a request then. Mind you 12 months is along time and should he have a good season he may choose to stay on if all these other things work out. The article is slap in the face in terms of the media plan for the promotion too. If the ink isn't dry we should maybe reconsider. thinking who else is about though, kk? Zengotta? Sundstrom? When you think of it like this. The 1 over 8 rule isactually a hindrance when you think of the guys who could have been available, in a parallel universe 1 from Swindon, 1 from Poole if the magic rumours were true. Possibly 3 from wolves if pp woffy Freddie and Jacob were all in uk speedway. The riders available could have been holder, batch, Schlien, bjerre, . . . Funny really. Bjarne Pedersen name your price (I gist)
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    There is no crossover between speedway and the bikes you can ride on the road, unlike MotoGP, WSB and even motocross.
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    Agree again. From a Wolverhampton point of view, the biggest blow was the loss of Cradley. It has never been quite the same since. I also think it was of the biggest mistakes the sport has ever made. When Dudley Wood closed, instead of moving to Stoke, Cradley should have moved to Monmore Green at that time whilst continuing to look for their own place. If, as has turned out, they weren't able to find anywhere, so be it, they would still have been running. Both clubs would have benefited. Cradley in continuing to run and Wolverhampton in continuing to make money from the big crowds the derby matches produced. And of course both sets of fans in continuing to enjoy the rivalry. Indeed, the matches may even have gone up a notch with both sides effectively racing on their home track. More recently there has been problems with dates and fitting them both in, but had they been long established it may have been much easier to work around. The sport would be in a much healthier place with Cradley still operating in the top flight.
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    Dont think anything that happened last year has any relevance to the staging of this meeting The only matter of importance is a large sum that will hopefully be raised for the Ben fund
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    One name that I don't think has been mentioned yet was the late Doug Adams who brightened up many an evening for me at Ellesmere Port, although his major role was over the Pennines at Halifax, and I seem to recall Sheffield. I also used to thoroughly enjoy Laurence Rogers' work at Cradley Heath.