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    Copy of my submission, below. Having been a Coventry Bees supporter since 1965 I feel I must object to the loss of a venue which has been a major part in my family social life. My Mother eventually became secretary of the first official Supporters Club, and my sister and two brothers were all regular stadium goers, and our children, and my Grandson, have all become enthusiastic Speedway supporters. I also feel that those submitting the Planning Application are deliberately playing down the fact that Brandon is a MOTOR SPORTS stadium and not just a Speedway Stadium. The Stock Car promotion regularly stage the World Final which brings in thousands of fans from around the world, providing a boost to the local economy in the days preceding the event. I also feel that the site owners, who by their own admission have noted that 85% of the latest responses are negative, are trying to abrogate their responsibility in law to provide or fund a suitable alternative site for the MOTOR SPORT stadium.
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    The great majority of riders racing in the UK are not earning big bucks in Poland and riding in the top league in Sweden. The UK is their only option to earn a living but Doyle is one of the few exceptions still prepared to commit to the UK when he can earn a very good living abroad, that's what you're missing. Most riders racing in the UK aren't in the GP's and most of those racing abroad who are in the GP's won't entertain racing in the UK but Doyle not only does but regards it as a priority, that's what you're missing. Doyle is the World Champion which makes him different to every other rider racing in the UK, that's what you're missing.
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    Just as with Woffinden, there will always be the jealous, bitter, xenophobic haters. Doyle is a rider who has grown on me tremendously over the last couple of seasons and one who certainly has achieved far more than I ever thought him capable off.
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    I like coming on here..its funny..
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    Anyone but Poole for me then I’ll be happy
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    makes me laugh really if he doesn't do the meeting he gets slagged off of he does the meeting he gets slagged off by you lot who wont even put your leg over a bike. Jason over the last few years has turned himself about to improve as he has done, and he is quite a nice genuine person. perhaps if others had his drive and commitment speedway would be in a better place, Just has Ben Barker love him or loath him does the ben fund every year and is also great with fans especially kids so please leave these guys alone any who put their leg over a bike and entertain us support them and perhaps things can improve .
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    It's called Ecology & saving the planet.you twit!
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    you were sooo close, up to your final line..
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    Although this subject has been briefly discussed in the Edinburgh 2018 thread, as this does not relate to actual team building, and in view of its long term importance to the future existence of The Monarchs, I have therefore created this new topic on this specific subject. Local Armadale Cllr Stuart Borrowman on Facebook on 28 January at 07:19 posted the following:- Council officials are minded to approve the application for 2.7ha of housing at Armadale Stadium. Officers say the capacity issues at Armadale PS(Primary School) have eased and the stadium is not classified by SportScotland as an outdoor sports facility and "doesn't have the appearance or function of open space." However Contact has been made with sportscotland on this issue and their response was :- “sportscotland is aware of the planning application and the potential loss of this facility. We do appreciate that this would impact on the current users of this facility, however sportscotland is not a statutory consultee in this instance, and therefore has no formal remit to comment on the planning application. We don’t define what is or is not a stadium, that is done by planning legislation, sportscotland don’t have a recognition criteria for stadia.” Furthermore on sportscotland website the Master List of Sporting Activities and Governing Bodies Recognised by the Sports Councils ( https://sportscotland.org.uk/media/2846/list-of-uk-recognised-ngbs-and-sport-list-october-2017.pdf ) at the bottom of page 3, Speedway is recognised by sportscotland under the auspices of the Scottish Auto Cycle Union As the above conflicts with Councillor Borrowman’s public statement re sportscotland, perhaps resident West Lothian Speedway fans could either contact both Mr Borrowman and West Lothian Planning Department, or their local Councillor, to ascertain the source of the misleading statement.
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    Well get on and do it. What are you doing on here Lol!
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    Ever thought of a career in promotions? You seem a natural.
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    You refuse to pay for a TV licence and have done time for more serious crimes? To which you appear very proud or are just on a wind up.
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    YES you are missing something but if you cannot see it don't expect me to help you
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    Further to my earlier post I have to mention Dave Shields. Returned to Cradley for the 1981 season after 2 years away from Britain. After a slowish start to the campaign he became a key component of our Championship winning team ending with a League average of 6.12 from reserve, bringing the house down against Hull when beating Mauger and Drury? from the back. Never returned to these shores, but a key signing to help bring that title to Cradley for the first time.
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    Well, Bloom89, I am sure that some British riders DO get help. In the past I have been on very friendly terms with a few promoters. All of them, without exception would have preferred a British rider to an overseas one. The difference is that the overseas rider is more single minded and simply HAS to succeed or go home for ever ( as many have done). So the best of the overseas riders succeed and the comparable Brit will still be following another occupation alongside his speedway. This does not help him to go forward. I have heard and read many complaints from the parents of young British riders about overseas riders being helped more than "Their" boy...usually it is because the lad does not show the right talent or attitude and has nothing to do with him being "British".. I do not see any young rider with any talent without a team place excepting for those with an average who are frozen out by silly rules.
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    RIDING in the Ben Fund is only part of it. At Somerset on Friday he said quite plainly that he was always going to ride in the UK, it is foremost amongst his priorities, it isn't about the money, he genuinely feels that it helps him as a rider, he likes to keep busy, is always available to offer advice to his team-mates (should they want it, which isn't always the case) and has turned his life around. He also said that the injuries he sustained in Torun in 2016, including a collapsed lung, were identical to those of Lee Richardson when the talented young Englishman so tragically lost his life. Doyle could have too but, unlike Lee, he received treatment both at the stadium and in hospital far quicker. He is an impressive young man who could turn out to be one of speedway's best World Champion ambassadors, not least because he is not just prepared but determined to participate in British speedway. And hats off to Somerset who have made that possible and attracted new sponsors on the back of his signing.
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    At Ipswich we have a long line of Aussies from my time of starting to go in the early 80's starting with Billy Sanders. We had a few characters none more so then Craig Hyde and Steve Widt. I remember Ipswich riding at Lakeside and Craig Hyde did a full circuit of the M25 before finding his way back! Shane Parker coming over and scoring 19 points in an away match at Rye House in his first season was pretty special. Then you had the Langdon brothers at Poole who werent exactly quiet either
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    Good post, didn't Jake have a season with Sheffield a few years back? Unfortunately more experienced riders in the team weren't performing which meant more pressure was being put on your son and in turn he lost his place and has never had another go at Championship racing as it is called now. Riders like Connor Mountain and Alfie Bowtell need NL riding in my opinion just for instance say Bowtell has a poor start to the season doesn't score many points and gets dropped by Lakeside then he'd be completely without a team which is so wrong when teams like Berwick, Edinburgh, Peterborough, Redcar, Scunthorpe and Workington all have foreign riders riding at reserve now some of these have been riding over here for a long time but still get picked over young English riders. What's the incentive for young English riders who progress from riding in the NL to get CL places because promoters tend to pick foreign riders on "bargain" averages. Arguably you should have 6 & 7 in the CL for young English riders and promoters should be made and encouraged to stick with them for the full season.
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    Usually these threads are full of Berwick fans arguing wi eachover... this winter we just have this gadgey slavvering twaddle
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    Do people not bother reading all the subsequent messages before posting? Double O has already apologised for his error..
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    To be fair, based on last seasons meetings, most of the Poole fans had left by heat 10 or 11, so if Groundwell was made available it would ease congestion following the meeting.
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    Surely all the Wembley finals after the mid-50s were on a man-made track as only the base of the bends at Wembley were permanent, the rest was dug out and relaid for each meeting - with varied results; disastrous in 1975, smooth but slick as hell in 1978 and surprisingly good for racing in 1981

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