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    You don't have to 'elevate him above all others'! He's the World Champion so he has pretty much elevated himself above all others. Isn't that what being World Champion is?! And to have him at any event will surely generate greater positivity than if he wasn't!
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    You really are not getting it. Doyle is the World Champion and tops a good looking line up. This meeting is a fund raiser that needs to utilise all Marketing opportunities in order to maximise interest. No need for the negativity.
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    Copy of my submission, below. Having been a Coventry Bees supporter since 1965 I feel I must object to the loss of a venue which has been a major part in my family social life. My Mother eventually became secretary of the first official Supporters Club, and my sister and two brothers were all regular stadium goers, and our children, and my Grandson, have all become enthusiastic Speedway supporters. I also feel that those submitting the Planning Application are deliberately playing down the fact that Brandon is a MOTOR SPORTS stadium and not just a Speedway Stadium. The Stock Car promotion regularly stage the World Final which brings in thousands of fans from around the world, providing a boost to the local economy in the days preceding the event. I also feel that the site owners, who by their own admission have noted that 85% of the latest responses are negative, are trying to abrogate their responsibility in law to provide or fund a suitable alternative site for the MOTOR SPORT stadium.
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    The great majority of riders racing in the UK are not earning big bucks in Poland and riding in the top league in Sweden. The UK is their only option to earn a living but Doyle is one of the few exceptions still prepared to commit to the UK when he can earn a very good living abroad, that's what you're missing. Most riders racing in the UK aren't in the GP's and most of those racing abroad who are in the GP's won't entertain racing in the UK but Doyle not only does but regards it as a priority, that's what you're missing. Doyle is the World Champion which makes him different to every other rider racing in the UK, that's what you're missing.
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    Just as with Woffinden, there will always be the jealous, bitter, xenophobic haters. Doyle is a rider who has grown on me tremendously over the last couple of seasons and one who certainly has achieved far more than I ever thought him capable off.
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    I too live in hope and have been for the same number of years but the 2018 season will be my last, if the race night experience is not dramatically improved in terms of better racing, crisper meetings and fans being truly at the centre of the event ( i.e. the impact on them of what's going on ). And I very much agree that anyone who posts their honest opinion should not be deemed a "moaner". Until you can get the basics right e.g. replying promptly to emails etc, very little will have improved. Good communication in a two way relationship with the supporters should be a high priority.
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    Well I'm so glad you weren't referring to me, cos I'm one of the few that go to every meeting. Yes, I have posted negative comments, but I have also posted positive ones as well . You seem to have an issue when people voice their opinions that you class as moaning, I suggest you except them for what they are and stop trying to being judge and jury. Let me inform you, of all the years I've supported the Stars, last years was one of the worse I can remember, and they deserved all the negative comments they received..... Yes, I was disappointed when the team was named, because I wanted better. That said, I will still support them EVERY meeting and hope they can do well. When they do good I will be the first to say so, when they do , not so good, I will also say so as well. That's not MOANING, that's the attitude of a real supporter... I am still to be convinced about the new partnership with Brundle. I was hoping he would be the top man making all the decisions, with Buster taking that back seat, but as time passes he appears to be behind the scenes doing the promotional side. Nothing would please me more than to see the Stars up there with the best. But to do that we need strong leaders, positive attitudes, as well as the quality to win when it matters.. We need Brundle to create all of this.... I live in hope, but I'm been saying that now for over 50yrs ....
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    I like coming on here..its funny..
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    Anyone but Poole for me then I’ll be happy
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    makes me laugh really if he doesn't do the meeting he gets slagged off of he does the meeting he gets slagged off by you lot who wont even put your leg over a bike. Jason over the last few years has turned himself about to improve as he has done, and he is quite a nice genuine person. perhaps if others had his drive and commitment speedway would be in a better place, Just has Ben Barker love him or loath him does the ben fund every year and is also great with fans especially kids so please leave these guys alone any who put their leg over a bike and entertain us support them and perhaps things can improve .
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    It's called Ecology & saving the planet.you twit!
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    you were sooo close, up to your final line..
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    You might not be being negative, you're just showing a complete and utter lack of understanding of promotion. Indeed, I'm starting to think you must be a member of the BSPA!
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    Because you run on a Sunday...the first thing to do was to get your big hitter sorted out before anything else....as the not so good riders are for or likely available on a Sunday.,
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    With Doylie, young Jack and big Jake in the side, I'm certainly a Rebel at heart this season. Hope to be able to make several visits while in Europe later in the year. Go for it, Rebels!
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    You fail to see the point. Pooles sponsorship deal basically doubles if they have TV footage. And same with lots of other clubs. Worth a fortune in other ways.
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    You refuse to pay for a TV licence and have done time for more serious crimes? To which you appear very proud or are just on a wind up.
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    Went to the races at Worcester last year. Think there was 7 races and could only see the final straight. Must've watched 2 minutes of actual racing while the rest on the big screens. Did I enjoy it? To right I did! Sporting events should be about more than the actual sporting action, the social side is important.
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    At Ipswich we have a long line of Aussies from my time of starting to go in the early 80's starting with Billy Sanders. We had a few characters none more so then Craig Hyde and Steve Widt. I remember Ipswich riding at Lakeside and Craig Hyde did a full circuit of the M25 before finding his way back! Shane Parker coming over and scoring 19 points in an away match at Rye House in his first season was pretty special. Then you had the Langdon brothers at Poole who werent exactly quiet either
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    Credit to all the riders who support it but then why would any rider not support something that is potentially for the benefit of every rider?
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    Quite right. While I respect anyone who has the courage to get on and race a speedway bike the power in the sport has moved to those riders who in the main seem to have totally forgotten the rights and needs of the paying public. Sadly that malaise goes further than the riders. Every instruction to a rider to drop points to fiddle the average, every time a dispute between rider and promotion is played out in public at meetings, every time a rider goes missing for a more lucrative pay day elsewhere, every meeting that's rushed through to heat ten with no racing possible, the constant team changes wrecking loyalty between fans and riders, every time a rider chooses an early night rather than socialising with the fans, every little thing that tells the fans they are the least important people at the meeting, they all serve to damage the sport and we are seeing the bitter harvest of it all now. It is an essential truth when selling a product or service that the needs of the customer come first. Speedway's forgotten that and the bill is now being presented for that stupidity.
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    I've noticed quite a few old bikes in or near the pits at several tracks!!!! Not sure about riding around the track though?!
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    All clubs ought to have an old bike being warmed up in the pits with the old type oil in before meetings just for the smell mmmmmm mm Or doesn't it exist anymore?
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    Most do yes. I can't say I've ever not stopped getting a speedway smell fix.

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