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    I would like to thank all the track staff, they put the air fence up yesterday which was a massive job in the conditions. The track held up ok. Needs a week of good weather to harden the surface up. The guys helping yesterday were great, a lot of knowledge so they were telling me where there are small problems with the surface that appear during a meeting. The rakers are there week in week out and see things with the track that most don't see, so working with them will be good. Glyn.
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    It will be worse - temps will not rise above freezing at any point during the day Amber warning from met office for ice and snow in the east As a footnote - when Im defending Peterborough you know they must be right
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    I am in no doubt, if all tracks were similar to Belle Vue, our sport would benefit no end..... The Riders love it, the fans love it, and you wouldn't have to watch any of this 'Gate and Go' rubbish. Just imagine watching proper races everytime. That was a wonderful dream.......... now back to reality......
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    The sadness for me is that none of this - having something to sell to Poland and having such an amazing racetrack - would have been possible had David Gordon and Chris Morton hadn’t put their lives on hold for 10 years to ensure that the NSS became a reality. One day, perhaps, their hard graft will be properly recognised and true Belle Vue people will take it over again.
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    This Bib is generating a lot of interest good for Volvo Cars, Wessex marine and County Crest Pallets!
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    Where does it say that? The only thing I can see if that the riders cannot leave the circuit, which isn't new.
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    Let’s face it, scoring 40 points at home would be an improvement!
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    This really is some terrible news. Hard as nails, and a little scary at times, but the kind of rider every manager and every fan would welcome in their team. A 100% trier, a loyal team man, a nice guy, and someone I will remember very fondly. R.I.P. Vaclav Steve
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    Mate, i had a long chat with Glyn today, and im very impressed with what he's trying to do, he explained to me what he's done on turns 1-2, and it makes perfect sence, im not going to give away any trade secrects, but suffice to say, because of this bad weather we have had, it might take 2-3 meetings to get it perfect. and it will be.. Yes it did cut up a biit but that was to be expected with the weather we have had. We will not lose any home advantage because of it... He also agreed with me, you dont need the volume of dirt on 3-4, especially turn 4 where riders were straightening up last year, he's also altured the blade on the tractor and wants to bring in a wonder wheel, i am not a great fan of those, but again he explained to me what it will do for our track. He is also is well aware of the effects the sea tides and table have on the track, he will learn the track set up fast. He talks to Chris who will leaise with the rest of the boys, he has already familierised himself with the rakers and asked them what they do,during and after the meeting, He's very good and very professional. The riders were very happy and Chris was very keen, he was first out, got in plenty of laps and had a spring in his step, as you say, james was happy, i also explained to him what Glyn had done, he raised his eyebrows, I expect Brady to improve again Josh was just testing.Its a confidence thing mate, good smooth track breds confidence, as i said, we will not lose any home advantage. I fully expect the new boys to get in plenty of laps next friday, weather permitting. Matt and Neil were happy. So far so good,
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    But can the likes of Paulco and Willie swap their Holiday Inn Peterborough bookings for a night on your sofa J?
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    VISITING FANS . please read about the wonderful gesture from the comets promotion about the Cumberland ClassIc . support this venture please .
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    Happy to see that we’re being professional this year with team Kevlar’s. I can’t believe that other teams in our league will be pikey & not have team suits.....even championship sides have them!!!
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    How many Poole fans are looking forward to a good season ? I am !!
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    Unfortunately Peter has not been well either. To correct one thing there is that I am the TM but will also be the co-promoter ...and I do know what is going on behind the scenes . There is daily contact between the key people involved with Birmingham Speedway .....and Lee Kilby gave more updates than just about sponsorship . The meeting went well and those fans there went away happy at what had been discussed and what they heard.
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    Like most of the rest of your post, this is completely untrue - I have never said, or even implied, this. This is a multi-faceted argument, which is, I suspect, one of the reasons while you seem unable to "get it". For the purposes of the discussion let's just accept for the moment your point that the racing, or lack of, is not the reason for the decline in crowds to it's present (all-time?) low. Please tell us what the reason(s) for the persistent decline in crowds is, and secondly how you would correct that decline and get crowds back up to a sustainable level.
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    No chance of me going either. I'm more tempted to go to Eastbourne the following night.
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    Hats off to Birmingham for admitting that the process for signing the 7th rider is taking far longer than expected and that selected 3 pointers have been invited to P&P in case there is a requirement to declare them in the initial side for challenge / Trophy meetings. Although that is a little kick in the plums for Kyle Roberts its important to do what is best for Birmingham Speedway.
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    For whom? For a private promoter and maybe 18 riders going through the motions in a utterly pointless event?
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    The SCS group have said continually that if you want to go to Leicester then go as they don't see it will have an effect on what they are trying to do. Jeff expressed an opinion that he thinks the team at Leicester isnt Coventry Bees as we are at NL level, he hasn't said to fans don't go. I do differ from his opinion on this, Coventry Bees shouldnt be at NL level but unfortunately we are, a league doesn't define what a club is. I say again the fight is to Brandon Estates now.
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    Ivan didn't want to leave Belle Vue having spent 4 seasons there. It was Belle Vue that let him go, albeit allowing it to be believed it was the rider control committee that were responsible so as not to alienate any fans. They did it because they correctly believed that they could build home grown and less expensive league winning teams without him. Ivan also spent 4 seasons at Hull and 6 at Exeter, so certainly cannot be accused of being a rider who regularly moved from one team to another after relatively short stays. I've no doubt that he would have had very attractive offers if he had let it be known at the end of a season that he was available. I think the evidence points to the fact that he was committed and passionate about his clubs by doing whatever he could to make them successful. He didn't have to do that. He could have done what the majority of top riders do and just ensured that he gave 100% to his riding and that would have been perfectly acceptable. However, he went way beyond that and so far as I know, for no additional financial benefit to himself. Tsunami's post gives further examples of his going above and beyond what he needed to do to help Newcastle and other riders.
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    Ivan insisted on having a say in the riders that were signed and the running of the teams he was involved with. It is no coincidence that Belle Vue, Hull and Exeter were all successful during his time with them. I'm sure he negotiated good deals for himself but his commitment to his teams was beyond doubt.
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    The campaign group has no allegiance to anyone, and any evidence of “all the trouble the group has caused” would be welcomed. If I in any way felt that what was being done was not being done in a professional or respectful way I wouldn’t be putting my name to it as one of those involved - especially as I am quite openly involved in various ways across the sport. You’re welcome to come to a campaign group meeting, you might learn something - but I guess then we might also learn your identity, which presumably you don’t want to happen.
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    Where does the previous poster accuse Sandhu of money laundering? He says Sandhu was involved with a money launderer. That is quite true. The Jatinder Singh Batth quoted in the article was a convicted money launderer.
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    WHEN Alan is well enough a friend drives him south to the NSS.

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