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    I would like to thank all the track staff, they put the air fence up yesterday which was a massive job in the conditions. The track held up ok. Needs a week of good weather to harden the surface up. The guys helping yesterday were great, a lot of knowledge so they were telling me where there are small problems with the surface that appear during a meeting. The rakers are there week in week out and see things with the track that most don't see, so working with them will be good. Glyn.
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    I am in no doubt, if all tracks were similar to Belle Vue, our sport would benefit no end..... The Riders love it, the fans love it, and you wouldn't have to watch any of this 'Gate and Go' rubbish. Just imagine watching proper races everytime. That was a wonderful dream.......... now back to reality......
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    The sadness for me is that none of this - having something to sell to Poland and having such an amazing racetrack - would have been possible had David Gordon and Chris Morton hadn’t put their lives on hold for 10 years to ensure that the NSS became a reality. One day, perhaps, their hard graft will be properly recognised and true Belle Vue people will take it over again.
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    What does it matter, if the referee has put the two-minute warning on IMMEDIATELY he signals a recall? Have as many hangers-on as you like out on the track, the riders still have to be back in 120 seconds.
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    ah just re-read and have to agree with you. Number 4 looks weak compared to most other sides also. There is going to be huge reliance from the top 3 all getting 10+ every meeting and hoping a couple of the others can chip in a bit
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    It should be presenting a professional image. Things working 'alright' 70, 60, 50 etc. years ago so not being changed is the exact reason Speedway is on its arse here now.
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    Musielak has a suit for his first meeting. Only time we didn’t have team suits for riders is when we had guests. I really don’t see the issue. Even championship/NL sides have them.
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    I don’t get why you wouldn’t want teams racing in the same colours, not is it professional, allows team backers to be seen. Swindon said tonight they’ve a main team sponsor who’s on the front but also 9 other sponsors who have space on the team suits....can’t wait for Man City players coming out in odd kits
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    Mate, i had a long chat with Glyn today, and im very impressed with what he's trying to do, he explained to me what he's done on turns 1-2, and it makes perfect sence, im not going to give away any trade secrects, but suffice to say, because of this bad weather we have had, it might take 2-3 meetings to get it perfect. and it will be.. Yes it did cut up a biit but that was to be expected with the weather we have had. We will not lose any home advantage because of it... He also agreed with me, you dont need the volume of dirt on 3-4, especially turn 4 where riders were straightening up last year, he's also altured the blade on the tractor and wants to bring in a wonder wheel, i am not a great fan of those, but again he explained to me what it will do for our track. He is also is well aware of the effects the sea tides and table have on the track, he will learn the track set up fast. He talks to Chris who will leaise with the rest of the boys, he has already familierised himself with the rakers and asked them what they do,during and after the meeting, He's very good and very professional. The riders were very happy and Chris was very keen, he was first out, got in plenty of laps and had a spring in his step, as you say, james was happy, i also explained to him what Glyn had done, he raised his eyebrows, I expect Brady to improve again Josh was just testing.Its a confidence thing mate, good smooth track breds confidence, as i said, we will not lose any home advantage. I fully expect the new boys to get in plenty of laps next friday, weather permitting. Matt and Neil were happy. So far so good,
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    But can the likes of Paulco and Willie swap their Holiday Inn Peterborough bookings for a night on your sofa J?
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    relax people . all is not lost if you want to support the ben fund in a different way . workington speedway are having the Cumberland Classic on the 31ts march (Saturday ) and away fans with season tickets from their club can come along and watch the classic for a £10 entrance fee. £5 of which goes directly towards the ben fund , fund . so you are getting in for 5 squid . please see the official comets site for details of riders start times etc . collection points will be around the stadium for locals and other fans to show their appreciation of what the ben fund does for riders . as long as you have a current 2018 season ticket , you will be allowed the discount . dont know if that applies to the wucky lot . but we dont mind putting our short arms/hands into our deep pockets .lol. SO ITS SATURDAY , 31ST MARCH. THINK ITS 7PM START . please try and make this wonderful gesture by the promotion a success . THANK YOU .
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    all for them teams look smart professional and it looks good for tv purposes belle vue revealed theirs today at p/p poole will soon realise they made a big error !!
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    How many Poole fans are looking forward to a good season ? I am !!
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    So things from the q and A are being listened too then, fair play.
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    Brady's deal was done before he went back to Australia last season!! Dudek was a definite target last season, but I seriously doubt whether he could be comfortably afforded this year. Poole, like most clubs I presume, run to an annual budget which will be based on expected achievements, crowd numbers, sponsorship etc. Its no secret that Poole have had 2 successive seasons of 'under-achievement' by their own high performance standards - made even worse by injuries and dramatic under performing by certain riders!! That said, there has clearly been an unexpected financial strain on the club's budget which MF is attempting to address for the coming season and is cutting his cloth in selected areas accordingly. Fortunately sponsorship and advertising income is still very buoyant, whilst turnstile income will no doubt be swelled when the team are successful again - eg season ticket sales have already been reported as being the best for 10 years!! An improved customer experience has been promised with track work and grandstand seating improvements already done and other racenight/presentation tweaks underway. Personally I can't wait for the team fixtures to begin on Good Friday. Bring it on.
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    R.I.P Vaclav Verner.....very sad news.
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    The first sentence is also absolute nonsense if you do abit of research online. Just because Matt Ford says it, doesn't make it gospel.
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    For whom? For a private promoter and maybe 18 riders going through the motions in a utterly pointless event?
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    IF it is Lakeside that owe the money, they should be forced to clear their debts before they are allowed to run in 2018. Its disgusting ...
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    You surely have to be closely related to Horton to spout the continual bile and lies on here in support of Horton. The only fact on here is the vast majority of Bees supporters do not rightly so trust Horton and will not be giving him any of their money. Whatever the consequences then so be it but he is the kind of person Brandon Estates need to drag us to oblivion and they will succeed. Jeff and David have always shown passion and integrity to save Coventry stadium and the Bees, all of this is alien to Horton. However you just keep showing your support for that perpetual liar and loser.
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    Ivan didn't want to leave Belle Vue having spent 4 seasons there. It was Belle Vue that let him go, albeit allowing it to be believed it was the rider control committee that were responsible so as not to alienate any fans. They did it because they correctly believed that they could build home grown and less expensive league winning teams without him. Ivan also spent 4 seasons at Hull and 6 at Exeter, so certainly cannot be accused of being a rider who regularly moved from one team to another after relatively short stays. I've no doubt that he would have had very attractive offers if he had let it be known at the end of a season that he was available. I think the evidence points to the fact that he was committed and passionate about his clubs by doing whatever he could to make them successful. He didn't have to do that. He could have done what the majority of top riders do and just ensured that he gave 100% to his riding and that would have been perfectly acceptable. However, he went way beyond that and so far as I know, for no additional financial benefit to himself. Tsunami's post gives further examples of his going above and beyond what he needed to do to help Newcastle and other riders.
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    Ivan insisted on having a say in the riders that were signed and the running of the teams he was involved with. It is no coincidence that Belle Vue, Hull and Exeter were all successful during his time with them. I'm sure he negotiated good deals for himself but his commitment to his teams was beyond doubt.
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    Where does the previous poster accuse Sandhu of money laundering? He says Sandhu was involved with a money launderer. That is quite true. The Jatinder Singh Batth quoted in the article was a convicted money launderer.
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    Spot on... What so many promoters over the past twenty years or so have failed to grasp is how important that 'emotional attachment' to your team actually is... The riders mentioned (and many more) helped engender that loyalty bond between fan and 'their' team.. Nowadays two random, cobbled together septets riding under a couple of 'flags of convenience' masquerading as body colours, simply can never engender that loyalty... Running a team sport with such a concept and expecting enough of a fan base to buy into it to make it successful is frankly ludicrous in the extreme... Oh for Wilkie and others of his like today...
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    Could be a hell of a lot worse you could have heeps,greaves and Morris

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