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    I absolutely hope not! Unless it's as a second string.
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    Crazy isn't it,but i think all GP riders were given that average.Even more crazy when you think Poole have a couple of riders with even more out of date averages but they can keep them.
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    Around 1800 respondents made their voices heard, 99.4% objected to the planning application with only SEVEN applications in support! The campaign group would like to sincerely thank everyone who sent in emails/letters of objection, including representations made by the BSPA, SCB and ACU. Find out more here: http://www.savecoventryspeedway.com/news.php?extend.136.1&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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    Josh was a good captain at Somerset so think it's a good decision. The best riders don't always make best captains.
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    "I am passionate about defending British Speedway. This is a major blow to the sport in the UK and the blame is very firmly at the door of Kings Lynn Speedway."
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    I love it when someone tries to use evidence to prove a point and they just make something up And for the record, yes I do believe marketing is a problem for both Poole and Somerset. As I've previously said Swindon according to other posts have a main title sponsor and 9 other team sponsors on their suit. Poole and Somerset obviously don't, which shows a marketing issue in my eyes. To a certain extent it doesn't make any difference to me watching Speedway personally whether Riders are in team suits or race jacket when I'm watching, it won't effect me going or not obviously. That isn't the point I'm making. The point is it's a complete oversight and so short sighted to think it saves money by not having team suits, when if done properly it could actually be a chance for increased revenue. At least Somerset have a decent logo to represent the club whereas Poole have absolutely murdered theirs this year and is truly awful.
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    could go either way, 1st match of the season, cobwebs still to be blown off,like for like I think it's pretty even other than the reserves, this is where Belle Vue are notably better. I'll put my neck on the line and say a narrow home win. 4-6 points.
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    Maybe George still has his hand down the back of the sofa
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    Josh G is now the captain!! Good idea.
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    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for King's Lynn fans after the shambolic 2017 season.
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    Think this mascot would be nearly as good as the song.
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  13. 1 point
    The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round
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    Are you saying Matt is a bigger clown than Neil?
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    Holder is not in the same class as Rickardsson, Tony wouldn't of cried like a big baby over track conditions or being a bit greasy he would of got on with it and tackled it like a man.
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    I can’t stop laughing - is this a wind up! I can’t believe anyone in Stars management really thinks this is good. Unbelievable as we travel back in time to 1970’s Don’t wish to be negative but this is absolute s h i t !!
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    http://www.savecoventryspeedway.com/news.php?extend.136.1&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter The latest update on the efforts to save Brandon.
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    I start a Facebook group (Coventry Bees Team Talk) about this year's team just because the other groups were just talking about the stadium issues. Some fans although are boycotting still want the team to do well, some seem to be doing away meetings only. This is why I've given the option of just talking about stuff on track. Dave Rowe member of the SCS tweeted me to say he thought it was an excellent idea to have a group that just talks about on track action.
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    Add it to the long list of circumstances in which he isn't interested!
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    What does it matter, if the referee has put the two-minute warning on IMMEDIATELY he signals a recall? Have as many hangers-on as you like out on the track, the riders still have to be back in 120 seconds.
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    VISITING FANS . please read about the wonderful gesture from the comets promotion about the Cumberland ClassIc . support this venture please .
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    Let’s hope it isn’t long before Adonis gets owned like speedibee did on the Coventry thread!!No wonder he went off into hiding.Adonis seems to have the same twatty views,so I don’t think it will be long lol
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    You surely have to be closely related to Horton to spout the continual bile and lies on here in support of Horton. The only fact on here is the vast majority of Bees supporters do not rightly so trust Horton and will not be giving him any of their money. Whatever the consequences then so be it but he is the kind of person Brandon Estates need to drag us to oblivion and they will succeed. Jeff and David have always shown passion and integrity to save Coventry stadium and the Bees, all of this is alien to Horton. However you just keep showing your support for that perpetual liar and loser.
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    The campaign group has no allegiance to anyone, and any evidence of “all the trouble the group has caused” would be welcomed. If I in any way felt that what was being done was not being done in a professional or respectful way I wouldn’t be putting my name to it as one of those involved - especially as I am quite openly involved in various ways across the sport. You’re welcome to come to a campaign group meeting, you might learn something - but I guess then we might also learn your identity, which presumably you don’t want to happen.
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    Makes me laugh at how many fortune tellers there is on here. Why not just wait and see what the plans are from Redcar you never know plans might just be something you haven't guessed about yet.

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