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    Just to think if Matt Ford put a realistic price on Chris Holder say £15,000,Somerset may have taken that.And then Poole could have afforded team suits for their septet.
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    Jesus Christ, all he is saying is that Somerset was Holder's first choice and Poole his second. All the other guff you are coming out with is totally and utterly irrelevant.
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    5 days is not a long range forecast, and temps of -8 with snow falling on an already flooded track is hardly likely to become common is it
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    Helmet colours? Anyway they aren't almost identical at all. How long do we have put up with this childish nonsense just because your club have downgraded to race jackets?
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    league meetings are predominantly local supporters, so calling off a meeting on the day isn't so much of a ball ache as calling off a meeting where supporters are coming in from all over the place. notice was given that the track won't be ready so people were able to change their plans in advance.
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    As I have stated before I am for team race suits.The only riders that should wear bibs are Chris and Jack Holder and Troy Batchelor due to their childish behaviour last season and beyond.Let them have race suits when they mature a little.lol.
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    Well if they want to stay in the eu and have unlimited immigration, with the housing stock we have they will have difficulty in affording a house because of the supply and demand until millions more are built. Also because there are thousands of immigrants prepared to work for minimum wage the salaries for unskilled work will not go up much, and will do so even less as more automation comes in. When they learn these laws of economics they might do more to have a better future.
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    Having seen pics of the track on twitter this morning even track staff walking on it would do untold damage. Heaven knows what machinery would do. In principle I agree early call offs are not good but this was an exceptional case and the early call off totally justified.
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    If it happens at club level during the season then you can ask for the explanation. I really don't see the problem here or that a precedent has been set given the nature of the meeting.
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    So are you now accepting Chris Holder's first choice was actually Somerset, but Matt put a stop to that move happening?
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    For your reference, Jack signed for Somerset first. So do you think it's wrong or just turning a blind eye to what is known by many others to be a fact that Chris Holder wanted to sign for Somerset too.... Somerset also wanted Chris Holder and Matt Ford was prepared to release him but only for a substantial amount of money, believed to be in the region of £25,000. Somerset refused to pay such an amount and therefore the only option Holder had left on the table was to sign for Poole.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed the evening with Pearson, Tatum and Jason Doyle. Even though I appreciate what he has achieved, ever since he got our meeting stopped when riding for Leicester I had a bias opinion of him . But listening to him last Friday, telling us he views and hardship I was impressed at getting the information from the horses mouth. I was not aware of the severity of his accident back in 2016 where he was so close to death and survived only by the experts on hand to keep him breathing . I have often wondered why there couldn't be more nights like these getting former riders to talk about their careers . Sure was an enjoyable night.....
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    Happy memories of Bank Holiday visits for the FIM Internationale RIP Plough Lane
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    No they are not. In a fixed population, or even increasing population, the old people dying are being replaced by newborns at the other end. The U50's move up replacing the number of old people who have gone. Thought you were good with statistics.
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    If nobody worked for slave wages then they would have to or go out of business, but if the muppets accept low wages the like of them will pay the lowest they can and our stupid govt pays tax credits to subsidize them. If you do not think supply and demand of labour does not effect wages you are the one living in a dream world.
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    grew up going to Wimbledon, grandad worked there, mum and dad worked there and met there, i worked just behind in Copper Mill Lane and used to nip round in my lunch hour to chat with Maido, so many memories and that's all being smashed in :/
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    Embrace the new anthem instead of taking the mic..I think i'll have it as my ring tone
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    Hahaha - they are not identical at all! And much more professional than bibs!
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    Promoters cant do right for doing wrong, call it off early and they get pelters, leave it until the day of the meeting people are then saying why wasn't it called off earlier because ive booked a days holiday, hotel room etc. Ive just dug the car out so hoping for the best tomorrow:)
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    In this particular case and taking all factors into account I don't think any other decision could have been made.
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    Sadly I never made it to Wimbledon, mind neither did 3 of the Hull team in 1979, but the stadium track looked good from what I saw on TV & DVDs with an interesting start / finish line arrangement. Harping on about oldish events aside, another iconic venue with loads of speedway history is gone....
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    I thought it was a well known fact he wanted to join his brother at Somerset and he had to stay at Poole because they wanted him. Worst kept secret if not!
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    Good-Bye Wimbledon....Thanks for the memories!
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    Come on Starman its a well known fact
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