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    While you are looking for that, could you please do my ironing.
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    Well if that doesn't liven the thread up nothing will
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    Without being disrespectful to our guests thus far - it has to be said we are a better team with Stevie in it
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    I think 5 away is better than 3 at home but I wouldn't use a score in one match to try to prove anything. I appreciate that you haven't had the advantage of seeing Worrall this year but those of us who have could see the marked improvement over his performances at the NSS last year. That coupled with knowing the efforts he has made to be in excellent physical shape and to lighten and improve his machinery is why I feel confident that he would have had a good season. Nobody has predicted he would this year develop into a GP rider, a PL No. 1 or an international star but the signs were there that he would improve significantly on his starting average. That is why it is so difficult to replace him.
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    Found a good story about the former German Champ,Hermann Gunzenhauser,whos career started pre-war and ended in 1955.In German and tells of the tragic crash he had with Austrian rival Martin Schneeweiß in Graz https://www.teckbote.de/lokalsport/lokalnachrichten-lokalsport_artikel,-profirennfahrer-in-der-hitlerzeit-_arid,87636.html Also,and this is what got me looking,found some old footage of Gunzenhauser winning a meeting at the old North German Ebstorf dirt track in 1951.Footage of the meeting is right at the end https://www.filmothek.bundesarchiv.de/video/585968?set_lang=de Gunzenhauser was of course a two time winner of the Zlata Prilba in Pardubice https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Helmet_of_Pardubice
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    not too bad for a rider who isnt the rider he once was and has had his day
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    I agree about the scoring system, it was one of British speedway's best ever ideas which worked really well, then they went and spoilt it by giving the home team three points for any win. Hopefully one day they'll put it back to how it was.
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    Peter Kildemand was the only rider to pass outside of 1 and 2 on the first laps (and even then it was only in the first heat after grading and track staff pulling all they could onto the outside line). If 13 out of 14 riders can't pass, then there is definitely something up with the track. The live updates are definitely misleading. That's not to say that Swindon wouldn't have hammered us either way, they were the riders to beat, in particular Nick Morris and Troy Batchelor were very fierce and the Swindon lot were gating like champs, but to pretend that the track was decent and Poole just couldn't get to grips with it is fantasy. There was 1 line and the gaters had first dibs on it. The Poole riders were all over the track looking for grip, but any slight deviation from inside-middle to middle line were huge "no mans land" speed scrubbers. I'd rather lose every meeting and have unpredictable heats, than 52 and a half laps of follow the leader every meeting.
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    We will never know what Vaculik would have produced unfortunately. Although a GP rider, how committed to the UK would he have been in terms of bike priorities for this country? (I think that there will be a few people looking closely at the current World Champion's UK performances this season). My impression is that the management want to make a real go of it this season and today's changes are positive. Sorry to see that MPT has to make way (loved watching Toffy at BP), but we do need an established No.1. Past seasons have shown that so called great signings with no UK experience have not delivered and either jump, get injured or are pushed back to where they came from. If KB has a season like last year, I do not honestly think that MV would have performed better. With the current race format, it seems that, providing a team is no more than 6 points adrift by Heat 13, you are in with a shout regarding match points if you have some clout with your top two riders. The Lions have fallen away many times at this stage of a meeting in recent times (sorry DK but you seem to bottle it in Heat 15). Kenneth and Hans in 2 out of the last 3 races would seem to be a match for anyone in this league. I hope the situation regarding Josh Bates is correct, in that team re-shaping is not based around his average when he becomes fit/available and that family connections are put to one side. Nothing against Josh, but if he is in the seven, it has to be on merit.
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    Quite agree, as some folks don't have the time that others think everyone else has. There are two threads on Ivan Mauger, but has anybody been hurt by this rule breaking ? Some folks need to grow up and get on with their lives.
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    I'm not sure when, or if, your interpretation was the case, but for as long as I have been interested in Averages, it's been all rides in a meeting.
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    Not the strongest opposition but impressive first appearance in Sweden for Dan Bewley in the Vetlanda Team Cup. Vargarna – 371. Kim Nilsson – 12 (3,3,3,3)2. Viktor Bergström – 8 (2,2,2,2)3. Dan Bewley – 11 (3,3,3,2)4. Johannes Stark – 5 (1,0,1,3)5. Dennis Fagerkrantz – 1 (0,R,0,1)
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    Sneaking into a hotel illegally, and jumping on after your mate with a female not fit to defend herself, is alright in your eyes is it. Specsavers for you then. Some of us have higher, or just have, some morals unlike some.
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    I was there and I totally agree with you. we also left before heat fifteen. don`t know where that bloke on updates got it as an awesome meeting.
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    My view as a supporter on this is most riders will race for the victory in ht 15 regardless of the score.When Lynn race i first look at when they have claimed the victory and then i want them to go on and deny the away team any points at all.Rye House found this out to their cost last season by not getting enough points away. I don't get what you mean by trying to explain the 46 points to win a match.I'm sure 99% of the time you do. And for what it's worth i prefer the old scoring system.
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    It's not just about riders trying, it's about the significance of the race for supporters in terms of how important it is. The frustrating thing is that the 2 points for a win of 6 or less was dropped because, apparently, it meant fans were disappounted if they dropped a point. Surely that was the whole point of it and why it worked. For me, if the match is won, I would be more than happy to see a rider who needs to bring his average down come out in heat 15 and throw in a nice, handy last place. Jason Doyle himself tweeted last year that it looked like he had ridden himself out of a job, which almost proved to be the case until Somerset picked him up. And I'm not even going to try to explain the "46 points to win a match but the average is 42.5" logic. It's been done to death on here.
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    Clean Cut Sports, who video at a number of tracks, submitted the video and the BSPA decide whether to show it on their website. I have just looked back at the videos on the Speedway GB website last year and this is the first one I found from a Belle Vue meeting. A 4-2 to Leicester.
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    No need to worry when you are unbeaten. I worry about all others teams as they can push us out of a play off place. That's why we have a forum to comment on other teams too.
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    Always good to here from people who are actually involved with the sport. This track lark isn't as easy as many ,including me thought..
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    The shale going on a Poole is proper stuff not cheap rubbish. Its a speedway blend to our specification . The other 10% is limestone 6mm to dust. Glyn
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    I thought he meant his riders?
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    Thanks for the update Glyn. We really do appreciate you coming on here and updating us on the progress of the track.
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    And the other 10% is a secret ingredient?
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    That is what it say's in the forum guidelines!! DOn't like 'em,join a forum that fit your requirements or start your own........
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    1968/ 75 i would say those eight seasons were his peak years Ivan was a absolute superstar his level and consistency was amazing .But we often forget how good a team man Ivan was was brilliant after Belle Vue with his Exeter and Hull teams and was very unlucky with Hull when they nearly won the league. 1972 ( with the greatest side ever Belle Vue ) and his Exeter career was my favourite period as a rider remember him in his classy white leathers he looked twenty years ahead of his time a real ICON of our sport.

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