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    Somerset were excellent last night. On Monday they had a good result at BV. Charles Wright had a nightmare at BV and the Rebels could well have come back with 3 points if he rode to his normal standard. This is the the first time I have seen either team this season. Living half way between the two tracks we used either one. From this showing Somerset are going to surprise a good few teams this year. A well balanced and effective team. Poole on the other hand I feel will have to make some decisions re their team. Chris Holder coming back will make them stronger but I feel there could be more changes than that. On paper they looked strong but you ride on the track not paper. The track was not up to its normal standard and for much of the meeting there was no overtaking. After heat 5 they did track grading. They did a great deal after heat 3. Jason Doyle came out onto the centre green and explained that there was too much dirt on the inside of the track and it was dangerous. He said it was dangerous and hoped the track work would improve things but it would take about half an hour. Racing did get better but not up to the normal standard at Somerset. Enjoyed the meeting however, must say it was very cold and glad to put the heated seats on in the car to come home. May the Rebels continue their fine form and the Pirates make the changes they need. I am sure with this both teams will be in the mix at the end of the season.
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    If we trying to portray the sport as professional team sport, one looks far better then the other :
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    Calling for heads already. You sound like Matt Ford Fan on the poole thread.
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    You do come across as a smug 'know it all' at times..
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    The best way to reward a sportsman for their efforts on your team's behalf is to support them later when the going gets tough. It seems that Rye House has quickly adapted to the top tier, love them when they're winning but the moment anything goes wrong put the boot in. As for the pathetic excise of "We pay their wages, we can say what we like", well firstly you don't pay the wages, the promoter does, and with the state of modern speedway in this country the 'fans' only make a contribution. The proof of a true supporter lies not in how they deal with victory, but how they deal with defeat. Constant calls to sack this guy or that guy do NOTHING to help. Yes, you can say what you like, within the law, but it doesn't mean you should. A grain of intelligence might be useful.
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    Don't you think though that szczepaniak got to be replaced who fits though . That's why I think James is struggling if James is at the back he is chasing his own team mate all the time ?
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    I just wonder whether, to any newcomers to the sport, those in the top photo - when they've donned their helmets and goggles - all look too much the same I remember the individuality of the appearance of riders like Mauger, Wigg, Boocock, Broadbanks, Silver, Cowland, etc, which somehow added to the experience as they were so immediately recognisable from the terraces and stands Particularly in these days of so many journeyman riders, making them all so anonymous is detrimental - race jackets (bibs) did us well enough for so long - and anyway, in team racing, it's helmet colours which are the easy way to identify the team members on track
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    Poole fans will continue to get behind the team. It is far too early to panic, i said before Sundstrom was a risk too inconsistent for me and Szczepaniak should be cleaning up at reserve but is out of sorts at the moment, the team has to be given more time and i am sure things will improve when CH returns.
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    Ray c and Forever blue - the Poole voices of reason!
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    Don't understand the clamouring for Shanes to be replaced. He was never going to rip up trees but is getting his average so is doing his job.
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    Good god talk about a few headless chicken Poole fans running around thinking the end of the world is nigh. Matt Ford Fan is not a Poole fan. Probably never been to Poole Stadium in his life. So we have started the season on the wrong foot with a few in the team off form. Not the end of the world. Trophies are won at the end of the season. If you think that Matt Ford isn’t going to deal with our poor start, then you don’t know Matt. Everything will be just fine. I am 100% sure we will be in the playoffs with a very good chance of silverware come the end of the season.
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    The other good news was Kings Lynn FC beat Weymouth 3-0 so now meet Slough in the Promotion final play-off on Monday afternoon. Not a bad evening for the Town Get in
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    Glad Lambert's form meant the return of brattish Batchelor to Saddlebow Rd was fruitless.
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    Maybe, but if you start on your boss (alledgedly) that's what happens!!
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    I am sure most of us wish you would forget your password!
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    It wasn't long ago Poole fans were saying keep Killer and get rid of Linus for Holder........Fickle fans, some of them are win at all cost. Can see why other fans give them stick.
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    I for one dont slag anybody off the team is just not good enough the poole manager doesn't seem to inspire much does he very disappointed dont think matt will leave this team together much longer and fb just said hans should have still been a pirate
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    Lindgren must have been getting this same dodgy batch for years then, as what I see this year is exactly the same as we have seen since the day he joined us. Promises so much, delivers very little, excuses always given, and never can be truelly relied on when needed.... He is who he is, an enigma, who will score an 18 point max against the odd day his confidence is high at home, will pass the odd star in a race at home and have everyone on their feet..... for that we get average performances at home being beaten off riders with half the potential and sometimes half the age, and away will always score next to nothing...... except Edinburgh and the odd Redcar. Amazingly his engines always work at Edinburgh and on those days he rides Redcar well, every year they always play up at all the other tracks.
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    Congratulations to somerset nobody giving you much credit for winning
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    Oh by the way , well done Somerset on a good solid all round display, every rider with at least a paid win. I should imagine Gary and Deb are well chuffed.
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    Seeing as this meeting doesn't count towards the averages and can't be used for fiddling, it's official - Poole are officially the worst 'best side on paper' ever.
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    No , without the paying public there would be less clubs. The paying public and keyboard warriors are not necessarily one and the same, especially as several of those poking their noses into this issue wouldn't be going through the turnstiles in this match if Richard was riding.
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    They did put out an accurate statement. They said Richard was unavailable due to illness , which was true. They didn't say it was his illness. The problem arises because half wits like you start reading things that aren't there and start stirring it. Riders are human like everybody else. In all honesty if a family member of a speedway rider or anyone else is taken I'll suddenly would you seriously expect a statement giving any more than the most basic information? The bloke has enough on his plate without the gossip mangers casting aspersions .
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    Not sure it's particularly bright to have a pop at the fans after scoring 0 from 4 as a number 1. Best thing would be to shut up and sort yourself out. He's on a downward spiral now and isn't the rider he was 10 or even 5 years ago. He's struggling in the league below, so that says it all. The fact he is number one at Rye is probably unfair on him as he's nowhere near that level anymore and the Rye promotion need to recognise that very quickly.

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