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    That Lambert, he's ****ing brilliant I've said it 100 times but if anyone is making a stand and staying away they are missing out big time watching the talent of Robert, he is so pliable, so safe, brave, determined, I love watching him, they'll regret it if he does actually leave, it's 100% cutting off ya nose to spite your face And then chuck in the rest of the team this season, racing as good as they can (or at least getting to where they want to be), fit, determined, up to you but Dale has built a good team and team spirit, up to you but I'm loving it
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    Went to BV tonight, proud of the team for coming away with the win Away wins are THE BEST!! woooooo
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    11 + 1 (from 5) from Alfie for Cradley last night.
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    Awfully small crowd at the Abbey this evening. With 2 home meetings next week and the price of £17, people will pick their meetings. ITS A £10 SPORT!!!!
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    Really? Thought Kurtz covered what Cook would have scored easily to be honest. Josh is off form so a strange booking but he got two race wins which was more than expected to be honest. Unfortunate with Garrity but would never give him a guest booking after last years diabolical effort at Somerset for Poole.
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    I see VOR's post insulting disabled people and TWK has been taken down, 24 hours after his post containing racial epithets was taken down . So we have now seen him exposed as a fake Clerk, of the Course, closet racist, and making crude insults comparing a forum member to a person with a mental disability. Let's hope we have seen the last of him on this forum.
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    it was a good meeting with passing and plenty of effort by all but 1 brough park is a technical track and its about attitude of mind any decent away rider will always score if he attacks the track those that arrive believing they cant ride the track .... don't ...... but perhaps they should watch how their teammates ride rather than just trundling around the track
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    Evidently so...it's a good job I only paid the once, though!
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    Interesting article in the Bournemouth Echo. Sundstrom out for Gavin. Gavin in for Kurtz. Middlo has decided to take the rest of the 2018 season off and will be replaced by Gavin. Holder is having visa issues and so Worrall is to be replaced by Gavin. Grajczonek has finally been replaced by Gavin (long overdue imo) and Szczepaniak has been replaced with Gavin. Woryna's recent performances were too good for Gavin and so he has been replaced by Gavin. The only rider to remain is Nielsen, whose new team manager Gavin claims is "our greatest asset". Gavin has also announced that he intends to replace Gavin, Gavin, Gavin, Gavin, Gavin and Gavin with some poorly scoring English riders as this is "the right thing to do" and "is the right thing for Britain". He is also petitioning a complete ban on any black riders, or riders who have an accent unlike his own, joining the British league. Gavin was quoted as saying "Nick Morris, Nick Morris, Nick Morris".
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    Actually mate I think there are a lot of people that are loving speedway at lynn at the moment. I talk to a few people on the stands. There are very few negative oppinions. Problem is people on forums like a moan. The only problem the other night was the excessive grading but you definitely can't moan about racing or the team! I hope other fans don't think lynn is a bad place to be because of the comments of a few depressants. Many of whom don't even go often or if at all. Your oppinion is only worth 1. Much like mine and the other people who go. The only difference is you guys use the forum daily or hourly even. It taints the club and the sport in general! That's just 1 oppinion though. My 1, your 1 would disagree and I guess it's a free world. But I hope people who read know you are in the minority.
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    This is just typical of the complete twisting of quite a reasonable comment by people determined to defend the indefensible It was ranting roy who said there would be 'new faces' and since then we heard bugger all from the club again Did I say I wanted daily updates ??? Did I imply that ???? But you think its acceptable to say nowt .......... and that we should just accept it .............. frankly that's bollocks and its that type of attitude that is killing the sport ............ (David Howes analysis was spot on) All the club had to do was given an update - even if it was to say that we were are persuing opportunities but have been unable to agree terms (or whatever maybe the truth) .............. I personally do not think that is too much to ask ............ Im not demanding details ........ merely an update Anyway on a positive side ....... it was brilliant to see wethers score some points and look so determined ........... and overall great effort by the rest of the lads ................ for Berwick summers was superb as per at brough, howe and doolan tried. however they were always going to struggle with jay having a night to forget and danny just deciding he couldn't ride the track (pathetic really ... at least jay and Nathan gave it go - and look at Simon Lambert ... he wouldn't put Brough in his top 100 tracks but he tried his hardest)
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    It's a bit lat in the evening but for history buffs a useful reminder that it was 75 years ago today that the first Lancasters of 617 squadron were touching down at RAF Scampton after the famous Dambusters raid that destroyed the Mohne and Eider Dams and damaged the Sorpe. It wasn't a total success as the Sorpe dam was a different construction to the others and withstood the effects of Barnes Wallis brilliant ( from a scientific point of view )bouncing bomb. As a result industrial production in Germany was reduced for around four months, and manufacture of UBoat turrets was curtailed at a crucial time whenGermany needed U Boats inthe Battle of the Atlantic, But the price was high . 7 Aircraft , and 56 men failed to return , a loss rate of nearly 50% at a time when the average loss rate was around 5 %. Of those that returned almost all were dead within 6 months , killed in other special operations. All were volunteers who didn't have to go. The loss of life as a tragedy within the overall tragedy of war, but it does us good to remember these terrible things to keep a perspective on squabbles on a speedway forum. There is an old saying that a nation that forgets it's past has no future.
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    plenty of bees fans on the terraces, a comfortable win, mountain was head and shoulders above the rest imo.
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    fine mate! then walk away! just don't bleat on about it and bringing down those that are left enjoying it! Find a hobby or something! the past is the past! unfortunately you can't turn the clocks back. Them days are gone. We should appreciate what we have while we still have it because the world has changed and will continue to change. live events are dying out. there used to be a great underground music scene in lynn and the surrounding areas. punk, metal, it was thriving. but time moved on and thats no longer the case. there is cheap fun to be had and its an expensive sport. bat and ball is cheap. moaning on a forum won't change anything
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    Who'd of thought it eh!!
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    I have been told points scored when guesting don't count to a riders average
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    The bookmakers are running a cartel between them so that punters do not get a fair deal. Of the six bookmakers I have found laying bets on tonight's three Speedway matches every one has the same odds . this is impossible unless they are working together. I can remember sometimes there has been up to 20 points difference on the handicap and it was not unusual to get up to 8 points difference and if you got on quick before they realised their mistake. Obviously one person is advising him c Currently not laying odds on league speedway now are Stan James, Unibet , Bet victor, Sportingbet, bwin Betsafe Not many left to go before they all stop speedway
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    Thanks. There are others who are also doing their bit too whether it be attending or volunteering. I do my best for the fans that want to go and the riders that wear the Bees racejacket, nothing else.
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    Ah, love Talking Heads ..... not quite sure you’ve nailed the lyrics though!
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    That's where you're wrong though - the Premiership is MORE important as it's the top division in this Country. You wouldn't anybody in their right mind say the Championship is more important than the Premiership in football!
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    Me too, although not just this wedding lark. Damn people dressing up their poor dogs full stop
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    I was thinking more of the lack of consistency and poor form  but I am expecting a stronger performance now they have the benefit of Stefan Nielsen to advise on set ups and lead from the front.
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    News just in, it’s Poole, yes, Poole, in sixth ........ don’t get vertigo Pugwashers. Up to and including Thursday, May 17, 2018 M W D L 4W 3W D 1L L F A Pts 1 Swindon 8 3 0 0 1 1 0 0 3 366 353 16 2 Wolverhampton 6 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 296 244 13 3 Belle Vue 6 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 280 260 12 4 Rye House 7 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 285 345 10 5 Somerset 6 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 255 285 8 6 Poole 7 2 0 1 0 0 0 2 2 295 334 8 7 Leicester 4 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 195 165 7 8 King's Lynn 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 187 173 7
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    Poole Star Performer - Poole Keith Most Improved - Stevehols54 Must Do Better - Starman2006 Village Idiot - Matt Ford Fan
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    Shouldn't it be?? Star Performer : Stefan Nielsen Most Improved : Stefan Nielsen Must do better : ALL OF THEM EXCEPT STEFAN NIELSEN AND RICHIE WORRALL!!

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