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    Peterborough do have two ambulances in attendance, however it is a medical decision whether to call and transfer to a County ambulance. Cost does not enter the equation where our medical cover is concerned.
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    Interesting action by Gary May - sack your most popular & exciting rider! this is a move obviously to "attempt to" improve results on track, BUT could have serious implications on attendance figures. Promoters have to learn fans do not like unnecessary chopping of teams from season to season & certainly not during the season. Loyalty & commitment must be rediscovered in Speedway. The only problem I've seen with the Rebels this year is that Jason Doyle is not performing as we all know can...
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    You fail to take any account for the 2 defeats that Sheffield had whilst Peterborough only had 1 Pboro won half their away meetings and Sheff a third - when I went to school a half was larger than a third Even 1 losing point in either of those wouldve given the Tigers a better match point average and they didnt manage it You talk of mathmatical advantage of a smaller group when the larger group had the advantage of an extra chance to gain an all important losing point That team didnt even have to win or draw to gain an advantage only lose by less!
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    Nothing broken for Ulle which is good news.
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    Years ago British riders tried to make their way into speed way via the second half reserve and rider of the night races, these have long gone now but it was interesting spotting future talent. Nowadays we don't even give them a chance at no 8 when rider replacement is used.
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    Some very good points made and the best one If you don’t run any sport with credibility and intergrity, you simply cannot complain when you struggle to generate decent crowds every week.
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    Usually once or twice a year Stoke comes in for a hammering due to an iffy track and the occasional comedy generator failure but things have now gone far beyond a joke. Its just one disastrous meeting after another. Multiple fallers and second halves abandoned consistently. Its difficult to work out who i feel most sorry for the loyal paying supporters, the riders who fear their seasons may be over if they ride there or the Development league lads who turn up every week, watch a terrible meeting then load up and go home out of pocket time and time again.
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    I am relay sick of Championship teams using foreign riders at reserve,for god sake how are we ever going to ever get more British riders coming through. There are enough riders in the National League to cover those positions.It worked in 2014 to a extent in the Elite league but should then have been tried in the second tier. Anyone got any opinions on this
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    Yes and 2.25 trumps 2.167 and that’s the one that matters so stop acting like such a child.
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    The bit I don't get is when and why it became necessary to transfer to a County ambulance. Fortunately I wasn't at this so not affected but I have spent plenty of time sitting waiting on other occasions. I remember when, if there was a big crash, the ambulance would either drive round to the medical room at the back of the stand if my recollection is correct, or you'd see it driving out with blue lights flashing on its way to A&E. Surely the priority for injured riders in pain is to get them to hospital asap. Waiting for another ambulance is silly in such circumstances if that has to be the procedure. If we have two ambulances then logic dictates that one could go to A&E without delay. That's not a go at the club who do their bit if what you say is correct. What does need a bit more explanation is the reason for the convoluted procedure.
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    Cracking meeting. Of the visiting riders this season I would love to watch Covatti and Pickering every eeek (hint hint)
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    The reality check is that if we hope for speedway to survive in the UK in a league racing structure , we have no option except to go that way. Do without riders involved in the Polish leagues ( whoever they are ) and hard sell weekend racing all over the country. That is the only idea that will work, as the first step to building up crowds and interest in the sport. The world has moved on and speedway has not,
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    I went and posted the details from Facebook in the wrong thread...... "Positive negotiations are currently well advanced to bring speedway back to West Yorkshire for the first time since 1997. Issues such as the track, perimeter fencing and intended pit area have been scrutinised and agreed upon, with professional guidance and no structural limitations remain preventing the sport being re-born locally. Though the track will be to FIM standard, the new team is envisaged to compete initially at National League level and race as the YORKSHIRE DUKES!"..... Do hope this is genuine?
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    so the alleged non payment of workington riders is not a new thing . but other fans seem to think its just workington that had a cash flow problem . i was told by a dearly departed ex promoter that the home side payed their riders and also an agreed level of pay to the visiting team . the home promotion payed all the travel costs ( i think ) for both teams . workington have only had a handful of meetings at home ( if you dont count your thumb ) from march up until now . dont know how you are supposed to pay money out , when you are not getting any money in . perhaps the team that does the fixture list will be more thoughtful in the 2019 season and start the season in late may, early june or it may be curtains for some teams . 11 teams in the league is not working as i see it .
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    Congratulations to Tom Perry being crowned British 350 cc Grass Track Champion Well done Tom
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    Two good posts. Surely enough is enough. No one really wants to see a track close but neither do we want to hear of injuries or farcical circumstances further damaging speedways fragile reputation. A suspension or closure may be a blessing.
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    There is more to the Leon madsen situation than meets the eye, not sure what’s the problem but I’m told other Danes don’t want to ride with him ,not sure if has something to do with silencers. A few years ago
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    The Football World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. It is stupid to run against it, no matter what form of sport you are trying to run. What does the sport have to do for recognition? Drag itself into the 21st century and give fans a valid reason to part with their cash to watch it. Stop shooting itself in the foot with silly rules etc. The reasons are plentiful. As for tonight, we'll lose. But hopefully it won't be by too many.
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    Perhaps if the teams had a minimum average for the top 5 riders and then any 2 British riders below a certain premier or championship average and any national league rider. I'm sure this would have helped Bickley this year.
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    I was told by an IOW fan that was there, 150 at most, and thats being generous..
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    I don’t think there are many more pessimistic Rockets fans than me, but even I find it difficult to imagine you’ll score 60 points. England 2-1
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    and that's my point so many are calling for thease riders to fill the reserve berths when there not ready I thought and still do think young kyle has a future in the sport hes not too far off the pace and if he was getting regular meetings and the right help and advice he should start scoring he looks different on the bike than he was last year maybe his confidence has took a knock and he isn't as comfortable as he was but somethings different
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    I would wait for greaves, we only have one meeting before he is available, but thats just me cos I like what greaves is about. The thing with that though is Danyon will probably be at number 2. Tough situation to be in.
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    Sheffield have 2 young Brits at reserve... other teams may prefer foreign riders, whether it's right or wrong? Personally, would prefer young British riders coming through but it's all about points limits at the end of the day.
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    We need to get to a point where sponsorship pays the bills so the admission money becomes a bonus and therefor we can £10 to get in, I keep hearing people say that there is no sponsorship around and that’s just not true it’s just they won’t put it in too speedway and that’s where we should be looking, why won’t they ?

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