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    Peterborough do have two ambulances in attendance, however it is a medical decision whether to call and transfer to a County ambulance. Cost does not enter the equation where our medical cover is concerned.
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    Interesting action by Gary May - sack your most popular & exciting rider! this is a move obviously to "attempt to" improve results on track, BUT could have serious implications on attendance figures. Promoters have to learn fans do not like unnecessary chopping of teams from season to season & certainly not during the season. Loyalty & commitment must be rediscovered in Speedway. The only problem I've seen with the Rebels this year is that Jason Doyle is not performing as we all know can...
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    Nothing broken for Ulle which is good news.
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    Years ago British riders tried to make their way into speed way via the second half reserve and rider of the night races, these have long gone now but it was interesting spotting future talent. Nowadays we don't even give them a chance at no 8 when rider replacement is used.
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    Some very good points made and the best one If you don’t run any sport with credibility and intergrity, you simply cannot complain when you struggle to generate decent crowds every week.
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    Usually once or twice a year Stoke comes in for a hammering due to an iffy track and the occasional comedy generator failure but things have now gone far beyond a joke. Its just one disastrous meeting after another. Multiple fallers and second halves abandoned consistently. Its difficult to work out who i feel most sorry for the loyal paying supporters, the riders who fear their seasons may be over if they ride there or the Development league lads who turn up every week, watch a terrible meeting then load up and go home out of pocket time and time again.
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    I am relay sick of Championship teams using foreign riders at reserve,for god sake how are we ever going to ever get more British riders coming through. There are enough riders in the National League to cover those positions.It worked in 2014 to a extent in the Elite league but should then have been tried in the second tier. Anyone got any opinions on this
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    The bit I don't get is when and why it became necessary to transfer to a County ambulance. Fortunately I wasn't at this so not affected but I have spent plenty of time sitting waiting on other occasions. I remember when, if there was a big crash, the ambulance would either drive round to the medical room at the back of the stand if my recollection is correct, or you'd see it driving out with blue lights flashing on its way to A&E. Surely the priority for injured riders in pain is to get them to hospital asap. Waiting for another ambulance is silly in such circumstances if that has to be the procedure. If we have two ambulances then logic dictates that one could go to A&E without delay. That's not a go at the club who do their bit if what you say is correct. What does need a bit more explanation is the reason for the convoluted procedure.
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    Cracking meeting. Of the visiting riders this season I would love to watch Covatti and Pickering every eeek (hint hint)
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    The reality check is that if we hope for speedway to survive in the UK in a league racing structure , we have no option except to go that way. Do without riders involved in the Polish leagues ( whoever they are ) and hard sell weekend racing all over the country. That is the only idea that will work, as the first step to building up crowds and interest in the sport. The world has moved on and speedway has not,
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    I went and posted the details from Facebook in the wrong thread...... "Positive negotiations are currently well advanced to bring speedway back to West Yorkshire for the first time since 1997. Issues such as the track, perimeter fencing and intended pit area have been scrutinised and agreed upon, with professional guidance and no structural limitations remain preventing the sport being re-born locally. Though the track will be to FIM standard, the new team is envisaged to compete initially at National League level and race as the YORKSHIRE DUKES!"..... Do hope this is genuine?
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    so the alleged non payment of workington riders is not a new thing . but other fans seem to think its just workington that had a cash flow problem . i was told by a dearly departed ex promoter that the home side payed their riders and also an agreed level of pay to the visiting team . the home promotion payed all the travel costs ( i think ) for both teams . workington have only had a handful of meetings at home ( if you dont count your thumb ) from march up until now . dont know how you are supposed to pay money out , when you are not getting any money in . perhaps the team that does the fixture list will be more thoughtful in the 2019 season and start the season in late may, early june or it may be curtains for some teams . 11 teams in the league is not working as i see it .
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    Is Charles Wright really a moaner as didn’t seem that way at Swindon?.
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    Hard to believe that either Covetti or Vissing will put in the effort that Wright does espiecially Vissing.
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    I don’t think there are many more pessimistic Rockets fans than me, but even I find it difficult to imagine you’ll score 60 points. England 2-1
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    Whats that go to do with your post. Maybe you mean your unoriginal posts on Poole cheating.
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    Hope he never gets his gating gloves. Fabulous entertainment
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    Now at Cambridge service and guess who is ordering at McDonald’s
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    It doesn't matter what you do or how good the product is you simply won't get the crowd on a Monday that you would on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. People have a limited amount of money to spend on sport, entertainment or leisure activities and most of it is spent at the weekend. It's common sense that people are more likely to go out when they have no work or school for their children the next day.
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    Cam needs to go total crap just going backwards
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    It's a real shame. I don't know what is wrong with the track but for some reason, it just doesn't produce consistently decent racing. It always looks very slick to me. Perhaps shortening the straights and making it more circular might work.
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    When was the last time stoke ran a meeting which ran without any track, generater or curfew problems. No one wants to see a track close but the safety of the riders must be the prime concern. I think the time has come for the promotion to be suspended until the SCB are happy for it to resume or it’s sold or leased out to a fit and proper promotion.
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    Surely now the time has come for the SCB to take action over the ongoing safety problems at Stoke. In the last 3 meetings, 3 riders have ended up in hospital. Last week James Chattin ended up in critical care with broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a damaged spleen (Thankfully now on the way to recovery). Tonight heat 1 took 4 attempts to run, and ended with just 1 finisher and one faller pushing over the line for 2nd place. The match was abandoned when 3 riders all fell on the second bend of heat 11. In between there were 13 fallers in 10 heats, and 3 riders withdrawn from the meeting with various injuries. Spectators were again covered in ridiculous clouds of dust from the first bend. It was also the fourth meeting of the season to have a second half MDL meeting planned....and the MDL riders are yet to race a meeting. Every single one postponed/abandoned by some sort of Stoke induced calamity. All this on a dry, fine night. Things have now gone beyond a joke. Riders and fans have long been inconvenienced by the dust, poor track, generator failures, air-fence deflations, electric failures, etc etc... but when rider safety is being so badly compromised with riders ending up in hospital on a regular basis, and multiple riders withdrawing injured every meeting, surely it's time for action.
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    Having watched the British Final at the NSS I wonder why the 4'S final isn't being held there? Neutral venue, great racing track, - seems like the logical choice. I'm saying that as a Redcar fan too.

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