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    I have no sympathy whatsoever for Richie Worrall. The man is very fond of using social media to have a go other riders, fans, tracks and other teams. Nothing wrong with been outspoken, but if you live by the sword you die by the sword.
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    With respect, who cares what the f you say. You've been a member for 13 years and only just piped up recently...you aren't Subedei are you ? #c*t
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    If speedway went in house that’s pretty much where it will stay, only current fans would get to see it and personally I wouldn’t purchase it, I can see a tiny financial benifit for speedway itself but no sponsor in their right mind would be interested as it has no audience, I do think BT is selling us a bit short with the money but that’s totally our own fault, BT deal in millions v speedway deal in peanuts, no wonder who the winner is there, we have the perfect platform and get decent viewing figures but we can’t get our own house in order, we need to turn the viewing figures into punters on the terraces and we will never do that with in house filming, we have to be out there in the big wide world
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    As you would expect for such a fantastic stadium, the costs are significantly higher than most/all other stadiums in the country so I don't think it shows poor management to be losing money. What they need to do is to find ways of getting more people there and other revenue streams.
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    Crikey, that's a name from the past - remember him well, for all the wrong reasons!
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    Who are you to judge me or anybody, I am expressing an opinion on a rider that has massively underperformed for the team I have supported since the 70s, there are split opinions on Richie on here and in general I would imagine. But don't come on here albeit I am guessing you are connected in some way and preach to me or any other GLASGOW SUPPORTER on our thoughts on anything really. So yes I will call myself a Glasgow Supporter ARE YOU ?.
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    Best track prep arrangement was at Rye House probably about 2003/4 when Len Silver employed two small tractors, one with a small bowser on the back and the other one with a flat grader. After each heat, and whilst the riders were leaving the circuit on bend 1, the two tractors come out of bend 4 centre green and did a quick couple of circuits just before the next race riders were coming out onto the track. They took no extra time, but the condition and preparation was the same for all 15 heats. Only time I have ever seen such good preparation. Unfortunately it probably can't be done now, as the tractors were ready on the centre green area and also entered the track whilst riders were either leaving or entering the circuit. "Elf and Safety you know.
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    Time to get your hearing tested then. It was probably Redcar's second biggest gate ever after the fantastic crowd on their opening night. Well supported by mainly local Northern clubs,
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    Never spoken to Starman and it isn't on my to do list!!
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    My first visit to Redcar and very impressed with the racing on the track. Plenty of food and drink outlets, plenty of toilets, meant no races missed due to standing in queues (please take note Somerset). Decent prices and not over charged like some venues. Sadly the days are gone where you need to accommodate 4-5,000 fans for a shared event, so no excuses why the likes of Redcar shouldn't host events like this. Dust yes, but unavoidable, given the temperatures. Overall, would say well done Redcar, a lot of other clubs and venues would do well to look and learn.
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    I wasn’t thrilled that Redcar we’re hosting this as I thought Peterborough with its open grass spaces was better equipped, but Redcar Speedway did a fine job. One criticism would be the lack of speakers on the back straight. Very difficult to hear team changes and line ups. I appreciate that the back straight isn’t normally open to spectators, but surely some temporary speakers on the centre green could’ve been arranged? Food and drink a bargain compared to rip off EOES and I think parking may have been free, compared to the Showgrounds £2. The dust was unavoidable on such a hot day.
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    So much of what generates a crowd these days is down to great marketing and hype.. I have mentioned before the differences between the PDC and the BDO in darts.. Two organisations in the same 'sport'... The result? One very, very successful, and the other woefully inadequate trying desperately to keep up, and failing miserably.. Speedway on any given meeting in the Premiership must pay out for 14 riders around £15,000 (or maybe even more?)... Not bad 'prize money' for a very small minority sport. Figures that, I suggest, would surprise many non Speedway followers if they were informed of it.... Therefore, how about a different spin on this £15,000..? Change the word 'wages' and replace it with 'Prize Money', with cheques being given post match to the team captains during an interview... 5 man teams.... A top League of 12 clubs, therefore 60 riders needed.. £15,000 up for grabs EVERY meeting... £10,000 to the winner, £5,000 to the loser... Home and Away twice would deliver 44 matches per team ex play offs.. Let's use a utopian vision and say every home team wins every match.... That would mean over 44 matches, each club would have 'won' £330,000 (£220,000 at home and £110,000 away) with each rider therefore averaging £1500 per meeting, meaning the average rider would earn £66,000 per year, ex play offs.. The reality will be of course some riders will earn more as their deals are better and some will earn less, as will the Clubs as there are bound to be away wins, however... After VAT, at £15 a pop, a 1500 crowd would deliver £18,000... Leaving £3,000 to pay the rent and operating costs (supplemented hopefully by Sponsorship, and profit if applicable on Car Park fees, bar take and programmes sales)... The standard for me would be teams made up at a level of Two current Premiership Heat Leaders. Two Championship Heat Leaders and a Championship Second String making up the fifth man.. Five man teams would also give a surplus of riders to cover short term and long term absences without the need for Gue.. Gu.. G (I can't even type it), and negate rider replacement... The overall 'Prize Fund' (ex play offs) from a total of 264 matches would be an incredible £3,960,000!! With the obvious proviso being of course, could you get 1500 to watch a sport that was now ran with credibilty, with similar standard teams, on nights when crowds could be best generated? I reckon you should be able to sell any Sport that offers a 'Prize Fund' of nearly £4M (not including play offs) to any prospective Sponsor or Media outlet as a very credible and popular Sport! And the beauty of course is clubs are paying this kind of money out every night now but without anyone knowing it, and gaining any publicity for themselves by doing it.. Could it work? Who knows, maybe they could get BT onside to show every team once at home and they match the 'Prize Fund' for that meeting meaning £30,000 on offer that night? British Speedway pays out literally MILLIONS of pounds to riders each season... SO. SHOUT ABOUT IT. LET THE BRITISH PUBLIC KNOW!!! And maybe, just maybe, they will start to get interested? (Or at worse, CURIOUS)...
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    Nice short trip for the Berwick bus lol. Not easy to control the dust in such a heat but there was no lack of effort in trying to. £2-50 for a can of Stella no complaints from the Berwick fans haha for all the people that questioned why Redcar got the meeting the answer was there yesterday. Well done to all involved proper speedway how it used to be when you go home with a black face and you have had a great day.
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    not directed at you city rebel....just wanted to get in on a sky comment i remember when sky used to sponsor ./ pay clubs in premier league,...and the amount of slagging off they got on the speedway forums, like how they were doing it all wrong,...how they had dictated the league, meetings only on cos the cameras were there etc,..could be one of the reasons they pulled out,..so when B.T. pull their plug. is that mission accomplished from the dissatisfied ,who are looking for a scapegoat...not all riders can make a living as a rider...years ago (1970s)most had a day job esp if starting out as a rider, maybe needs to be like that again with a re structure...fixed race nights is just another nail ect
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    Just been starting some threads on Polish individual meetings and thought i would flag up this possible trip to see these 3 meetings. Friday 3rd August Polish U21 final(MIMP) at the best racetrack in Poland Czestochowa. Saturday 4th August Polish final (IMP) at Leszno Sunday 5th August Polish Extraleague riders final(IMME) at Gdansk Plenty of miles between the venues but it`s not often one can see 3 meetings of this quality in 1 weekend.
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    I am one of the "older supporters that someone in an earlier post said that race night changes shouldn't bother. Well actually it does because trying to get round the M25 at rush hours is horrendous so we travel across country from East London, via Epping etc and that's almost as bad, solution go early afternoon and take a picnic. During this weather that's not so bad but most times who wants to sit in their car from 4pm after an hours journey basically in a car park in the middle of nowhere. Saturday the traffic can still be busy but nowhere near as bad as mid week.
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    Nothing to do with the amount they pay the riders. I fact we are one of the lowest at payi g riders but this makes sure all riders are paid on time. Also I have it on good authority that all riders retained from last year took a pay cut this year. Problem with belle vue is that the overheads is massive. First of all we pay massive rent. All though they got the rent lower that what Gordon we paying. Then we pay adrian Smith and lemon. And I bet there on a decent wage. Security we HAVE to pay for. And this is probably the most expensive part. All though recently I notice we have made the security company we use an official sponsor so assume we are getting them much cheaper now because of it. Then there is also other little things we have to pay for. For us to break even we have to average 1800 per meeting. Don't know how we could ever manage that. Interestingly for the to break even they need 900 so that half of what we need. As adrian Smith says. Running belle vue is like feeding the beast
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    Call yourself a Glasgow Supporter? Well support the team! Just who's out there to replace Richie? Yes he's not done as well as in previous years but he's still an 8 point rider. It's a lot harder riding at 1 than 5. Just look at the scores from No1 when Richie wasn't riding at No1.! If changes are to be made he's not the one to be bombed out. Not that I'm advocating any rider changes.
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    Who cares what the Addams family are like.
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    As usual a couple of those who claim to be "in the know" stated the stand on the back straight would be started in June. It is all obviously bull crap as on the planning details Stadia have not even got Planning Permission to knock down the existing stand yet.
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    Hearing a statement is due any day. Bad news. The cackers have had the prefab stands away to the scrappers. Osborne, with sad look on face, says there’s no more to be said and is offering a couple of tins of b&q paint for the back straight bogs. ’I received a call this morning, informing me that the stands have vanished, said a distraught Osborne. ‘I immediately headed over to the storage in South Wales, and discovered all our stands, which were about to be shipped down the M4 to Blunsdon, had mysteriously disappeared. We are disappointed. We will now have to start from scratch and unfortunately this will lead to a lengthy delay before any work gets underway’.
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    Many years back I appeared before the National League/Division 2 BSPA Management Committee to propose a scheme to indeed take broadcasting 'in-house' and produce programmes for sale to the network. The response was "But we don't know how to do it". I'd rather hoped they'd got the point that they'd need to hire someone who did..... I doubt very much whether the attitude has changed. It would be interesting to know how Sweden is coping with the lack of a TV deal this year. They have a deal to sell matches to Poland and Britain with the Swedish (and international) markets covered by pay per view. One small point that is ignored by most BSF people, probably because of its subtlety, is how promotion of speedway on BT Sport treats it as a major sport, slotting in promos alongside their European football and Premier League matches and their Rugby, either sharing ad breaks or being promoted in the ad breaks of those matches. For example, during the Champions League Final, watched by about 3 million people, a record for pay-TV, there was at least one promo for the Rye House v King's Lynn match the following Monday. Just as you can have guilt by association so you can have credit by association. Anyone watching BT Sport's premium events would have no doubt that they covered speedway and see promos that made it look like one of their top sports.Of course you could pay for such publicity - if you could afford it. The last time I tried to explain this one BSF charmer responded "Well it was a crap meeting" which does rather sum up the BSF and perhaps speedway as a whole. Unless something gives direct cash in the hand its benefits are too hard to understand.
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    what a cracking day out at the fours yesterday.redcar put on a fabulous meeting on only their first staging.my team gave it a really good go and although didn't quite make the final it didn't distract from a great final with all in all some superb very close racing.a huge well done to the redcar promotion and i hope that it will be staged by them again next season.well done.
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    Biggest problem is the "unavailability" of good shale. it is available but the quarries that have it will not supply speedway - because that have to many bad debts (non payments) Yet another example how G.B. speedway is in self destruct!

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