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    Agreed... Watching PC blast off into the distance, like he did in many races, certainly wasn't a 'spectacular' race... Nor was watching Mauger, Olsen, Michanek etc etc do the same to '2 point reserves'.. The difference was? These guys brought a crowd in through their reputations... When these riders, and more such as Penhall, Carter, Lee etc came to your town crowds were up.. A more modern, but lesser impact of the same were Nielsen and Gunderson, with probably the last rider with any 'extra pulling power' being Jason Crump.. These guys had reputations, THEY attracted the improved crowds NOT the team who were in situ.. Those who attended may not even attend again that season, however I am sure the racing on that night was improved considerably in the eyes of the regulars by the large attendance. (Even if tangibly it probably wasn't much better than normal).. Even in the 'good old days' it was the riders riding for, and bringing success to, England into your homes via World Of Sport that generated the interest in your local team... Racing today overall is at least on a par, if not better, than all those years ago I would say, as there now is much less of a disparity between riders in the meeting/races that there once was, so not sure the racing is to blame for the Sports decline.. British Speedway has virtually 100% lost its tribal, emotional connection that fans need to follow a team sport by the ludicrous, (almost comical if it wasn't so sad) way it has ran itself... I would suggest that this is infinitely more the problem than poor racing..
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    He just took his idea of what makes a great cycle speedway track and sized it up. Forgot all about speedway being a motorised sport and how they might pass. But then he got so much wrong about how to be a promoter,?didn't he.
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    Well the victory capped a fabulous weekend of results for the Comets . Regardless of how the Diamonds riders performed they were only as good as they were allowed too on the night . When i got into the stadium and heard that once again we had been unable to secure a guest and young Josh Embleton had agreed to step in i admit to being downbeat with all negative stuff that is going on in speedway right now. This didn't last long though because even with young Kyle who is finding life difficult in a tough league being unable to score the other four lads were just immense. I can't ever remember witnessing 4 Worky riders achieve 11 race wins in such circumstances on a track with such a big home advantage. The lads deserve huge plaudits for the way they attacked the track and once again young Cumbrian prodigy Dan Bewley demonstrated his talent and great racing acumen that deny his years and experience within speedway. I'm just so proud that he his riding for his local team this season, he is worth the admission on his own. I'm just so pleased for Laura the way things are going at the moment because if anyone deserves to be dealt a better hand than she has been dealt especially this season it is surely Laura. Thanks Laura for keeping things together when someone of lesser character may well have just given up . Your right up there in my book !
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    Having rubbish like last night's meeting on TV does nothing for the sport apart from put anyone off that may have accidentally tuned into it.
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    CRUEL but ... Cook said after his last ride that he had tried something drastic and it worked. One wag replied: "He turned the throttle on."
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    Thank god for that, maybe now he will let Workington get their fixtures back on the Fixture List just awaiting a change in cut-off date for the play-offs to be extended til you's get some more points on the board ...He may even re-arrange coming to Worky now he has Worrall back , lets hope Worrall hits the ground running or dummy's will be well and truly out the pram again !!
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    Indeed, the dimensions of the track he built were remarkably close in proportions to those of the cycle speedway track in the city. He got a lot wrong. Some saw the signs early on and stopped going. Sadly the "improvements" have done nothing to attract me and others back.
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    Well done to Poole on their away win. It really was a poor meeting but a win’s a win. Onwards and upwards for the pie rats
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    SAY WE ARE, WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE! Only half way through the season but a great achievement, especially to go and win at Wolves! Not bad for a team that 'isn't decent' either! Get on you Rebels!
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    Take a look at Swindon. We won next to nothing for forty years but we are still going. We have not based our club on winning at all costs or sacking riders for lack of form, but at the same time we have not been able to keep some riders due to their averages (hence our useless Scot Nicholls’ side a few years ago). I remember a 70s team of Ashby, Hunter, Kilby, Andersson, McNeil, Bouchard and David Ashby. Both Jan Andersson and David Ashby were useless - it was Jan’s first season, and David was always a mystery! - but the team did OK in mid table and we kept it the next season and again it did OK, with Jan improving immensely. We won no trophies. The point is, keeping the same riders kept the fans happy because everyone identified with those riders. Admittedly we won most home matches (and lost most away) so that would be the only caveat, but a mid table team with continuity and more home wins than losses can be more of a commercial success over time than the “winning at all costs, use every trick in the book, constant chop and change” club (Poole). Indeed, I doubt modern Poole have kept a 1-7 from one season to the next and that their fans have ever identified with 7 riders the way Swindon’s fans of the 70s did. So, no, big names and trophies are not necessary.
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    Wolves tail way too long to cover for Howarth. I'm an infrequent visitor to Monmore these days but big gaps on the terraces last night. Can he afford to try and get a number 1 in or can he afford not to? A decent reserve is a must though and that's not Riss on last night's showing
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    Surely it’s time you thought of (yet) another multi so you can troll (yet) another team? It’s getting a bit bit tiresome on the Swindon threads.
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    All round to Rob’s for a cup of tea, his kettle boils the quickest.
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    I'm glad you've responded about the campaign and clarified the group's position on Bees at Leicester. You shouldn't have to defend yourself. Keep it going Jeff, Dave and all.
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    So you haven't been to Rye for donkeys years,but was planning on going sometime soon.Surely if you told the Rye management they might have carried on for a bit in the knowledge that another fan might turn up once this season?If only they knew the club was such a central part of your life!!!
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    but the FACT that some people in the sport both fans and others incharge seam to forget is ALL THE DATES Workington have been asked to rearrange along with a couple of other teams were arranged and agreed before the season started if there was a problem it should have been sorted BEFORE THE OFFICAL FIXTURE LIST was agreed for all the teams in the league
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    You sure ? all the people I know who go anymore don't want the likes of Tai and co to come back ..they want 7 juniors who wave at the crowd and have a pint in the bar after . We got to cut costs so even less people go and we get yes sponsors press coverage etc ..it's the way forward
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    Iv'e seen posters of you up around the stadium
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    Great win by Somerset and top of the shop as well, great performance.
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    So it should, because its nothing less than a bloody disgrace . Workington had their fixtures and dates approved by the BSPA and they aren't being told to change 'a few' but all of them, regardless of the arrangements they and their riders have made and whether their stadium is available on other days. What makes it even worse is that the very promoters who are responsible for this action now will not co-operate and bring their teams to Derwent Park when asked, and the icing on the cake is that this is almost entirely at the behest of one promoter who agreed with it and then changed his mind when he couldn't get guests for injured riders. An appalling example of just how badly speedway promotions are motivated entirely by self interest without any regard for the needs of others or the best interests of the sport as a whole.
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    And there lies the problem, BSPA don't seem to listen to ex riders.
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    I was talking to a speedway rider this morning who used to ride in the 70's and I used to sponsor him and he thinks the only way the sport can continue is on an amateur basis like it was when he first started. The riders costs are too high resulting in them needing payment for riding/points that the promotions cannot afford with current attendances. He says riders would have to cut their cloth to suit and promoters need to be transparent about their costs and finances so that supporters trust them. Unfortunately a generation of supporters have been lost and he doesn't see a way of attracting new fans at current prices for a family with the entertainment value on offer. We had a very interesting conversation and he talked a lot of sense not that we agreed on everything!
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    %99.9 of home fans are happy with kyle. he is learning and he is doing it in front of marras . one day it will come . management and fans are backing this young un all the way . we no panic .
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    Pressure from whom? Management who say he is there to learn and develop and defeats are down to the other six? Or the skipper who said in last week's Speedway Star that he's not there to score points, but -- yes -- to learn and develop? He's still got NL this year and what amounts to a bonus season of learning other tracks without expectation. Agree with you, he'll get there. There are different routes and he'll crack it. But there's no outside pressure on him at all.

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