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    Lets not gloat. Anyone that puts money into our sport should get support.
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    Tbh they were digging into after the meeting, looked more like a crater. Maybe they were just digging for oil
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    As a neutral i would like to say you are utter vermin . I can take it that you do not give two hoots about the injured wolves riders and find it a Laugh just to back up your stupid vendetta reported you utter scum bag..
  4. 3 points
    Mr Shovlar would make a wonderful politician, fantastic at ignoring and denying negative issues and peddling propaganda to deflect attention. Definitely a missed vocation
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    lol comedy gold. Ask Jason Doyle where the hole was im sure he can point it straight out to you. All the Poole fans have spoke about the hole appearing and the remedial work carried out.............................everyone except you shock horror. Where is your detailed match report as well? We got a full blown rider by rider one when Poole beat a very weakened Somerset team.........................oh yes silly me you got beat so the report goes out the window.............
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    That's the difference between Shovlar's world and the world the rest of us live in.
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    No Sam didn't design it. Well, he did have input in the first place but then went back home for a wedding (I think) and while he was away David Hemsley went his own way and carried on with the track how he wanted it. Result ~ poor processional racing for years.
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    And don't forget snowflake ...they use to say racist cut the debate short. This word has way overtaken that
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    The injury to Luke Bowen had nothing to do with the track conditions. It was simply a racing incident when James Shanes attempted to pass Luke on the outside. The track last night was in good condition and apart from the unfortunate injury to Danyon Hume it was a thoroughly enjoyable meeting. Best wishes to Danyon for a speedy recovery.
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    Sure, meetings need to move on fairly quickly, but 60 minutes is far too short. I would say 90 minutes is a more reasonable time. You need some time between races. What you don't need is hanging around while a tractor chugs round for 5 minutes.
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    No hole, you say. I have seen the video of heat 15 on the speedwaygb website. JD makes a reasonable gate from 2 hits something, straightens up and nearly collects Harris on his way towards the fence. Was it your wallet, Steve?
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    With Newcastle still to visit in league and cup, might be a good idea to run that as a double header, should be an easy 3 points and next round of the cup. And only 1 travel.
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    There definitely was a hole! Went to look at it after the meeting.
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    The ‘Gammon’ insult is typical of Corbynista intolerance - and I always call the Tory Party the nasty party but Corbyn's Labour and its looney followers are catching up bloody quickly. You'll always find a rentagob quote in there somewhere as well "criticised over the issue by Democratic Unionist Party MP Emma Little-Pengelly: She in turn was attacked by Guardian journalist Owen Jones for belonging to a party that “is basically gammon from the 17th century”.
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    Durham look a decent team- thank goodness they have cricket questions- at least i got off the mark !!!!
  16. 2 points
    How the hell did Wolves win that? Should have been a cake walk for Belle Vue. Whoever finishes top will be heading straight to Manchester in the semis first leg.
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    It has taken a little while finding and translating the relevant rule- but an apology might be necessary for the Tarnow management as Henry is right and heat 15 has to be the 2 top scorers(or a choice of 2 if more than 2 are tied). Obviously it might have been tactically better for Tarnow to be 6 down after 13 rather than 4. I myself wasn`t sure and there are additional rules about reserves use in 14 and 15 etc. https://speedwayekstraliga.pl/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Regulamin-DMP-2018.pdf
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    I agree re Morris, very lucky to get a second bite of the cherry. I note you are somewhat scathing of the Swindon track. Now I’m not going to defend the Swindon track, I can’t. There was minimal passing, it was decided by 1 & 3 and said as much, however, I have just read your report from this morning’s match v Somerset. It would appear, from your report, that the racing was top notch as I can find absolutely no mention of the track conditions at all within your missive. However, several attendees, Paddy The Rebel said it was ‘very poor’, Lisa Collette ‘dusty’ and poole keith talked about ‘the holes’ in the track. It would therefore seem there’s a hole in that particular report Steve. I have no argument with what you have said re Swindon but at least be equally scathing of your own track if that is the case.
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    Firstly you have me confused with someone else, secondly do you actually know the definition of the word troll.
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    So it looks like that Mr Bates will be getting "2" wooden spoons this season !!!,
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    Who is David Hemsley? Is he the guy who was a cycle speedway champion??? I can can see the shape of a typical cycle speedway track when I look at Leicester speedway. Might be good shape for cycle speedway but not for the motorised speedway.
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    Both should retire at the end of the season ............ both well past their "best before" dates Lets face it one of em had one good season the other one had one good meeting .......... will leave you to figure it out!!
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    try and understand it was not a mid morning meeting,not thats it anything to do with you but why after a previous days heavy rain would it have been so dusty and why so many holes?
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    Indeed - hence why tariffs shouldn't be abolished on the stuff.
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    After suffering from a post operative stroke, former International speedway Rider Brett Saunders had to learn the basic skills of walking and talking after being placed in an induced coma.Brett talks about the long road to recovery and the support of his family and the world wide speedway community. If everyone in the world wide speedway community could share this interview and the Go fund me page set up by Glenn McDonald, that would be very much appreciated! Interview click HERE Go Fund me page HERE

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