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    No broken bones for Tero which is great news
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    This wasn't a bad decision. Unbelievable would be a more accurate description.
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    Never seen George’s comments of a few seasons ago so can’t comment on that but you have just said in your own words the Barker/Aarnio incident was “similar” to Richie’s so you must agree it was Barkers fault as you must also know some Redcar fans were that enraged about it they were saying they wished “Richie had been killed”
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    Funny we were stood right behind you on Thursday and when the incident happened my wife said that will be Ben out of the rerun, I said not necessarily Ben had the inside line and was slightly in front of Aarnio who appeared to me to turn into Ben and came off worse. This was later confirmed by the referee, so you see there are always two points of view. Wish Aarnio a swift recovery
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    12 (TWELVE) league matches from March to September and they have to hold a second double header against the same team. must have been busy with KO Cup matches as they have reached the semi finals having got through ONE round already.
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    Wow your 56 according to your profile, and your still calling ppl a wally, me thinks it's time you grew up!!!!
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    Heaven only knows. Absolutely no question that Barker lost control and T boned Aarnio into the fence. Given how obvious it was, probably one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.
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    I think real speedway supporters see tonight for what it was. A match going one way, then a situation that changed the entire tide of the meeting. Normally in any sport these things are called turning points, sadly for the sport of speedway tonight, with the exception of a very few Redcar fans who appeared to cheer the event, that turning point was a blatant attempt to knock off a rider well in control of the race. As a team who have defied all sceptics this season and really stood tall it’s a shame to end the night without a point, but the thing that makes speedway great is it’s love for proper racing, true racing, and the diamonds stood tall tonight. The only thing left to say about Redcar speedway is, congratulations....... you had 6 riders riding tonight who rode fair, but sadly it took a B.B. intervention to kickstart the team, but kickstart they did. The fact they were rejuvenated isn’t the problem, it’s the 1 rider who continues to jeopardise riders safety daily that’s the issue. Well done Ben barker!
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    I thought Kurtz might step up this year. I think he had around the 3rd or 4th highest average at the start of the season, without checking 8.04 rings a bell, i was wrong. But at 21 and on a low 6.80 ish average he would be a bargain next season. Starting as the 3rd highest average in a team would be ideal, no pressure as he don't seem to handle it yet. I'd have him at Lynn next season on a 6.80.. Before I get bombarded with the Pirate brigade, I know he will be at Wimborne Rd in 2019.
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    From our viewpoint at the stand on 1st bend we definitely felt that Ben had ridden into Tero forcing him into the air fence. It wasn't nice to see and we fully expected Ben to be excluded, therefore we surprised to say the least when the white light went on. Speaking to other spectators , watching from different angles, they felt that Ben was in front and Tero leant into him - I still stand by our opinion. Main thing is that Tero is ok and recovers as quickly as possible form any injuries he suffered. I still think that, even if he had ridden all meeting, Bears would have ran out comfortable winners What did George English say?
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    correct me if im wrong daniel but it all depends on a 20 match rolling ave what you scored on the meeting thats being dropped,eg a rider with 7pt ave could have a good meeting and score 9 from4 but if in the meeting he s dropping he scored 12 from 4 his 7pt ave would drop fractionally,or if a 5pt rider had a bad meeting and only scored 3 his ave would go up fractionlly if in the meeting he s dropping he didnt score at all
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    Throwing in the odd duff meeting doesn't really alter averages all that much when on the rolling scheme.
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    This meeting is being re-staged at Rye House on Saturday 15th September. Full statement on Hammers' website today.
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    I am not certain that today`s rearranged Czestochowa v Grudziadz is live on TV as N Sport are showing a live Handball or basketball match. Edit now 99% sure it`s not on live which is a shame- and we will have to make do with Daugavpils v Lublin which should be a cracker !
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    Written and said numerous times about a rider who is more often dangerous than out of control. Pity because he is talented but has little idea of how to utilise that talent. And little respect for other riders.
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    Take a bow Stevie Worrall, definitely kept us honest. Ty such a great guest. Funny old meeting really, poor Pete the starter had his work cut out with those tape exclusions. Hope Stefan is ok.
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    I'd go with the present 7 but I think the reserves programmed rides should only be against each other with a start from each gate position. If there is to be any doubling up then it should only be with NL riders and get them some more track time against riders of a similar standard so as to not undermine their confidence.
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    Might be something to do with Sheffield riding on a Thursday
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    R/R for Shanes is an absolute joke 1 the meeting is on Saturday 2 Practice is on Saturday at 14.30pm local 3 meeting starts at 20.15pm local 4 Morizes is 44 miles only from Bordeaux airport 5 It is against the rules that any facility is given apart from race day- i quote " k) is on FIM Longtrack Championship duty (for the day of the Meeting only; no facility is permitted for practice day)" It is somewhat ironic that they are racing Scunthorpe who have history in being allowed illegal guests for riders doing longtrack. Edit 6.55am Birmingham arr 10.00 am bordeaux Flybe Saturday 1st September
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    Would a play off meeting get a bigger crowd? Not sure he would be running double headers if that was his mindset.
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    Maybe when riders sign a contract to ride for a club it should stipulate what dates they must be available to ride. Say for instance it's one big league next year and it has 16 teams. BSPA decide now that the final will be held at Buxton on September 8th 2019. If you cannot be available on that date then you don't get a licence if you're a rider who needs a visa you don't get a visa.
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    Gorzow v Wroclaw Sunday August 12th all heats short version
  23. 1 point
    Grudziadz v Zielona Gora Sunday August 19th all heats short version
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    Wroclaw v Torun Sunday August 19th all heats short version
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    Michal Sikora, president of PZM, who confirmed it yesterday during IMME in Gdansk

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