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    No broken bones for Tero which is great news
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    This wasn't a bad decision. Unbelievable would be a more accurate description.
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    Always prefer a long stroke myself!!
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    Never seen George’s comments of a few seasons ago so can’t comment on that but you have just said in your own words the Barker/Aarnio incident was “similar” to Richie’s so you must agree it was Barkers fault as you must also know some Redcar fans were that enraged about it they were saying they wished “Richie had been killed”
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    Me too but at my age a short stroke is often enough!!
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    Funny we were stood right behind you on Thursday and when the incident happened my wife said that will be Ben out of the rerun, I said not necessarily Ben had the inside line and was slightly in front of Aarnio who appeared to me to turn into Ben and came off worse. This was later confirmed by the referee, so you see there are always two points of view. Wish Aarnio a swift recovery
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    12 (TWELVE) league matches from March to September and they have to hold a second double header against the same team. must have been busy with KO Cup matches as they have reached the semi finals having got through ONE round already.
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    Wow your 56 according to your profile, and your still calling ppl a wally, me thinks it's time you grew up!!!!
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    Heaven only knows. Absolutely no question that Barker lost control and T boned Aarnio into the fence. Given how obvious it was, probably one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.
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    I think real speedway supporters see tonight for what it was. A match going one way, then a situation that changed the entire tide of the meeting. Normally in any sport these things are called turning points, sadly for the sport of speedway tonight, with the exception of a very few Redcar fans who appeared to cheer the event, that turning point was a blatant attempt to knock off a rider well in control of the race. As a team who have defied all sceptics this season and really stood tall it’s a shame to end the night without a point, but the thing that makes speedway great is it’s love for proper racing, true racing, and the diamonds stood tall tonight. The only thing left to say about Redcar speedway is, congratulations....... you had 6 riders riding tonight who rode fair, but sadly it took a B.B. intervention to kickstart the team, but kickstart they did. The fact they were rejuvenated isn’t the problem, it’s the 1 rider who continues to jeopardise riders safety daily that’s the issue. Well done Ben barker!
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    I thought Kurtz might step up this year. I think he had around the 3rd or 4th highest average at the start of the season, without checking 8.04 rings a bell, i was wrong. But at 21 and on a low 6.80 ish average he would be a bargain next season. Starting as the 3rd highest average in a team would be ideal, no pressure as he don't seem to handle it yet. I'd have him at Lynn next season on a 6.80.. Before I get bombarded with the Pirate brigade, I know he will be at Wimborne Rd in 2019.
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    Ipswich fans seem to like him . maybe he was doing his new team a favour .
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    On the face of it there's not much difference but then look back at last year's relegation play off and there's your answer
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  15. 1 point
    cant think that would bother Campton to be honest as he either been 40 yards behind him or stopped with bike trouble
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    His engines will remain under powered unless the club give him a engine better suited to bigger tracks, I don't think it is anything else as he is riding well in the championship and he isn't going to invest more money into his equipment for the play offs especially as I doubt he will be at Poole next season. It is up to Matt Ford to help him if we want to win.
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    Honestly Got a text off the little fella at 02.21 this morning, After x-rays and an MRI scan he was released from hospital, no fractures or breaks only soft tissue damage to the shoulder and upper arm muscle, he is feeling decidedly second hand and reckons he should only miss tonight's match against Glasgow with a bit of luck. After seeing the speed he was propelled into that air bag I would say he is a lucky (lucky) lad to come away with the injuries he has as it could have been much more serious than it was Regards THJ
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    It has been a problem for a number of season of referees making bad decisions, as most matches are filmed for video production why not give a feed to the referees box then he can review any stoppage and hopefully give the correct decision.
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    I'm a big Barker fan, and he would be one of my first riders signed for next season but he looked, from my angle, to ride into the side of Aarnio. No idea where the ref was looking at the time mind!
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    Not a half bad meeting. I say this as a Ben Barker fan, but how on earth he was not excluded in heat 6 is beyond belief. It was a move that at best was very ambitious, and at worst reckless. Best wishes to Tero, and Mikkel B who had a tough fall as well. Some great racing afterwards from Ben, Jorgensen and Lunna in particular. Robson was excellent value for Newcastle.
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    Disgraceful move from Garrity on kemp - so unnecessary to squeeze him the point of riding into him on the back straight - to be honest he was an idiot all night, I’d imagine Mason Campton will be saying to Scunthorpe I ain’t guesting for you again if I’m paired with him! Supposed to be teammates on the night and Garrity trying to knock him off every race!! i think Gino has ensured tonight he won’t be seen in a witches race suit again anytime soon! fairplay to Garcia rode superbly, and well done to drew looked good all night great move in ht2 and was in the mix in his last one before Garrity rode into him.
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    A very good crowd saw a mediocre meeting due to Poole being so poor. KL will top the league and pick Belle Vue. Kings Lynn look solid throughout and a special mention to Simon Lambert tonight who has taken some criticism in the past. Do not believe we saw the real Poole tonight but Brady is not a big scoring number 1. Well done Stars.
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    You'd like to think they couldn't wouldn't you .
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    WARSAW and Prague (probably). Personally, would drop either Malilla or Hallstavik (lack of Swedish riders) and have an early SGP at the NSS in Manchester. British fans are generally more supportive of the riders whatever their nationality and the gap from say May to September wouldn't detract from Cardiff. It might even help.

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