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    also the faily neutral nature of the Show ground means this will always be case even if you had the top rider in the league Riders love the track there[and rightly so] and will always turn up have have more of a go than on some of the tighter tricky tracks
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    Phil obviously loves his job, you can see the effort he puts in, and full marks for him doing that, BUT, like many others, you can’t go slagging off fellow workers when you on national tv, sorry international tv, as much as you or I may want him to. It’s just not done. Don’t know what your job is (was), Sidney, I reckon you wouldn’t last long if you went slagging off to all and sundry a fellow colleague in a high position - and yes I reckon a ref at a Gp is in a high position, there is only 10 this year. I don’t think even in this day and age anyone can say anything about everything.
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    It'll be exactly the same as it is for non EU riders and for riders before we (or they) joined the EU, no doubt there will be a form to be filled in some where, it's a non issue, project fear
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    well a post at last that actually sees it for what it is everyone shoots the messenger, speedway was in a downward spiral before the current committee took charge.
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    You got the wrong tone of the post I was actually backing what Lucifer Sam was making. It seems nowadays everything that's wrong with Speedway is Scunthorpe's Speedway fault. hence the wink. There's more to the BSPA then Godfrey he can't make the decisions by himself he has to get the backing of the other members too. He just seems to get the flack because he the Spokesperson on most situation because the Chairman Mr Chapman hasn't got the balls to do most of the jobs himself.
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    WTF? Really don’t understand the need for your negative response. Perfectly reasonable post, to which you unnecessarily attacked, without any substance. People with the internet now perceive themselves to be a ‘Voice of Reason’. Doubt you have a laugh or chuckle in you. Someone call a ‘Doctor’!!!
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    Just seen a tweet re Bacon where he passes on thanks for the nany good wishes Whilst he has a burst fracture of v12 he has full movement of arms and legs so probably as positive news as could be in the circumstances
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    I was just listening to a Doctor Who podcast in which a Michael Grade interview was being discussed. As part of the discussion he was asked about how vociferous Doctor Who fans could be. He was quoted as saying that they were the most involved apart from the speedway lobby. He said that in the 80s they regularly had to fudge the vote results for SPOTY because otherwise a speedway rider would win every year. So the head of BBC 1 in the 80s has confirmed speedway was deliberately sidelined.
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    And you can guess what i want for my birthday , a Tigers home win and the forces of darkness sent back along the M8 to tricktrackland pointless . Yes it's the biggee , Scotlands finest against Satan's seven , or six or how many they rock up with . I believe we have Connor Mountain as guest reserve , while they have Broc Nicol as their reserve replacement . As both their Swedes got Armadaled apparently during Friday night's latest home slaughter , but Victor Palavaara is expected to ride on Tuesday . So Cookie , Bomber and the lads will have to bring their 'A' game to the track , while we bring the beer tokens and the anti-smug spray . Going to be a nervy , but entertaining evening as the play off thingy goes right to the wire . C'mon the Stripes
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    I wouldnt say Holder was back on it, just had his bikes set up from the gate and was able to slot into scoring positions. Did well when Lindgren was hard on him but was the only rider pretty much to be overtaken when Tai passed him. A good meeting for him yes , but the track was a gaters paradise hence the riders scores were pretty much bunched together. No surprise to me that the top scorers in the qualifiers had either gates 1 or 3 twice. Doyle to be fair was lucky to end up on 13 as he benefitted from both Janowski and Cook breaking down. Hancock would have been top scorer on 12 which shows that riders were all beating each other depending where they started from.
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    I can't believe anybody would want Johnson as PM, then again Trump seemed an impossibility. Come to think of it Clinton/ Trump and Johnson/ Corbyn would put us on equal footing with the US in the stupidity stakes.
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    I see what you are doing. Then again, Stevie Wonder can see what you are doing. Dismissing others with extreme language like 'ridiculous!' and then scrabbling round for alternative arguments and seeing which one will stick. There were no bites for the Havelock-Rempala being better and now you're trying this one. Still no nibbles though. I was lucky enough to be at Torun for that GP - that was the best race of a cracking night. I was also lucky enough many years ago to see Les Collins go third to first on the last turn to win the opening race of the all-Scottish KO Cup Final...anyone else there for that one? But, I'll repeat, I have never seen a rider go from 4th to 1st on the last turn - I've yet to hear of anyone else who has either. And all preceded by passing and re-passing from the other three riders. Stunning stuff. If witnesses to the legendary Collins-Michanek KO Cup run-off in 1973 are saying this was even better than that, then that lends some hefty weight to the argument that it was the best race ever. Or if you want to pitch another Poole-related race into the mix, how's about this Chris Harris classic? ;-)
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    Think There was an Emerson Fairweather.. ( Speedway rider) Not sure how 'Low' down the order he rode... Jonathan Ross....Knobhead.... I mean Presenter
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    It’s not a cert he would have come last,Norbold. You had two Poles in serious medal positions, and Hancock fighting for top eight position. Anything could have happened on the first bend, and if tai had not gated he was on a good gate position, 3, for him to do his known cut back on bend 1-2 to snick the lead or second, who knows. i would like to know honest thoughts from riders re the refs antic in heat 16. It’s interesting some poster last night said many Polish fans say the refs decision was wrong. sad thing is,even if the ref is reprimanded nothing can be done about the race result. And if Zmarzlik goes on to win the championship because of that poor decision I would feel sorry for him because it will be said it’s all because of a Polish ref.
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    Let’s face it star man doesn’t have a clue and his agenda against belle vue and in particular the nss is extremely odd
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    Maybe you discussed the last race with mates, same with the race to come, sung along with the music, had a little banter with away fans, sipped your drink, read a bit if the programme, listening to the interview over the tannoy etc, so you didn't even notice the gap between races! Are you now standing completely on your own, without a prog, can't hear the tannoy and looking for something to moan about? haha
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    His 70's glory years were before my time I remember being disappointed when he joined hackney in the 80's - mainly because his huge average meant we had to lose 2 decent riders and promote a junior - the result meant hackney 1986 was perhaps the most forgettable of the hackney Kestrel Teams A beautiful stylist who dropped down a league too early (IIRC he was the only rider to beat Neil Evitts in the British Championship Final that year) but his final years seemed to be surrounded with controversy (I doubt Arena Essex fans have fond memories of him) with non arrivals, questionable injuries and other rumoured happenings that may or not be true but cannot be repeated as they could be construed as libellous
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    Noone on thid thread expects everything for nothing. They are just wanting what they paid for?
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    With the expected transition to last until Dec 2020, it wont be until the 2021 season that this need be an issue. If we (UK speedway) are short of riders we can issue visas for the required amount. I would expect us to do some sort of reciprocal deal with Australia making it easier for them to come here, or perhaps allow Australians to arrive on a 3 like they used to. Like Sweden we dont have enough home grown riders to fill all our team slots and have to have a fair number of non UK riders to make it work. I doubt it will be a problem, just like Brexit, unless you want it to be.
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    Is this meant to be some form of comedy? It must.. surely.
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    Can you picture the situation, a civic dinner with a head of state in a some far off land, and Boris tries to have a quickie in the toilet with the wife or daughter of some local dignitary, or worse still the Head of States Mrs or daughter . Saying she was a ' Fine young filly haw haw haw' The fact is, if Brexiteers think that a politician will do what they want, they'll forgive them anything. Boris could s h a g his way through the entire cast of 101 Dalmatians and his supporters would be saying they admire an animal lover.
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    Absolutely right, whatever happens Somerset have done well.
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    not to mention the dozens of team changes during the season. No loyalty either way so its no surprise fans don't 'feel' the team or have loyalty to the track. Just because a rider slightly under performs doesn't mean he wasn't someone's favourite
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    I don't know if it's the case, but not visiting this forum as much as I used to, I recall some names that used to be quite prolific on here that no longer post. I wonder if it's through disillusionment. Have they just got out of the routine of not only attending matches but actually commenting on the sport?
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    I just chuckle at most of it. The funniest was the Lakeside Live fan twitter blaming Rob G for two successive blank Fridays at Lakeside, when one was a rain-off and the other was because another event was staged all weekend at the Arena Essex Raceway.

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