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    who gives a $h1t who scored what where, i'm looking forward to 2 good meetings
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    Absolutely THJ, every penny made in the Track Shop goes into Workington Speedway, we aim to do everything we can to please supporters which can be very difficult at times. Lets hope we have something really big to celebrate very soon and that we can be producing merchandise with Championship Winners 2018 on it in time for Christmas !
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    It's a shame that some clubs are unable or unwilling to sign lease agreements that guarantees the availability of a stadium to race meetings. Surely this should be a standard necessity if a club wants to participate in a particular league otherwise the whole competition could become a bit of a circus and we wouldn't want that to happen regarding Glasgow claiming precedence, not at all. Firstly they cannot possibly beat any team that has such honest fans as Worky. And even if we did I'm sure everyone would want to wait until all the cups are completed after all they are more important than a league championship. These cup matches are obviously the most important as they have been deliberately left until the last minute to emphasise there importance. Theres nothing like standing in the cold and drizzle cheering on your team standing next to one man and his imaginary dog. Why would you race in the summer when the weather is good and fans are just itching to attend a meeting - even more so at Workington where itching I've been told is a common complaint. And everyone remembers the cup and shield champions but who on here can remember who won the league the last few years. so yes, no complaints from Glasgow and I really honestly mean that
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    Read the title thread Starman, just sticking to the topic!
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    This is interesting and perhaps we are slightly different to other clubs but our demographic definitely is not over 60s, its kids to 50s mainly (or perhaps I am blinkered as I get older of age ) We do have senior fans for sure, but as to them being the majority our gate tickets tell us otherwise, as does the fan base, and while we are not talking thousands through the gate, well not yet of course, our fan base is definitely less than 50. This has been our objective since the start. To start from the ground up, attracting a new demographic while engaging and supporting those who have been for year. I cannot say that we have cracked it for sure, but in general I think we are working well with both groups of fans. Our parties are always full of families, which is really where I want it to be. Our season ticket sales goes across the spectrum of course but we do have youth pricing for season tickets and we have sold them. I walk our stadium every meeting and engage with the fans and not one traditional speedway fan has said they didn't like the new things we were putting in to attract fans... I feel that they actually enjoy the fun filled show we try to put on more than just 15 heats of quality racing... For us, making speedway an event is our target and to make each week better than the previous one is a business objective along with have a business that is sustainable and can fund itself. That's our view on it and it is a challenge to think of great ideas, have them copied and have to think of new ones to keep being innovative but thats the plan moving forward... continue to improve the stadium, continue to engage, continue to promote, continue to build a rider base, continue with the show and continue to innovate... all to the best we can and all within a budget. .......... see you trackside.
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    This. Most people are way beyond caring already. It’s boring. Roll on Monday.
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    Don't want to criticise as we've over achieved this season, however it all appears to be coming to an end with a whimper.
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    Why use Ellis’ previous score to explain how Poole are stronger, but not Brady’s 12 from 4 the last Kings Lynn visited, when he beat Lambert and Iversen twice each? It’s almost like you’re twisting things to suit your own agenda.
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    The only date Lakeside could be blamed over was v Glasgow, 7th July, due to World Cup. There were two Friday away fixtures in June and three at home, then in July the only home match was v Sheffield on 13th. 20th was the Championship pairs then 27th v Peterborough was ruled out by the BSPA. Now we come to August managing just one again v Ipswich on the 3rd. The 10th v Peterborough and 24th v Newcastle were rained off whilst the scheduled trip to Workington on 17th cancelled at short notice by Rob Godfrey and his chums.
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    Lions and Tigers in same league then.....
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    Keep Tero, Matty and Ash .
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    You're right. I remember taking my father to a meeting in the 60's and him telling me how much better the racing was in the 30's, how good Eric Langton was and how he would have easily beaten those racing that day. It's human nature, most of us tend to think whatever music was popular when we were in our teens and early twenties was superior to todays offerings. I must admit to having gone through a period when I thought I would never see racing comparable to that served up at Hyde Road during the Craven, Mauger, Collins and Morton eras but the quality of racing in the GP's and at the NSS has changed my mind. It is at least as good and quite often better.
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    Saturdays meeting is looking dodgy according to weather reports let's hope they have got it wrong ,,or more ghastly double headers could be on the cards how much more of these fiascos can the fans take. ,,,All this could have been avoided in the summer had we not gone several weeks in between meetings..The mind boggles at the stupidity of it all,,,,
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    Not looking good for Saturdays PO 1st leg rain all night forecast at the moment better look at a mid week fixture or we are going to run out of time just bet the BSPA would just love that as there must be a reason why they refused to let us race on 4 Fridays during the summer
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    Exactly. All the press are on their way to Wimborne Rd having attended the Conservative conference in Birmingham yesterday, given the local demographic in the Poole district and the age of the average attendee at Wimborne Rd it's imperative that these 2 events don't clash.
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    ZagarRacing has no clue. Dont believe anything he says.
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    The are some who have returned at the NSS. Only a few of the many who had been regulars at Hyde Road but gave up with the poorer racing at the dog track. The trouble is many of those stopped going in 1988/89 and that makes it difficult considering their likely age, health and having got out of the habit so long ago plus, of course, those no longer with us.
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    Yes all those weeks in the summer when the weather was kind, and we end up in a rush to get meetings done in October where the weather turns and even if it’s dry, it’s cold and breezy.
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    If Buster wanted to he could create something at Lynn to rival the NSS....he can take the white line in as far as he likes, add banking and change the shale used. He owns the place and therefore has Carte Blanche to make it so much better. Maybe one day.
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    Excellent. A child should never be stopped from seeing a parent because a couples relationship has broken down. No child should be used as a weapon.
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    The year it went to 36 wasn’t great, 34 doesn’t make it much better than 30! The limit needs to be 42/42.5 run all 3 leagues the same remove the D from development league it’s a full league on its own that is flourishing!!
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    For the latest develpments tune onto jackanory

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