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    All that shows is a lack of class by an idiot on the other side of the world.
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    Seems like Darcy has a message for most of you!!.... Darcy Ward # 4⃣ 3⃣‏Verified account @D_Dublu_racing 53m53 minutes ago More To all the poole haters and trolls. hope the MIGHTY PIRATES win is really hitting you hard and deep in your souls woooohhoooo
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    Threads with the name " Workington " in them are turning more and more like a victims support group with Totally Honest John the martyr in chief lol . Just be grateful there isnt a promotion/relegation play off to consider as well haha . With son of hurricane bawbag due to hit landfall somewhere on the west of Britain on Friday morning , if it's rained off , seriously it isn't our fault , honest , we never paid for the rain to come , swear to god .
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    Everyone hopes that titles are won by brave and exciting overtaking moves and that you can heap praise on the champions Sadly the 2 moves most pivotal to Pooles success were Kurtz injuring Holder in the semi and Jackobsen injuring MPT in the final No intent for sure in either case but more important than any points won in the completed races that followed Without those 2 incidents no doubt Poole wouldve not won either tie
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    as a neutral a thought the meeting over two legs was good and kept me well entertained shame that injuries etc had an influence on the outcome but that is how speedway is Congrats to Poole and bad luck on the Stars shame the thread is full of negativity tho --i thought it was good..... and great to see such a Big crowd in at Lynn
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    Have to congratulate Neil Middleditch.....best manager in the country ! imo......
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    Ford probably thinks it's time to get out whilst the business still has some value left in it. And I doubt he wants to stay around and try to help speedway in the UK recover from the mess that he has contributed to in a big way this century.
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    Well firstly commiserations to Kings Lynn, with MPT & Iversen along with heat 12 at Poole the score would have swayed in their favour. A fantastic achievement by Matt & Middlo to win there 8 league title, and what a way for them to bow out. An interesting time ahead for Poole! Poole Pirates 2018 Premiership League Champions.
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    The play offs do add an extra element that there is no doubt, but it is very strange having a system whereby the top four of only a seven team league races for the top prize, based on that the team that finished 4th, technically didn't even finish in the top half of the table and that you had more teams in the end of season competition to win the league than those who failed to make it. Seven teams- should have been straight final for the top two only, to have four teams in the play offs, you really need at least nine or more clubs involved in the actual league, otherwise its get even more farcical. just my opinion of course.
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    Jeez,give the lad a break. He puts up the match advert week after week, done in his own time and very probably for free. He also puts in a lot of time at amateur meetings , in field flag marshalling, starter, ref's box etc. He also does a sterling job on speedway updates site ,again all voluntary. All in all a true fan of the sport.
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    That just illustrates what a kn*b DW is... However congratulations to the Pirates on their win, sadly these days it's akin to winning a prize at the fairground..
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    A WORD in the ear of Chris Morton about the construction of a new track would be a good idea. Cannot be the same size as the one CM designed and orchestrated at the NSS but a scaled down version is feasible.
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    The UK is already a member of the WTO. The issue of being a WTO member is that you have to charge the same tariffs to everyone unless you have a separate trade agreement, so if (for example) you accept goods across the Irish border without tariffs, you'll need to do that for every country. WTO rules also don't cover a lot of services, like airlines. This is something the Brexiteers just don't seem to be able to grasp in their infinite wisdom.
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    Ford said last night it was available for anyone to make him an offer. In the current economic climate, there won’t be a queue of people looking to take it off his hands. Speedway as a sport in the UK is on its knees - anyone would be mad to invest in a speedway club - unless they had very deep pockets and were prepared to lose money!
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    Fans' leverage? Stop going... You could argue that tens of thousands may have already stopped and nothing has changed....? But it's different now.. Whilst fans left in their droves, Promoters didnt listen, because quality could be cut to reduce costs, and inflation busting price rises were being accepted by those left who still attended. Attending in 'just enough' numbers.. Now, those numbers are no longer 'just enough'... Now, the quality cannot be cut much further... And now, inflation busting price rises will take the cost of entry to ridiculous levels for what is actually on show... It really is at its 'tipping point'... Fans by their attendance are endorsing what they are watching and giving Promoters the green light to keep doing more of the same.. Fans by their attendance are colluding with Promoters that the competition they are watching is a credible one.. And fans by their attendance are getting the sport their endorsement and collusion deserve so shouldn't moan about it.. Customers are a very powerful group in business. Maybe it's time for speedways customers to harness that power and use it for positive change?
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    Don't give a sod about all the haters on here. Commiserations to KL we know what its like to be TOP twice and lose the title too. This one makes up for the Swindon loss. Up the Pirates. Up yours all you haters. Now it bedtime after that long trip home. Ooooh what a lovely feeling. And try not to be whinging on about it all still next March please!.
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    Because they're glory hunting, happy clappers with no interest in the Sport. They simply believe the rest of the league teams are there to legitimize their clubs superiority. Sadly the BSPA feel likewise.
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    Kings Lynn won the league by finishing top but not the championship as per the play off. Hard work was done throughout the year and makes them the true winners and not some lottery meetings.
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    Congratulations to the real champions of 2018, Kings Lynn.
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    I'd heard a similar figure. He's got no chance of getting anywhere near that.
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    Pretty sure Niels said he is riding when interviewed on the telly!
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    Poole are champs then! Whod of thought that months ago?
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    A 28 point deficit which Panthers have no chance of clawing back. No Nicholls, MPT, BWD or Bacon An off race night starting at 7pm Poor weather forecast. Club up for sale. The place will be like a morgue - but I'll still be there.

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