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    Time for some on this forum to turn over a new leaf in 2019. Sponsors and potential sponsors will carry out "diligence" on any rider/club they are thinking of putting money into. If you search online, stuff from the BSF comes up. Just ask yourself: Are my comments helping destroy the sport and clubs I love? There are some, who no longer attend, that have a devil-may-care attitude – they should now pipe down, And, for those of us who watch speedway week in week out – and often at a number of tracks – should speak out against the terrible negativity. Let's try and be positive in 2019.
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    I don't think Richard is saying that everything's perfect in any way whatsoever. I also think he's absolutely right to make the point that he has. It sometimes seems to me that the majority of members of this forum actually don't go to meetings and have little - if any - interest in speedway at all other than to slag every aspect of it off. The rules, the racing, the riders, promotions - even its fans. If they have no interest, why are they members of a speedway forum ? I attend regularly and, all being well, will continue to do so in 2019 and for years to come. There are thousands like me. However, to suggest that all those who continue hand their money over every week have a ridiculously one sided view and believe that everything is fine is nonsense. In my contacts right across the country, I don't know a single person like that yet it does not stop those who no longer go from wheeling it out every single time as a justification for their own negativity. On occasion, I have used the pages of this forum to be extremely critical of the actions of the BSPA, individual promoters and riders. I believe that as a paying customer that is my right and do so with an entirely objective view. Again, there are many like me. However, when I have cause to give credit, I again take to the forum and say that, too. For example, I have made no secret of my admiration for the efforts of the Isle of Wight promotion or the quality of the racing at the NSS. There's no doubt that for all its self interest, crap tracks and lack of customer care, speedway can be bloody fantastic to watch and I would say that the only ones who have 'blinkers' are those who are overwhelmingly negative all the time (because, unlike me, they do see only one side).
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    At this time of festive cheer, I would to wish you all a very merry Christmas and thank you for your support of the Wightlink Warriors and Wizards. It means the world to Martin and I the feedback across the forum on the Warriors and Wizards. It is all very useful for us as we slowly develop our product further and within budget. So thank you, whether you are a season ticket holder, member of staff or someone who just looks in from a distance. Thanks. Have a great Christmas with those you love, and I look forward to seeing you, hearing from you or pondering your thoughts on here in the future. All the best Barry (and Martin)
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    You are right, I am not saying everything in the garden is perfect. However, last season I saw some cracking speedway racing that sent me home buzzing and wanting to talk about to anyone who would listen.
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    The right to hold assets was reinstated to NL clubs last year.
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    Allen priced himself out of a team berth. Asked for too much money.
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    I haven't been to speedway for many years now (for reasons I have often cited on the forum and not wishing to go over old ground) but the BSF offers many variations on speedway related themes and I particularly enjoy the nostalgic threads for obvious reasons. I rarely look into the modern threads as I have no working knowledge of current speedway but if someone posts a thread which obviously attempts to raise issues then I will post a comment if I feel I have something to offer to the discussion. The General Discussion thread (non speedway themes) is another reason I participate but at the end of the day if one doesn't wish to read a particular thread for whatever reason then one can just pass over it...as I often do when I can't be bothered reading thru' some of the long-winded comments and/or theories placed by some posters. You takes you choice and get out of it what you will but I will continue to participate for as long as I personally feel justified until it ceases to be a source of enjoyment.
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    So did I. Then again those who don't go wouldn't have, would they ?
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    Nutshell: I think we should go out to watch live speedway whenever we can in 2019, and buy a programme while we are there. There are some confusing rules, and promoters sometimes annoy us but it's a still a brilliant sport of 4 guys you can pretty much walk up to and chat with (picking the right moment of course), most weeks going after it at a track near(ish) to you, no gears, no brakes and getting well-sideways as they race one another....
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    Crack on, let's all take no notice of the dwindling crowds and clubs struggling to rub 2 pence together. Come back to me when there's no Speedway at competitive level in the UK and read more on the forever closing clubs in the near future. By all means, I'm pleased you still continue to enjoy your Speedway but people need to start removing those blinker pretty quick. Speedway is declining yearly, that is a fact, so if people are happy to continue with their head up their backsides don't come crying when you lose your Speedway.
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    Richie rode ONE league match (v Wolves at home) at reserve scoring 8+2 and 4 play off matches (that don’t count towards averages) at reserve....The rest of the time he rode in the 1-5, putting in some useful scores, so not as though he rode at reserve all season as your post is hinting at!!
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    Ipswich speedways greatest rider and one of Englands finest, John Louis was born in 1941 and had his first rides on a speedway bike at Foxhall in mid 1969, so he was just 28 I believe! I'm all for bringing on young riders, that has to be a main aspect of the National League but I disagree with putting a rider in the team just cause hes young. Also if riders like Jon Armstrong, Robert Ledwith are still quick enough then their experience can be invaluable to young riders!
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    THE Save Coventry Speedway & Stox Campaign Group send their compliments of the festive season to all supporters. As we head towards a third year in which our sports will be absent from their rightful place, we want to assure everyone that our determination to see them return remains as high as ever. There have been few formal developments since the Public Meeting in early November, but we have remained active and can confirm Rugby Council are now in receipt of even more information to counter the statements made by Framptons on behalf of Brandon Estates. The Planning Application for Brandon Stadium was submitted in January 2018 but a date has still yet to be set for it to be taken to committee. This will not take place until the completion of the government Inspector’s Report into the Rugby Local Plan (which we believe is imminent), or until the Council have received specialist sporting advice regarding the application itself and the myriad of responses opposing it. We remain totally convinced that the Planning Application is intrinsically flawed as it fails to satisfy the criteria required for the development of established sporting venues under National Planning Policy Framework. Framptons were required to submit further information making the case that there is no ongoing need for the two sports to be operating at Brandon (or in the immediate area). This was finally submitted after a five-month delay, and we made our views very clear both in our response to the Council and in our presentation at the Public Meeting. Since then, it has been confirmed that there will be no Coventry Speedway team competing next season, giving a final answer to the ludicrous claims that the club was perfectly well accommodated at Leicester. The stock car analysis was equally controversial, and we have submitted aerial photographs of all of the venues which Framptons claim could be alternatives to Brandon, which totally disproves their ‘desk-top analysis’ which contains very little in the way of actual evidence. Additionally, if you were at the Public Meeting you will remember the case of Perry Barr, which is listed in Framptons’ covering letter to their Needs Analysis as a possible alternative venue, on the basis that it stages “similar kinds of uses.” That statement is incredible enough if you know Perry Barr, but even more extraordinarily the stadium is then included in a list of current, active stock car venues during the content of the Needs Analysis, leading to a completely inaccurate mathematical exercise over the total number of venues. In addition to the responses which had already been submitted pointing out the fallacies of these statements, we have now been able to submit the actual planning documentation from Birmingham City Council granting permission for speedway to be staged at the stadium from 2007. This makes it quite clear that no motorsport with the exception of speedway can be staged at the venue. In our view it is totally unacceptable that a Planning Application and associated documents seeking to destroy an iconic, successful and viable sporting venue, where there is a clear case of ongoing need, can be so disgracefully deficient. There have been numerous other responses to the Needs Assessment, including from both the speedway (BSPA) and stock car (BRISCA and BSCDA) governing bodies, all of which highlight the inaccuracies and untruths contained within, and stress the importance of Brandon to their sports. Framptons have also been forced to withdraw a section of the report relating to Coventry Racing Club and the negotiations which did or did not take place in 2016, and this also has an impact on the Turley (viability) report submitted in January which made the same incorrect assertion. It is the belief of the Campaign Group that both the original Planning Application and the subsequent Needs Assessment documents are absolutely riddled with inaccurate, misleading and untruthful statements, and we have therefore considered making a formal complaint to the Royal Town Planning Institute under Sections 11 (Accuracy) and 12 (Errors and mis-statements) of their Ethics and Professional Standards Advice document. We have decided however, as Rugby Council have committed to the appointment of an independent body to look into the various claims and our response to those claims, we will defer a decision until the independent body completes their investigation. We already have meetings confirmed for the early part of the New Year where we will be seeking assurances over the exact process going forward. We will be ready for any situation and can assure Framptons and Brandon Estates that our opposition will only increase until they do the right thing and agree that the sports should be allowed to return. We do ask all supporters to stay as positive as possible – we have a huge amount of firm evidence in our favour, and we will keep fighting for as long as it takes. The Campaign Group wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and please be assured we will update you as soon as there is further news. *FOLLOWING the news that Coventry Bees would not be racing in 2019, we were asked by the Coventry Telegraph on December 4 to provide a statement. As only half of that statement was printed, we now reproduce it in full: We stated when the Bees were accepted into the National League, running at Leicester, that we could only offer our full support if we could be convinced that this was part of a genuine plan for the club to eventually return to its rightful location. It is patently obvious from the most recent planning documentation that the developers were happy to regard Leicester as an appropriate long-term solution, in an attempt to absolve them of any responsibility to provide an alternative in the Coventry/Rugby area should they receive permission to build on Brandon. Although the club has issued no statement, the Bees have not been included in the list of National League starters for 2019, which will be largely down to the poor attendances and associated losses suffered this year – none of which comes as any surprise, and does not lessen the demand for speedway or stock car racing in the area. This totally invalidates the representations of Framptons, who argued in their initial application in January that Leicester was “better suited to its use as a speedway stadium for a number of reasons including its accessibility...” and their subsequent remarks claiming that alternative provision for the previous speedway use at Brandon had been satisfactorily made, along with their inaccurate analysis of alternative stadia for both sports. The failure of the Coventry Bees project at Leicester merely highlights the totally unsatisfactory nature of that solution, and the clear ongoing need for the club to be operating in the Coventry/Rugby area. The Planning Application continues to directly contradict the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework with regard to sports facilities, and the developers must not be permitted to proceed on that basis. The absence of Coventry from competition in 2019 in no way changes that position. ENDS
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    Good of the authorities to let the fans know!
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    Sheffield - look good on paper but so they did last season. Andersen, Nicol and Kennedy have to live up to the hype. Leicester - very solid top four who should score home and away. Add on Mountain starting at reserve is a bonus but even if Perks drops they have a strong reserve. Somerset - granted i'm biased but I fully believe that is the best top 5 in the league. Reserves are the question, though Atkins does know the track. Redcar - very strong top 3 and massive potential at reserve. Can't see many teams beating them at home. Edinurgh - Wells is a good no. 1, Lawson a strong reserve and Pickering, Heeps and Andersson are solid enough. What Sedgmen will do is the big question? Eastbourne - As much as they will be strong at home with the lack of experience in the lower end, they may struggle away. Glasgow - people may be surprised but I really don't rate this team. Poor lower end may be helped slightly by Vissing, Jensen and Starke at home but I fear away may be a one man team, Cook. Workington - Very strong at home tbh and probably an exciting team at Derwent Park. However MacDonald being a British novice and Lambert being in the main body, I can't see an attsck on the play- offs. Scunthorpe - no omph in the team tbh. It's an ok looking team but doesn't make me feel any confidence in it. List starting in the main body is intriguing decision as Bailey isn't good enough to make the top 5. Berwick - same as Scunny really. Has no x- factor to the team. Newcastle - poor team imo but at the same time it probably has the biggest potential given that every single rider can improve their averages, I just don't expect them to do it. Brummies - sadly the speedway club that I am closest to, even though i'm a Rebel, looks a poor side as clearly they are trying to re make an asset list. Wajtknecht and Shanes are very good signings though.
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    Jake isn't renowned for his gating for starters. More his inside dives into turn 3!
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    What a pointless topic, who knows how teams will be Aug/Sept
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    Ipswich Wolves Belle Vue Swindon Poole Peterborough Kings Lynn
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    Reasonably solid Newcastle side, and one or two names in that team who would not think of Newcastle type riders Of the last two riders. Not surprised to see Phillips name down on the team sheet with his old man one of the promoters at the club and he did a decent job when he was last there. Bjerre, good rider and kind be spectacular on his day, but is someone who is very difficult to manage and can be at times disruptive, if you can get him in the right fame of mind and happy he is capable of beating anyone, if not then you have problems and he will let you know.
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    I would personally have Pavlova as our third heat leader, with Matty as his partner and Nike and Thomas 1 and 2, would be a very strong and exciting 1 and 2 pairing imo... 1. Thomas Jorgensen 2. Nike Lunna 3. Victor Palovaara 4. Matthew Wethers 5. Lasse Bjerre 6. Danny Phillips 7. Max Clegg Lunna and Clegg in heat 8 would be strong, and it would mean that Danny at 6 would be partnered mostly with Lasse, a strong heat leader, so he's less dependant on winning himself and can just focus on getting back on track with his riding... Really pleased with this years team, even without Ludvig, I'm disappointed he's not back but maybe it's for the better for him and the team... Good luck in 2019 Newcastle Diamonds... And all riders around the world, Merry Christmas and a happy new year Quick side question, who is our captain? Haven't seen that information yet... Dunno what some of these riders are like leadership wise...
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    He was on twitter, I can't remember exactly what time, but about mid season asking for somewhere to live. Put 2 and 2 together on that.... You are also exactly right about the track for the first half of the season, it was almost as bad as the last time Ez left.
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    Redcar will put in a serious challenge for silverware in 2019. Best of luck to you.
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    I remember him guesting for Lakeside. He fell and dislocated his shoulder . He still went out I his next race, in a lot of pain to crawl round at about 20m.p.h. To collect third place in a three rider race to collect the single point that gave Lakeside the narrow win. Considering the amount of pain he was in, and the fact that he wasn't even a Lakeside rider, just a guest, it was one of the most courageous rides I have ever seen. He would have been quite justified in withdrawing from the meeting. If ever a rider deserved more success, Adam did. Best wishes for the future Adam.
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    If you say so..... Take it you didn't see many meetings there this year?

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