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    And Wright & Wilson Dean second strings, let’s be fair folks it’s a tidy looking side.
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    Panthers have a top class signing lined up according to Carl Johnson. That's an odd way to describe Rohan Tungate
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    ashtechs video with a few tip how to look after your engine including his say on the rev limiter
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    Maybe given the demographic of its fan base, the sport would be better off letting fans train their own pigeon to take their selection up to the referees box attached to their pigeon's feet? Maybe there could then be a prize of two tickets to the next Cup match to the owner of the pigeon that has come from furthest away?... Think of the excitement it would generate... Maybe one of those representing the supporters clubs at that BSPA think tank thing could suggest it? Obviously it won't be completely straight forward, as if your pigeon is injured and cannot fly on any given night, something like a wing injury or damaged shank, or your pigeon is already competing in a race over mainland Europe on the same night. Then there would need to be some kind of 'guest pigeon' system required to ensure everyone has a chance... Based on speed, colour and weight of the pigeons, and their previous performances I would personally suggest.... However I am sure a workable solution could be found... No ideas a bad idea etc etc etc..
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    Gareth is 72 years old which doesn't tie in with the publication date and reported age of the offender in the article not withstanding that the allegations surrounding Speedway's GR go back much further Edit. A little more Googling produces an image of the offender in the article it's definitely not; http://pembrokeshire-herald.com/5161/spy-camera-pervert-court/
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    Biggest mistake British speedway made was to abolish compulsory junior teams.
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    In this day and age of modern technology there is absolutely no excuse for not communicating , even if you are 12,000 miles away.
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    Carl Johnson is trying to gee up the troops by putting on a brave face while the dictator has dodged all the flack, so far anyway
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    And Austria.In fact I think he was based in Vienna and rode an Austrian made bike,the name of which fails me at the moment
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    My post still applies even with the amendments you have subsequently made to the original
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    I'd love Magic... More chance of Buster pulling a rabbit out of a hat whilst twerking though
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    Joonas being pedantic doesn’t really fit as someone who changed nationality.I think he always had dual nationality and just used whichever he fancied in his favour One or two of the Argentinians like Sanchez or Covatti might also fall into that category of having dual nationality? Ferjan is someone who did change nationality There is a good chance some of the Poles were born in Germany.Plech was born in a former german town that became part of Poland a few years before he was born.Wyglenda for instance was born in Rybnik in 1941 when it was again after a gap of 20 year a part of Germany.In fact in the Bote after WW1 as to which country the people wanted to be part of,Rybnik voted with a good majority to stay in Germany,but the surrounding area was massively in favour of being part of Poland.A similar thing happened in Vojens with Germany/Denmark,where Vojens wanted to remain German,but the surrounding rural area held the majority for Denmark Some Yugoslavians or Soviet riders changed nationality due to their former country no longer existing.Trofimov was I think Soviet and later Ukraine
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    We can keep this really simple : Beaton, Beaton, Beaton, McKinna, McKinna, McKinna, McMillan, McMillan, Templeton, Templeton. Steve
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    Unless a shock signing appears ( i.e.) a Laguta,Magic, Barty( all no chance) it is not surprising he delayed naming the side.
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    THANKS ... it's a battle but one we are determined to survive and confident we will
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    The carpet has a slight ridge which is disappearing slowly!
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  18. 1 point
    Absolutely correct. Another piece of fixture planning straight out of the compost heap ...
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    Swindon at home on the Thursday before & then Ipswich at home the day after. I can't see many Panthers fans being at the fours.
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    No relevance but let them have there little digs...you make a valid point but let's face it mate it's just typical of the poor way fans are treated and all i can really say to them is baaaah
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    The Eastbourne programme is excellent, but at a pound dearer it should be. For me personally, I'd be happy enough with a simple race card.
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    Fricke, Thorssell, Doyle, Lambert, Masters i would put that group in front of Bjerre maybe not Masters but he can be decent away.
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    Bringing up the Swindon situation is totally irrelevant, the strange thing is if the team is known why not announce it.
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    I was told by delaying the team announcement it creates added interest, It my mind it does exactly the opposite, fans get fed up waiting and lose interest altogether...
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    It's called the digital age. Most outdoor sports have suffered from the 'sit on your backside' multi billion dollar technology and gaming industry...

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