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    And Wright & Wilson Dean second strings, let’s be fair folks it’s a tidy looking side.
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    Panthers have a top class signing lined up according to Carl Johnson. That's an odd way to describe Rohan Tungate
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    ashtechs video with a few tip how to look after your engine including his say on the rev limiter
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    Of course, Buster's involvement with modern media is far from a happy one, even though he now has someone with qualifications in the family. His non-communication is more down to a closed mind ( "no need for comment" ).
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    Maybe given the demographic of its fan base, the sport would be better off letting fans train their own pigeon to take their selection up to the referees box attached to their pigeon's feet? Maybe there could then be a prize of two tickets to the next Cup match to the owner of the pigeon that has come from furthest away?... Think of the excitement it would generate... Maybe one of those representing the supporters clubs at that BSPA think tank thing could suggest it? Obviously it won't be completely straight forward, as if your pigeon is injured and cannot fly on any given night, something like a wing injury or damaged shank, or your pigeon is already competing in a race over mainland Europe on the same night. Then there would need to be some kind of 'guest pigeon' system required to ensure everyone has a chance... Based on speed, colour and weight of the pigeons, and their previous performances I would personally suggest.... However I am sure a workable solution could be found... No ideas a bad idea etc etc etc..
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    Very interesting interview with Kym Mauger, so good to see that he made a success of his life in a different field. Must be so hard to be a son of a legend if you try to go into the same sport.
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    Gareth is 72 years old which doesn't tie in with the publication date and reported age of the offender in the article not withstanding that the allegations surrounding Speedway's GR go back much further Edit. A little more Googling produces an image of the offender in the article it's definitely not; http://pembrokeshire-herald.com/5161/spy-camera-pervert-court/
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    Biggest mistake British speedway made was to abolish compulsory junior teams.
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    In this day and age of modern technology there is absolutely no excuse for not communicating , even if you are 12,000 miles away.
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    To Answer your question the only reason I posted it here was as he was associated with clubs at second division level nothing more. I started it as a genuine question nothing more than that!
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    Excellent foamfence. Lots of little known Irish riders named in the Link.
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    That was it.I knew a crash played a part in his career somewhere along the line
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    I hate getting involved in this ill-informed thread but as far as I know the previous conviction of Gareth was overturned and compensation paid. So it should not be brought up again and nor should the behaviour of a completely different person with the same name.
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    Having watched Roger ride for Eastbourne and a regular second-halver and occasional team member at Cowley (due to our promotional tie up) he slipped the net and when he eventually moved up ended up at Plough Lane where he gave sterling service over many years. Speedway can only exist with riders such as Roger and the 'Bernie Leighs' of this world.
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    It's interesting to recap on one's nominees for this thread. I first saw Wilbur Lamoreaux ride for Wembley in a match at New Cross in 1948. I only ever saw Bruce Penhall once- when he won his world title at Wembley in the early 1980s. My first sight of Charles 'Pee Wee' Cullum was as a Belle Vue rider, again at New Cross in 1949. And Scott Autrey as an Exeter rider at Wimbledon in the 1970s. Ernie Roccio when he was a Wimbledon rider in the early 1950s. Of those who I never saw ride the one who I would liked to have seen is Manuel Trujillo - once described by Jack Milne as 'speedway's most spectacular leg trailer'.
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    Surprised no one has included Tai in their lists! Alright, I'll get my coat.
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    Unless the management whoever they may be make some attempt to connect with the fans I can see a very serious situation attendance wise developing . Chapman could well be in a monastery he is so silent and Ged and Neil would be good subjects for the TV Programme " Missing"
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    Saturday date now confirmed by BSPA - bring it on!
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    Firstly I am of an age to remember when we had a team full of local riders. My mum first took me to Foxhall in 1976. Although I’ve been going to speedway for over 40 years I still remember the past but I don’t live in it. On here I read posts about how teams should be built and wonder if some posters know what is going on in speedway nowadays. On the positive side I believe the Witches will surprise a lot of you. I’ve compared the teams rider v rider and there is not a lot in it.
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    Thanks to everyone who has replied so far. Does anyone know the best places to look out for the Wally Loak recordings? I too recall Colin Richardson winning his first race of the night in 1977 in 60.0 and this was greeted with a huge roar when the time was announced over the tannoy. I also remember the final race of the night which was effectively a title decider between Colin, Martin Yeates and Tom Owen. If my memory serves me correctly, Yeates made the best start and led for about a lap before Colin lined him up on the home straight and overtook him on the bend where the pits used to be. The race was effectively over then and nothing could stop him from winning the championship with a brilliant 15 point maximum. As a regular at Crayford, I was also lucky to see Colin Richardson break the track record there twice in 1977. The first of these was in June 77 and the second took place a month later. The track record was broken for a third time that year in August by the then current World Champion, Peter Collins who visited Crayford with his Belle Vue side in a Challenge Match. Happy Days! Paul Elford
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    Apologies Leander. Took my own advice and read the article again. What you say is correctly quoted. The misunderstanding on my side is that Mason states he will be 27 in two years, getting too late to start over again. He will be 26 for the 2020 season so wrongly assumed he would have to miss two seasons. As you say, great shame he has been forced into this situation, again.
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    Judges thought with respect that the sentence was too long while anyone with an ounce of commonsense would think the sentence wasn't long enough. With respect of course
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    Being a Ipswich fan myself I would ask aII of the people that it would be a good idea to stop all these negative posts regarding the team etc and save any negative posts until the season has started then we will all be in a better position to judge based on the teams performance.
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    KELVIN Tatum is a big advocate of rev limiters... will be revealing why in Speedway Star shortly.
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    Why? Not one person's opinion is of more value than another's. Just because the opinion may not be to your liking, doesn't make theirs wrong. Even the most stupid person can come up with an ingenious idea. If the BSPA wants to be open, every opinion should be shared, zero cherry picking.

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