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    We've heard for weeks that Lynn are dragging out the release of the team to maximise media exposure. What happens they announce a team member on the same day as they announce a new team sponsor. Can anyone explain how this maximises media exposure
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    Never fulfilled his potential?!? British Champion, GP Rider, GB International, top division rider in Poland and Sweden. Apart from being World Champion (which only 1 person can be each season) I'd say Scott has had a top class career. Way better than most other Brits in this modern era from the turn of the century. Most definitely NOT one of those Brits to not reach maximum potential. He's had a career many Brits today would wish they could replicate.
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    Happy Friday everyone
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    These would have been good contributions if the title of the thread had been "The Name's Not the Same"
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    Colin Pratt is a widely respected and very experienced organiser within speedway but not someone who is bringing the younger dynamism with marketing knowledge that is likely to bring in a new generation of fans. In fact, he has been at the core of speedway administrators who have allowed UK speedway to dimish and dwindle over the last twenty-five years.
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    Agree Czech golden helmet is a big accolade scotty finished in the top 10 in the world on 4 occasions and has a record number of British titlesI really don’t see that as underachieving
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    Doesn't explain why they did two "big" announcements in one day
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    Just read the article myself and I think it’s a load of crap... Being going to speedway 40 years and I think it should be all about skill not who is the fastest... I think Formula 1 Grand Prix is like watching paint dry.. Hopefully speedway Grand Prix wont be going the same way
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    He certainly has form on that score, considering similar departures from elsewhere, when you consider his ongoing Longtrack commitments etc and the varied race days in the Championship, I'm surprised he agreed to sign in the first place. with that in mind, I'm not surprised he is still in the BV line up, with the fixed race nights. Maybe in the future, Championship clubs with give him the very wide berth he deserves, based on his history. Blotted copybook and all that
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    How do you think non-KL fans find out this news??? Try checking social media, local news sites and websites - and sometimes even the Speedy Star?!
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    Because he had already committed to Scunny and the loan had been agreed with the promotion, before they made the decision to step down.
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    Opportunity missed yet again (if correct ) thought this delaying to announce the team was to max out media exposure but when you find out via a forum it says it all
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    I'm so glad YOU said that, and not me or iris123... Steve
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    Translated as - Have no opinion about what decisions we make " in the best interests of the sport". We offer no information as to how those decisions were reached and anyway it is nothing to do with you. Purely a business decision. We are handling the managed decline of UK speedway as we see fit ( as it belongs entirely to us ). What remains of the sport in the UK after crowd numbers and sponsors fall to an unviable level is equally of no concern of yours. How many clubs are owned by or under the control of any BSPA member is a private matter for themselves only. Yes, please pay by direct debit, whether you intend to go to matches or not - Oh, and bring a friend ( as our dependable marketing scheme has long directed ). You know it makes sense and offers you a stress-free way to enjoy speedway racing.
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    I`m excited !! R & R bookmakers are funding the competition for a 7th year- and the best Speedway bookmaker in the UK has made the competition better for the punters(i know my generosity is unequalled !!) In 2019 we have the introduction of the SPREAD STRETCHER- more of that later. RULES Each contestant MUST place bets in all 10 rounds -in the event of having no money left they are out of the competition Each player starts with £400. MAXIMUM BET PER GP IS £200.minimum bet per GP is £20(or total balance if less than £20) minimum bet per rider is £10. All bets can be edited up to the advertised starting time of the meeting. If a rider is injured before a round starts then the bet is voided on that rider, or bets can be amended up to the meeting start time. If a rider starts a meeting but is injured and cannot continue THE BET STANDS but any points scored by the reserves count towards the injured riders score. If any rider is excluded for a starting offence the reserve points scored do not get added. To ensure fair play bets for the final round may be required to be PM`d to me instead of normal posting. If a meeting is called off at heat 16 then the spread will be adjusted to 4/5th`s of the original. If a meeting is called off at or after 20 heats the spreads stand. HOW TO PLAY One must bet on a rider to score MORE OR LESS than the spread-the HIGHER figure is taken for MORE bets and the LOWER for LESS bets-the mid between the two is what I expect them to score-and they add up to 138 which is the total points available in a GP EXAMPLE These might be 3 of the spreads for the 1st GP of the season Woffinden 10 - 12 .Hancock 7 - 9 Kolodziej 5 - 7 Player 1 might think Woffinden will score more than 12 in Warsaw so bets £100 MORE. If Woffinden scored 15 he would win (15-12 =3) X £100 which is £300. If he only scored 8 he would LOSE (12-8=4) X £100 which is £400 and be out of the competition. Player 2 might think Hancock will score less than 7 and bets £200 LESS Hancock scored 5 so wins (7-5=2) X £200 which is £400. If he scored 11 he would LOSE (11-7=4) X £200 which is £800 and he would be out of the competition. Player 3 might think Kolodziej will have a stormer and bet £200 MORE than 7 . if he scored 9 he would win (9-7=2) X £200 which is £400. however if Kolodziej scored the mid-spread of 6 he would LOSE (7-6=1 x £200 which is £200 SPREAD STRETCHER The other major bookmakers are so predictable offering " bet boosters" "make your own bet" etc etc that i have gone one better and am offering the unique SPREAD STRETCHER. Every contestant has 2 opportunities (separate GP`s) to use their SPREAD STRETCHER in the 10 GP`S(if left in competition!!) The SPREAD STRETCHER is used on a bet on 1 rider - up to the maximum of £200 bet per round (ie £200 on the 1 rider or maybe £100 as the SPREAD STRETCHER with up to £100 on other riders) If the SPREAD STRETCHER bet is to score MORE i will adjust the spread on that rider bet by ONE WHOLE POINT ie Bet more on Woffinden at 10-12 the SPREAD STRETCHER turns it into 9-11 !!!!! If betting LESS the adjustment goes the other way ie Woffinden less than 10-12 becomes 11-13 Obviously if you the Punter get it wrong it`s happy days !!!! As you can tell i`m really excited about this addition to the competition- and rest assured i will be keeping a note of it`s use so that no one gets to use it 3 times(as if punters would try that !!!!) Spread for the 1st GP of the season in Warsaw on May 18th will be up nice and early once the early season form has been studied
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    With no back up for Lambo and the worst reserve average wise in the league 2.55( but still on the 4.00 he came with last season) I certainly don't.. But you could be right Sid. Who knows what goes on in Busters head these days.
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    from Grudziadz website Speedway Ekstraliga in agreement with TV stations, which in the season 2019 will be broadcasting the matches of the strongest league in the world gave the opening hours of matches. Let us remind you that all the PGE Ekstraliga matches will be seen in nSport + and Eleven Sports. Friday's meetings will be broadcast by Eleven Sports. Fixed opening hours throughout the season will be 18:00 and 20:30 . Slightly different playing times will be on Sunday, those broadcast by nSport +. In April, May, June and September, the start of the meetings is scheduled for 16:00 and 19:00 . In the summer months, i.e. July and August, the start of Sunday duels will take place half an hour later - at 16:30 and 19:30 .
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    Somehow I am not surprised!!!
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    He's had bells ringing in his ears for years and that's bound to have an effect.
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    Worth every pound in my book. we go to watch two teams race that's my buzz sorted. Already lost my other home team of Workington along with all the other Comets fans and I would be happy to pay a bit more if they had to put the price up if it meant we still have speedway. Still far more value for money than watching them down the road kick a ball about for 90 minutes.
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    Welcome back Kevin
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    I agree Chapman is totally useless and has been a disaster for KL and British Speedway. He has presided over the terminal decline of speedway over recent years, to a point that speedway is effectively bust....he is clearly incapable of doing anything to promote or improve the fortunes of the sport. He should get out of the BSPA and KL and let someone with more intelligence and drive run the show, which wouldn’t be hard to find. Oh and someone who can sell a few rusting engines...!!
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    Thanks for the invite but rough park is one of my least favourite tracks, it was bad enough going to watch comets beat the diamonds, never mind coming to watch any team beat the diamonds no offence
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    CL gets preference i assume,and as much as 9 riders would be missing from the Ipswich/Kings Lynn teams on the Friday,so good call.

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