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    Not by me it isn't. No team should go into February without the full 1-7 known. It's a nonsense situation
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    He said they didn't have to OWN them?
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    The considered opinion is that Rev Limiters only have any effect at the start. Back in my days as a 17 year old owner of a Triumph Tiger Cub, we had a rev limiter! Only it was just called a throttle in those days!
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    So the price of a few fish from the Faroes will remain the same. Thank god for that. We can all slip safely in our beds knowing that. In the meantime the highly prized trade deal between Japan and the Eu won’t be offered to the UK after we leave, so we will be dealing with Japan on WTO rules. You really just couldn’t make this stuff up. Japan have refused to offer the UK the same deal. What happened to the brexiteers claims of countries queuing up with us to do deals? Brexit is a catastrophic disaster of the highest magnitude for tens of millions of UK citizens. I just wish the pain was felt first and foremost by the idiots who voted for it. I would say, if I ran a business employing hundreds of people and it was affected by brexit, the first people to be made redundant would be those that voted leave.
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    I for one am looking forward to the new season
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    And there was Addio saying ferry companies didn't actually need ships...
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    Yes initially agreed to by that incompetent Transport Minister Chris Grayling.
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    Kennett will certainly be Top Dog around Eastbourne but for him to dominate the league, he would need to have undergone a huge transformation with a sports psychologist. He holds the unenviable record of having the worst away average - compared to his home average.
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    I'll be surprised if you have actually seen him. I saw him a couple of times last season and he was just superb - the most talented youngster I have seen since Woffinden. The first was riding for Mildenhall at the NSS - never the easiest place for visiting NL riders. After a couple of seconds he really got the hang of the place and his last to first in heat 15 was just sublime. The second was for Ipswich against Scunthorpe in what was probably the most impressive individual performance I saw anywhere in 2018. Paid 14 from 5 starts against Championship opposition tells its own story. If he can stay clear of injury, he should easily put at least 2 points on that staring average.
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    I can agree with you on this. Oxygen thief extraordinaire. Although and no excuse , one wonders if he suffers from mental illness as his thoughts are so leftfield its amazing the men in white coats havent cuffed the moron.
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    You would have been better saying nothing rather than some of the absolute crap you put in that.
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    SGP must have used the same person to write and put this release out as the bspa do for the rules etc.
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    One of my favourite actors and one who rejected celebrity status, describing the Academy award ceremonies as 'a waste of time' and refusing both a CBE and a knighthood. He was brilliant as Churchill but I'll remember him as a superbly cast Tom Jones in the adaptation of Henry Fielding's novel.
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    Probably a lot would be making it obvious what their feelings are At my workplace we have roughly every 6 months a secret form about our feelings at work.Do we know what we should do?Do we get enough support from our boss or colleagues etc then anonymously put into a brown envelope.Then when it has all been scrutinized and compared to other workplaces in the company and to our results previously they come and ask us why....and the answer often enough is what is the point of anonymity in the first place if we are asked to give our opinion in front of everyone!!
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    It also depends on which side of the fence the commentators or economists sit. Osborne, or any other Chancellors job is to win over marginal constituencies, but the job of the political commentator is to give the right wing/ left wing readership what it wants to read and therefore sell more newspapers or keep the advertisers happy. There is very rarely absolute truth in such matters just opinion.
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    I think you are absolutely right about the part time status for riders. At the moment it seems to me that the sport is being run for their benefit and that just has to stop. Having said that, Hull, Bradford & Long Eaton all closed due to the loss of their stadiums rather than financial difficulties. I also think that sports teams are different to running a commercial business, and that is reflected right across the spectrum. Whereas a business just has to make money, many sports teams these days are more of a private hobby for wealthy individuals. Rugby Union's premiership, for example, loses tens of millions a year and the majority of clubs are supported by private backers. The problem isn't losing money so much as the scale of the losses. If Laura Morgan had been blowing £5,000 a year rather than £50,000 a year supporting the Comets I think its highly likely they would still be in operation.
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    Don't really understand when people say that about making changes. Why not just start with the best team available in the first place if they are prepared to make changes? I don't think Somerset are. When Berge was dumped we should of been making two changes and made sure Wilson-Dean or similar was coming in. No point waiting until you've lost your first few home matches. There is also not enough fixtures now for averages to vary and bring in someone far stronger for a weaker rider and to also gain ground lost early on in the season.
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    he appears to be 8 years younger so more likely to be his brother!
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    Haha, I don’t know about the first bit. There really is nothing earth shattering there. It’s all basic stuff that takes hardly any thought. But there on lies the issue, there is very little thought to speedway fans in general. All the media stuff, just like the promoters is like an old boys club, controlled by the same faces giving the same rubbish to fans across up and down the country. How many times did we see cut and pasted tweets across clubs twitter feeds for live updates. Just embarrassing and amateurish. Most club websites look like they are from the 1990’s. Speedway in this country is dying on its arse and they are helping drive in the nails. The only club’s who do it well are Glasgow and the IOW in my eyes.
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    Practice pics: https://www.baansportfansite.nl/nieuws/1720/wk-ijsspeedway-in-shadrinsk-van-start-met-de-vrije-training.html Pretty poor not to have a proper replacement for Zorn. Reserve rider Borodin will take his place. Tani and Bauer are in Russia. Iwema was proposed as a replacement as well. Nothing happened.
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    Bottom line is though there is not enough income generated to pay them what you think they are worth. Comets fans have not turned up in big enough numbers to make speedway at Workington viable,you just can’t keep upping admission money.
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    But at least everyone will know where they stand. Pay up at the end of each meeting and a rider will turn up for the next (considering how easy it is to do via bank transfer these days). Should never be situations where riders ride for 9 meetings without getting paid. No pay, no ride but no risk of being banned.
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    Sadly it seems riders cannot live on that and will not accept it. One of the major problems facing the sport.
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    2018 AUTUMN EDITION Welcome to issue 42 of our quarterly magazine MIRAC: Man of the People Following the death of New Zealand and Wimbledon legend Ronnie Moore, TONY McDONALD looks back on the life and times of a man many rate as the greatest speedway rider of all-time. We also present a list of the 42 UK tracks 'Mirac' rode at between 1950 and his final farewell in 1974. Plus, Ronnie's Timeline – from birth in Hobart, Tasmania in 1933, via two individual world titles, a host of other domestic success, Dons glory and the life-threatening crash that ended his career, up to his sad passing in August, 2018, aged 85. BOB ANDREWS – exclusive interview Former Cradley Heath, Hackney and Wimbledon star Bob Andrews on his quest to finally be reunited with the World Pairs trophy – nearly 50 years after he and Ivan Mauger won it for New Zealand in Sweden on the most glorious night of Bob's career. DICK BRADLEY – exclusive interview Former Bristol star and world finalist Dick Bradley was a reluctant hero when England came calling. But, as PHIL CHARD recalls, the 1952 Test against Australia at Harringay turned out to be the greatest night of his career. MIKE ERSKINE: Man of many parts JOHN CHAPLIN reflects on the multi-talented achievements of old Etonian Mike Erskine, a mechanical boffin whose engineering skills helped transform other riders into stars. MICK HANDLEY – exclusive interview Mick Handley had his local Black Country clubs Wolverhampton and Cradley Heath vying for his services but, as ROB PEASLEY explains, it was the chance to shine for Crayford's new second division Highwaymen that proved a shot in the arm . . . WHITE SPIRIT Coming up for 50 years since Glasgow White City staged its last speedway meeting, DOUG NICOLSON looks at the life and times of his spiritual home, where Tommy Miller, Junior Bainbridge, Ken McKinlay, Charlie Monk and Jim McMillan were among legends in stripes. BRADFORD: 50 Memorable Moments Bradford’s huge Odsal Stadium later became the venue of the 1985 and 1990 World Finals, after a million-pound investment from Bradford Council. ROB PEASLEY looks back at the origins of the sport in the city, when the likes of Arthur Forrest, Ron Clarke, Eddie Rigg and Jack Biggs were heroes. Plus . . . obits on Bob Dugard, Joe Weichlbauer and Kevin Hayden, crossword, your letters and full-page 1968 King's Lynn team photo. To order this single edition or subscribe for a year for a silly amount, please visit us at www.retro-speedway.com or phone Susie on 01708 734 502.
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    Another great edition...particularly enjoyed the interview with one time 'Cheetah' Mick Handley!

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