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    i dont see why the moderators should pull the plug on this workington 2019 thread . it was started with good intention for the good supporters of workington comets and gives the fans hope and something to hang onto . i could understand if it was 12 months out of date , but its not and its keeping interest in the sport for worky fans and followers . the forum will not gain anything by closing it down , but when the time comes to relight the comets fuse all that momentum will have dwindled away . after all , fans still talk about Hackney,Long Eaton and Canterbury on here as if they are still running . get a grip Weston .( super moan )
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    Really!!! Does it matter? Worky are still on ice, yes it’s all looking very challenging. The 2019 thread is very welcome and can provide any future updates, hopefully positive. Some good posters on the thread - only Jenga takes some translation
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    He’s a troll. He gave himself away with his most recent posts as even the most stupid would not misunderstand the situation to the degree he displays. He can only be doing it on purpose so therefore in the ignore box he goes. Very sad.
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    Absolutely bang on . To me, that's just a matter of good business practice. It says a lot about the way speedway fans are viewed that their opinions are largely ignored by those who should be most interested in them. If I remember rightly, at my last visit you had me cleaning it I think that's the thing with Isle of Wight - the supporter actually feels valued simply because he's treated as though he is valued. There's nowhere else that hits the same standard.
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    All this is not the fault of Speedway, Swindon Speedway and Terry Russell in particular. They have been continuing their business of running the club according to information given them by the stadium. Terry had another meeting with the stadium 10 days ago. He ran a farewell meeting to the Abbey in accordance with the information provided by the stadium. The final meeting on the current track last season was described so in accordance with the information provided by the stadium. Swindon have a track (new or old!), they have the 2017 World Champion returning and a damn good team with young and enthusiastic input from a new co-promoter, the son of a true club legend.
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    I'm pleased Lewis is returning, delighted in fact. Lets hope he has an injury free season and shows us what he is really capable of.
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    Nose bleeds? Don't worry, Owlerton has the best medical facility of any UK speedway venue (totally in keeping with the best team on the best track at the best venue in the best city in the UK). Riders are queueing up to have a crash at Sheffield just to sample the delights of the state-of-the-art medical facility. Nose bleeds? Not a problem.
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    Well now, did the UK lose to Croatia in the World Cup semis?
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    Brilliantly put case for Sheffield, only problem is the nose bleed us southerners get travelling north of Watford
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    Sorry, they're all wrong! It has to be Sheffield. Great knowledgeable supporters and a team which, along with Belle Vue, is the longest established in the UK. Owlerton has the best viewing facilities available to any team in the country, currently being further developed with the addition of a banqueting suite to open later this summer. The only venue where you can enjoy a silver-service carvery whilst watching the speedway. The track is the fastest in the country and Ricky Ashworth is still the fastest man in British speedway with his record of 59.1 seconds around the 361metre track, achieved on 15th October 2010 (giving him an unmatched average speed of 54.66mph over 4 laps). The real clincher for any speedway fan is that Sheffield is at the very geographical epicentre of UK speedway, being equidistant from the furthest-flung speedway outposts. Plot 'em out on a map if you don't believe me!
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    The thing is Barry, you have time for people and you remember a face. These two things are massively important when trying to engage with your public. I remember being greeted at the turnstiles on numerous occasions by the great Johnnie Hoskins on my frequent visits to Canterbury. He was a real speedway promoter in every sense of the word.
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    it is true to say that I do take time to read the forum and there is good reason for this... I, on behalf of our clubs, learn from it. I sense feeling in the written word, and I look for information and idea that can make our product better - I ask myself almost daily "How can I improve our show?" or "What makes speedway night the best it can be and how can I encourage our fans, volunteers, sponsors and riders as proud of the club as Martin and I are?" Small questions with many, many answers. So reading regularly allows me to understand what makes us as fans tick, how can I make our club stand out. So, once again I thank everyone for their contribution on the forum and as I always say... positivity sells, belief inspires, entertainment equals entry value and constructive interaction is as important as a pat on the back. Thank you See you trackside.
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    Actually the Isle of Wight Wizards will race at the Isle of Wight for their home meetings. The squad will be made up of either Islanders or regular members of My First Skid - also located on the Isle of Wight
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    How aloof of you. If a rider was in involved in the following what would you announce it. - the rider is a druggie - He has lost his licence through drugs/drink and can't drive and has no mate to drive him - He has nobbled the top riders wife - He has destroyed a bonding session which has involved the Police, Fire services, sponsors and inconvenienced a whole hotel and their customers and then decries and lies about the promotion - He's about to be found guilty in court and going to be put away. - He's a wife beater and those around him know and are concerned ETc Etc Etc Etc Do you serious think that announcing the full details of cases like that is in the clubs, the sponsors and the riders interest, in order to feed the likes of you to satisfy your curiosity ? Remember, that publicity is not good for the club, and the rider will probably suffer and not get a ride in future. A more than adequate rider is readily available to replace and there needs to be harmony as the push for publicity and sponsorship is increasing in readiness for the opening meetings. Said rider decides to have his say and lies about the way the club sacked him and is read by many fans and possibly new fans. It should be a NO brainer to you.
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    Have to agree with you, and those that are running the sport should take notice that the likes of Paulco becomes cynical. Over recent years there has been so much happened in the sport that has been unexplained or simple skulduggery, and no proper answer given as to how or why decisions have been made, that even a die in the wool fans of not just their team but speedway in general start ask questions or are sceptical.
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    Pity it has to be Championship, because in recommending a club it would simply have to be Isle of Wight. None other even comes close.
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    Unfortunately Paul it doesn't and that is why these young lads don't understand the consequences of their actions when having a laugh. The trend is to sweep it under the carpet or laugh with them. Imagine the frustration as a sponsor when your team or team members choose not to wear the corporate image or race jackets are removed before photographs are taken? I sponsored a team who won a trophy on a hot day and all but one of the riders had removed their race jacket and 2 had rolled their race suit down to their waist revealing the sleeveless under garments on a rostrum photograph that appeared in SS. My boss was was really impressed and asked me how he could put that on the boardroom wall. Glasgow are to be commended for their investment and commitment to professionalism, when the sport is full of corporate bodies we might then attract major sponsors, blue chip names and wider media coverage, until then it's the egg and spoon race run by the Village Fete Committee.
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    Gonna try chat dad into driving down early morning and spending the day down there. Journey home should be ok heading this way... I hope.
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    Maybe along the lines of due to a breach of club discipline it is regrettable we have had to dispense with the services of Joe Lawler. The club have moved swiftly to gain the signing of Kyle Bickley as his replacement . I understand the club not wishing to air it's dirty washing in public , but likewise being vague with it's statement fuelled the ability to jump to the wrong conclusions
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    Three races from the same night, with the same result. Carl Blackbird beat Hans Nielsen from behind three times. At Cowley. In 1986. The year that Hans won his first World Championship, and recorded a 11.83 average from BL matches.
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    I don't think anyone has argued against Wolverhampton being extremely unlucky in 1993, and very possibly being the most unfortunate team of all. Wolves were extraordinarily unfortunate, although fair play to Belle Vue, who rose to the challenge on the final night, especially their lesser lights. But BWitcher seems unable to acknowledge alternate answers. Every team mentioned on this thread is valid to a certain degree. It's a discussion and there is no one right or wrong answer. Here's another to throw into the mix. Oxford (the National League champions of 1964) were well on their way to winning the first British League in 1965, when No 1 Ron How was injured in a GB v Russia test match at the start of July. In a season where there was no guests and no rider replacement (e.g. no chance of bringing a rider of the calibre of Henka Gustafsson to score paid 16), they were allocated a rider of junior standard, Jimmy Heard, to replace one of the best riders in the country. Somehow, Oxford remained in title contention until September, and finished fourth, just seven points behind champions West Ham. As well as Hammers finished the season, it's easy to locate four additional matches that Cheetahs would have won with Ron How in their side. I'd still say Wolves '93 were even more unlucky, but if anyone said Oxford '65, it is also a valid answer.
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    It's not the fans who have created this atmosphere, it's the non existence of public relations from the management who seem to think giving fans the mushroom effect is the latest fashion trend
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    A statement from the bosses could put an end to the matter
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