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    Why do people let a half head like Shovvy wind them up? I would suggest he was breast fed as a child and wishes he still was. Whatever it is there is surely something not quite right with him. I think we should all show a little compassion toward him.
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    Better be, I'm bringing a car full lol
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    As i've said on here a few times, one of the best things about the new track is the fact that even if there isn't a pass in a race then at least its close racing. No pass in heat 14 but Perks hanging on from Heeps was vital. There were a few more like that as well as the stand out heats 3, 5 and 15. Hope they get those 3 uploaded on youtube asap!!
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    All you have to do is feed Stevie and he never disappoints What absolute prize plum he is.
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    Strange all this hole business. I stand on bend 3 and didnt notice anything out of the ordinary before the start. In view of recent criticism of the track, I was looking for anything untoward. The track had been well watered so maybe the hole was hidden under the damp top surface? Certainly not evident from the outside. The Lynn riders were on the 1st turn while I was looking. Ive seen the video posted by Cook. Its obvious they found it. Yet,strangely, not one rider bucked or got out of shape while riding across it. Many times throughout the meeting,riders were riding a very tight inside line, so would have been ridden right through where they found it. Ask Holder and MPT in their terrific battle. Onto the Cook incident. I look directly down the back straight in a straight line towards the pits. For my money, Cook seemed very intent on pushing Josh out, as you would expect. However, he just didnt leave him any room to stay up. I didnt notice anything that would suggest he was thrown of course. We will just have to wait and see if ReRun post the incident. We will have take Josh's word about the incident. We all see things differently.
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    Because I should imagine one of the Lynn riders dug their heel in and dragged it back. Quite clear it had just been made. Not one single issue with the track last night. Flat out racing with plenty of passing. Seems to me there are people on here willing for the Poole track to be bad. Its not the case anymore. Sorry to disappoint! Five wins on the bounce. Confidence running high. Top of the league. On our way to retaining our title yet again. Happy days!
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    Officials have been ignoring the holes in the Poole track for years. The Poole riders probably just accept it as something they have to put up with. SS is no doubt frantically trying to come up with something to discredit the clear video evidence after his insistence that the track was smooth.
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    He’s only ever a passenger on a speedway bike anyway, so any hope of him riding with skill is non existent. As for his extreme rudeness towards the paying public and referee, he should be heavily fined and banned for at least 4 matches. I would also hope that his Team GB bosses throw him out of the SON competition..
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    A Poole poster wanted Cook fined and reprimanded for bringing Josh down,yet Poole seem to put 14 riders safety at risk every week.
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    So again you can see it from your vantage point.Unlike the riders who walk right over the top of it.Steve i know you are so biased but blimey even you can see that hole in the track from the pictures.As the saying goes "there are none so blind as those who will not see".You and Starman fall under that saying where Poole is concerned.
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    My recollection is that the EU refused to discuss anything, including the rights of their citizens in the UK until the leave bill was agreed. HA thought that was entirely reasonable at the time. Right there and then our negotiators should have been able to refuse and offered no deal or each part of a deal being tied to the financial settlement. The no deal was immediately removed by parliament and we haven't got anywhere since. I am absolutely convinced that taking no deal away from our negotiators is responsible for the situation we are in now. That is why I seem to be in a very small minority who don't believe the real fault lies with May. She had her hands tied from the outset.
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    At least Josh has admitted Cook hit bumps , ran into him and apologised What might be interesting is if Shovlar and his band of blue tinted gormless lemmings apologised for saying Cook was dirty I doubt it ..... clueless fools
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    The meeting was closer than the points suggest, Vissing was mediocre, he needs to get out of this regular mid season dip, he was gifted points when Perks retired while on a 5-1 Brummies fought hard and shouldn't be downhearted. Shanes is one exciting rider to watch and Adam Ellis was very sharp out the gate. Wish the Brummies well and thanks for the lovely welcome received to the travelling Glasgow fans. It was a long journey home but worth it.
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    Did you listen to Joshs comments about the Poole track on the Belle Vue v Poole match on Monday?
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    And if the base was suitably bound together no holes as such would appear! Why would a rider go out of their way to create a hole on a track they’re due to race on!!??? It’s clearly soft as s**t
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    These pictures are clearly doctored as Shovlar the fisherman said the track was lovely and smooth with no bumps or issues And everyone in the stadium (he’s their spokesman now) saw that Cook intentionally took out scrabble
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    Lovely summers evening, some stunning speedway & down to the wire! Loved last night!
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    Which one though Zagar Racing, Reading Racers, Debbs, J C Fan and umpteen other troll names Dan Green uses
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    Like I've said in the past on here, this isn't just poole and actually goes much deeper. Its across a number of tracks and goes some to explaining why the best riders can't be bothered with the uk anymore. The ref last night should also be spoken to for passing that track as fit to race on, or whichever official makes that call. Until the sport unifies as one to sort out track preparation it'll never go away. Fines should be handed out or whatever it takes.
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    Imagine running over that mid slide at 50mph, you are going to catapult and hurt yourself and potentially others. TBH it's getting boring keep repeating the same stuff week on week. Poole should be fined for that. Until they are properly reprimanded then it will continue. Thanks for the photos, hopefully shut a few of the wallys up!
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    You need to click on his profile picture, behind that is where the story teller is kept.
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    Steve. Josh Grazjonek has said himself that it wasnt intentional. What is wrong with you? I've also just looked at Craig's Instagram and there was a HUGE hole into turn 3, so dont try and convince us all that the track is now all rosy because it's far from it. When josh said craig hit the bumps he wasnt lying.
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    At least the Newcastle promotion are going to give him a chance to ride and settle in . I was gutted for him when he spun at Eastbourne a cruel blow when on for a 5-1. Not bad when he was the highest scoring individual at the Julie Lewis Memorial meeting beating other well known riders on 11 points. Changing sprockets and altering the bike last weekend made his bike go better at Brough last Sunday later on.
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    And it would seem that like Labour supporters are coming to the same conclusion Steve.
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    Greaves is not missing any Redcar meeting. He intends to drive from the Glasgow fixture to Luton Airport and fly to Gdansk. Ride in Saturday's meeting , on borrowed machinery from ex Bear R.Konopka, then fly back Sunday morning to ride at Sheffield. All at his own expense. Now that is commitment for you .

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