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    If the SON was anything to go by those bikes should arrive a week later than everyone else's
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    My understanding is that it is automatic and mandatory. Riders are stood down if they get head injuries. Similarly, they get a 7-day ban if they miss a meeting through illness. I can't remember the reason for the illness ban but probably it is to prevent riders being 'tactically' ill to avoid a meeting they don't fancy for whatever reason or a club pulling a flanker to replace a rider who does not go well somewhere with one who will.
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    Jason is a good entertainer off track too, we will miss him in the after meeting clubhouse get togethers. You might need a bleep machine to edit some of his comments though.
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    That’s sums up the exact reason we stopped going for the two of us with travel cost it was £45 - £50 a meeting we used to walk to the car after the meeting and most meetings we asked why did we attend neither of us enjoyed most meetings so we stopped going that was 2 years ago and to be honest we’ve not missed it in the slightest- Now we get home from work have a meal watch tv and relax rather than rushing home from work chasing to Kings Lynn to pay out on something we for most part we wasn’t enjoying .
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    Hopefully the bike he used at the S O N meeting has returned from Russia for him to use
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    Yet Webbo you still go. Must be like going to the Cinema to watch the same film time and time again, knowing you didn’t enjoy it the first time. I don’t blame Buster, more the fans who pay £20 knowing full well they ain’t gonna enjoy it. Send me ya £20. I’ll flush it down the loo for you. Least it will save you a few quid on fuel.
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    Very much the same for me although I go from time to time ( once so far this season ). So little VFM, so few races worthy of the name. Long drawn-out process with too much paint drying time. Was going tonight but my friend from Peterborough decided that the heat would not make the journey nor the racing worthwhile ( in fact from near Kettering ). So sunned off! He is coming for a playoff match - if of course.......like so many I do not miss it much when I do not attend. Thursday usually means Swedish speedway and with them not having a heatwave, it might be worth watching. When you think I retired to KL in 2002 mostly because I would be near a speedway track, the lustre has definitely worn off.
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    more speed, which wasn't required for the sport, just individuals. It's just an arms race. Someone has to have the cojones to stop it before it's too late. GB could do this unilaterally - international riders have numerous machines anyway to ride abroad. A decision like that would however require the aforementioned cojones
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    Depends what his remit it .. I expect his job is to pick the best side and get the best out of the people he's picked and that has been outstanding thus far remember he not getting paid 52 weeks of the year . The thing that is sad is about Woffy he had the power to do so much more in terms or riding here turning up at uk finals etc . His attitude been one of looking after himself and that is fair enough but if that is the case don't keep going on about this passion for uk speedway .
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    It's been like that at times for at least 15 years at Peterborough. There has been some nasty stuff and management have often been justified in coming out fighting. Generally though it's lack of communication/explanation that causes the problems. Fans get upset and vent their anger and management get upset when in fact they could have nipped things in the bud much earlier with a version of events that people will believe and not the corporate line that usually doesn't stack up to other info out there.
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    It wasnt a bad meeting, track was better and good to see a decent crowd in after they did alot of promoting over the recent days. There were loads of kids in which is the generation we need but not sure about the whistles they give to them. Gets a bit annoying after a while. Garrity after a slow start was an absolute joy to watch, no doubt he will prove to a good signing. Yes hes wild but hes a match winner and will be popular with the fans. Aarnio for me has been a poor signing. He doesn't look like a heat leader which is a shame as with Adam out , we need all riders to step up. I simply dont understand why we didnt use the tactical sub in Heat 10?. I would have thought Garrity would have had a decent chance of beating Grobauer and Covatti and partnering Worrall to a 5-1. It would have been better to have Worrall/Garrity in Heat 10, Aarnio/Shanes in Heat 11 and Garrity/Wallinger in Heat 12. It then would have meant we could swap Wallinger for Shanes in Heat 14. A shame we have no home match next week when its the school holidays but hopefully we can bounce back and start winning our home matches next month.
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    Bomber is now held in the same vein at Glasgow by the fans as Sarj is at your club, due to the fact that he never seemed to put the same effort in for us last season as he did for his premiership club. Being on a guarantee was our fault if on just points related earnings we might have seen the effort , not a big deal more a tongue in cheek comment. BTW I think Bomber on his game is box office we just didn't see it apart from the odd occasion,
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    At the current valuation rate i have £4.50 as an offer if he's interested? I personally hate all the turning back on fans, lets see what you know, don't like it don't come mentality belongs long in the past. Criticism via social media (justified or otherwise) is a thing of the present and needs to be handled properly by those involved with the club namely by giving honest and frequent updates even if the say things like we have been looking at our options but there are no current riders available within our pay structure.
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    Fricke is a level above and he now is genuine world class.
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    I know that- however the choice is bad. Find a sports bar in Wroclaw and watch the Extraleague would be my suggestion.
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    Well if we had not made this switch I don't know what more Ben Barker could have done to make us make this switch ?. His form so far indicates he is the long long overdue No1 scorer here there and everywhere we have needed for many a long season !. Seems the chance for Jason Garrity to pick up the ride at Brummies has also fallen at the right time and everyone moves on with best wishes and thanks for their efforts. Having already secured the standout rider of the season in Danny Ayres; in Ben Barker we have an exciting signing that can make the difference especially away from the EWR. Josh; Jake; Ben; Danny that's a four that can mix it with the best of them. Throw in Stephan; Simon and Ryan and if we can stay fit we should be good for a play-off spot ! Well done the management for securing Ben Barker as a Scorpion.
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    There are two great articles in this weeks Speedway Star that cover your Nice meeting at the IOW and another by Josh Auty about running costs and how modern speedway is going. It's not rocket Science when you read the quotes from riders about the meeting, and it's benefits and the positives that came out of it. Club Speedway has to go down this route...for every conceivable positive reason. Both for the benefit of fans and riders alike. The only recurring theme is riders saying what do they do with the engines they've already invested in. Just use them in Individual events...sell them to riders for Individual events. The maintenance and tuning costs will catch up over time....to their benefit. As Auty says...the only people benefiting are the tuners. £350 for labour alone to strip a bike before parts Quoted. Madness considering how often that has to happen. Unfortunately riders and promotors in general seem set in their ways...it's so ingrained. And riders are like lemmings...they just follow whoever is fastest and winning. Copy them in the hope of also winning. As Auty pointed out...however much he spent on fast engines, he came to the conclusion it was his technique that was lacking, regardless of how much money he spent. Which is pretty much what we witness now every meeting. Things have got to change...and the 'Nice' way is the way forward imo.
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    I would suggest the ‘success’ in recent years has more to do with Tai dragging the other riders along while he was riding as a World no 1, rather that Rosco’s magical words to each rider before they went out for each race. It could be suggested that Tai is the inspiration to the riders to up their game while he is riding out of his skin for the cause.
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    If Simon gates well tonight he’ll get a hatful and beat most of the Lynn riders.
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    And r/r didn't hurt Eastbourne at Glasgow either, probably helped them
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    Yeah right he just manages the team he is given.
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    At the beginning of the season I was looking forward to our meetings with the stars and witches. How things have changed as I will not bother to go to either now.
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    Doesn't Bomber have to guest for every team at least once per season? Isn't that one of the regulations..? And if he isn't available then I believe Scott or Rory must be asked...

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