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    Just in from Owlerton - my first speedway meeting in three seasons. Didn't see anything to tempt me to go more often. Racing way too processional to be interesting. Crowd looked about 1,500. So, pretty poor. Unsurprising, though, given Edward Kennett, Scott Nicholls and Charles Wright were late withdrawals. Not thrilled, either, to discover Owlerton's first bend terracing is now out of bounds. Defending champion Craig Cook should hang his head in shame. A big meeting like this, and a so-called professional speedway rider cannot prepare a bike capable of lasting a lap? Pathetic. Not what we paid £20 for! Glad Erik Riss won the Grand Final, especially off the unfavoured inside gate. Nought out of ten to Sheffield Speedway, who, despite this meeting starting at 5pm, wouldn't allow anybody to take food into the stadium. Not everyone, Sheffield Speedway, wants to eat the sort of tasteless, overpriced fast food invariably served up at speedway meetings. Wake up. It's 2019! Overall, poor value for money. But that's speedway all over these days, isn't it? No wonder its fan base is down to the hard core.
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    If we have a National Speedway Stadium, shouldn't all the big meetings be there.
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    Well Done to Kaiser Erik, great performance. But lets also celebrate Tom Woolley, he matched GB & Glasgow (and defending champion) star Craig Cook's score - and from one less ride
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    I liked the tractor guy at Scunthorpe on Friday evening... we didn't see him until after heat 10... and then never saw him again. There were zero track rakers and the track was fine all night
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    Surely its time the morons that run speedway in this country banned Cook once and for all. Such an incredible chip on his shoulder for a rider with such minimal talent. Utter clown.
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    It's probably because King's Lynn isn't spelt p-o-o-l-e
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    I agree that there are only a few EU riders who are OK in Championship but accept there is probably more dross than gold. Also, going for UK riders meant there were no air fares to pay which really was a crippling factor in the last few years of Eastbourne in the Elite League. The PR spin may have been "cheeky" but it turned a negative into a positive which is what PR is all about. In truth, speedway as a whole could do with a bit more "cheeky" PR -- go back 40 years and the promoters of that era cold spin faster than a tumble dryer -- and look at the publicity that gave their clubs and the sport as a whole in the national press.
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    It's a shame, that as quite a prolific Twitter user, his back injury didn't allow him to reach for his phone before the event to let his fans know he wouldn't be there. I expected better of Scott
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    Thought you would be glad not having to watch 'drivel'.
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    It's another nail in the speedway coffin .Its the same every week and just winds people up.Apparently yesterday's hold ups where down to mr Cook who allegedly went round the other riders trying to get the meeting stopped because of track conditions.The same mr Cook who had a bad day with his machinery and hardly ever breaks down in other meetings.Very odd.I feel sorry for all the Glasgow fans who turned up to support him and paid to watch him.
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    One of the riders said that the payment for yesterday was a flat £250 per rider who did not make the top 6. No travel money. Rich Lawson got 9 points, so less than £30 a point. Scott Nichols opted to pull out and in the interests of the sport and his personal health, should now be given 28 days off ( ban) to recover from his back injury. Promotors, there were many, stood laughing and joking around the pit fence for most of the meeting should take responsibility for their riders and should not be allowed a facility for riders who crap on the paying public. Lots of riders did not want to ride, were told they must do three races or come to the tapes 3 times in Craig’s masterclass of mischief and p ss taking. At least after the 3rd one he did not pretend to have a bike issue. Sheffield is a pale shadow of its former standing in the sport, Tatum said in programme he thinks Sheffield should be in top league, Bates said its one of if not THE best venue in Britain and all year ( maybe longer ) fans have been saying the one thing you really need is a decent racetrack. The stadium improvements around the first bend are not the speedway people’s doing, but the race track is. Noticed it said in programme track curator is Stewart Dickson. Where was he ? agree with others I will not go again if it is at Sheffield.
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    If it wasn't for their coverage of the GP's. I would ditch BT Sport, their League coverage has been very poor, and now they change this meeting for rudy German Football.
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    It’s his usual line, completely incapable of having a proper discussion unfortunately. Best ignored.
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    Erik was a deserved winner. The meeting was too long and drawn out and the fans were let down by some of the riders but comment has to be made about the track. I've been about five times this season and every time the racing has been rubbish and on three of the occasions there has been rumblings in the pits about the state of the track. Now, I'm no expert, but there hasn't been a meeting at Sheffield for a week and the weather has been ok, so why a good racing track can't be prepared for a meeting of that magnitude, I have no idea. Speedway is on its backside at the moment in this country but riders who can't be bothered and poor track preparation are issues that need to be addressed.
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    So that's Charlie & Erik both individual champions.. can Redcar now win the league which would be a great season as long as the diamonds win the cup,,
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    Get your head out his backside he’s acted unprofessional again today.
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    Massive congratulations to Erik Riss - what a season this has turned out to be!
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    Craig Cook sticking two fingers upto the hierarchy and fans ,with his appeal on going his turned up not really put an ounce of effort in ,just so he doesn't get fined . As a speedway fan really hope it goes ** up at Glasgow in the end of season play offs due to there arrogance
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    I'd just like to point out that the folks who were annoyed at zagar and iversen for qualifying for next year should get their coats
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    Sheffield seems to have had more than its fair share of track maintenance problems this season, but can any team claim to have a more annoying tractor guy than Sheffield? I've just been to watch the Championship Riders Final (or whatever they call it now) and clearly the tractor guy has formed the opinion that we all paid our money at the turnstile in order to watch him do his stuff. The regulation grading after every four heats seems to have been cut down to every two, and the process has become a work of art in itself. He does four laps in an anti-clockwise direction followed by four clockwise and then a little encore with the water bowser. He even managed to hold up the start of heat 14 by abandoning his great big grading-scraping-thingy in the middle of the back straight, which had to be dragged away by four burly track staff. Had the referee not spotted it and halted proceedings it would have been like one of those stop-sticks the police use to deflate the tyres of toe-rag car thieves! Without a doubt the tractor guy added an hour to my grand-daughter's bedtime (she wasn't pleased either because the event finished so late that Norwood Chippy was closed and she had to forego her chip supper). Of the 3 hour duration of the event, 23 minutes was actual racing and 2 hours 37 minutes was tractor demonstrations. We are not amused.
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    It’s amazing how little research people do when claiming this, that and the other. Takes a few seconds to check riders previous scores in the updates site archives.
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    Well, when a person asks a simple question on here, the only responses required are ones that are attempting to answer the question. Comments debating the value of the question, or worse still, the identity and motives of the questioner, are not actually required. Steve
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    Are you going to the British GP in Cardiff? If so prepare to be deafened. Air horns are great and help to create atmosphere but some tracks don't allow them. You sound nice and conscientious so as long as you are pointing it upwards and not in someone's ear I would go ahead. If you gradually find you're standing on your own you will know other fans don't appreciate the noise.
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    Top quality rider, have some great memories of his time a Brandon. Just sad that he didn't manage to lift a world title as i always thought it was within his capabilities.

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