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    While I understand it's a pointless meeting, the clubs are made to ride it. So should the riders
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    Sadly it does itself few favours this sport does it? A whole seasons work from the riders.. And a whole seasons support from the fans.. All treated with complete disregard and disrespect, just to deliver a deadline.. A deadline that could, and should, be moved to much earlier in the year given how many weeks no Speedway takes place, which would then provide plenty of reserved nights for rain offs/fixture clashes etc.. Thus giving the showpiece events (and the riders) the platform they deserve.. When those who run the sport treat their showpiece events so poorly, then why really should the fans bother? Rinse and repeat again next season too no doubt..
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    Niggling back injury taking longer to heal than a toe/knee injury!!
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    A short while ago a ' junior ' fixture took place at a northern track and a young child was excluded by the referee allegedly for causing another young child to crash. Not an unusual occurance you might think but the race was filmed and the alleged offender was extremely upset that he may have been the cause of injurys to his friend that he didn't want to race again. Upon review of the footage it was clear there was no contact and the faller had crashed due to lack of experience in a race situation. The excluded riders team manager now had a traumatised rider not wanting to race ever again so he decided to show the referee the footage in the hope that the ref would speak to the accused rider , after the meeting, to reassure him that it was just a racing incident and he should continue riding his bike in future. The said manager was invited into the refs box by another official , having knocked and asked to speak with the ref. The ref was told about the footage and asked to view it but refused in no uncertain term and demanded the manager leave the box post haste. ok, all fine and well, just a team manager and a ref disagreeing you might say, happens all the time. But.... the S.C.B. ( Neil Vatcher ) has now decided the team manger has breached rule 3:2:8 and has been fined £100 . Failure to pay leads to an automatic speedway ban. lets get this in context. A certain Premiership ( and former G.P. ) rider was find £65 for ASSAULT on an official at the Fours event at Peterborough. Where is the level playing field here? The manager is an unpaid volunteer who travels far and wide at his own expense and pays for the privilege of helping our future riders. He has not previously transgressed and is well thought of within the sport. Surely an official reprimand at most would have sufficed but no, £100 fine and Vatcher will not reply to any discussion on the matter. The Premiership riders fine was based on £65 being the average payment a rider of that calibre should be paid per point ( yes, that's honestly what the S.C.B. said!) In that case why is the team manger being fined at all? He doesn't get paid! In this country even a criminal is given his 5 minutes in court to put his side of the story but not with the S.C.B. it seems unless the unpaid team manger wants to pay another £150 to appeal, take time off work, travel to Rugby and go before other S,C.B. officials in the hope they vote against Mr.Vatchers decision. So now the sport will be a £100 richer but the poorer for losing an enthusiastic volunteer who gave his all to help the speedway kids in his area. Well done the S.C.B.
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    Chocolate sponsorship opportunity too ....
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    That was a long winded reply for i got it wrong. You like those long winded replies, i lost interest after Gazc.
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    Not every team does!!! Glasgow did though!!! but Gazc didn't... Disappointment it is then for Gazc... But Worky Worky thinks Gazc could be swayed... But Gazc is adamant... no Rasmus for Gazc as Rasmus has never impressed him.... Really... Worky Worky finds that hard to believe... Honestly... I mean really... HONESTLY Oh hang on whats this... well well well... what a turn around... well... light blue touch paper and stand well back Honestly Though my Alzheimer's was bad however it cant be that bad as I seem to always remember "Hypocrisy" and "sanctimonious clap trap" and it usually comes from pub landlords and as it happens and there is nothing more pious than a retired pub landlord as you can see from the thread above Want some "Squirty Cream" with that "Humble Pie" Gazc? I'm sure your little "Pogue" pals could shake some out for you. Oh and some mild salve for the teeth marks on you bottom? as those posts have come back to bite a little bit have they not Slated Rasmus from the start then turn into a Sycophant "Pure Class"... Sarj was bigged up as a better option than Rasmus... Really... of course you turned on Sarj as soon as he was dumped but we wont mention that or the way you slated young Kyle Bickley who was another rider you didn't rate and castigated as not being worthy of a place at Glasgow and that you would rather keep Luke Chessell and Joe Lawlor (remember them)... doubt they would have put an uplift on their averages of nearly 90% like young Kyle did... even Rasmus has only managed an increase of 37% on his starting average to date... but not bad for a rider you didn't rate like eh... Think Worky Worky was right you were swayed... and you definitely wouldn't have Sarj in place of Rasmus that is for sure... must be hard work being a sanctimonious old "raspberry tart" all the time Like Jenga would say... Bill-Shot... and you me old pal... are absolutely full of it... Regards THJ
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    And with 2 such young and talented teams the losing riders were always going to get future shots at glory anyway. But HGould has summed it up, in conditions like that the winning team will always say it's fine, and the losing team will say it should of been stopped.
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    Got all my progs of attended meetings and the reference books, but my magazines went years ago. I haven't brought the Star on a regular basis since 1993!
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    I think that having no gp’s and no world under 21’s to think about next year will do Robert the world of good definitely thought that his work load was to much this year. Don’t know if he is likely to get a place in the sec but should be able to cope with that. An injury free year will also help him regain his 2018 form and we mustn’t forget he still is only 21
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    glad i didnt bother, times between 4 and 7 secs slower than usual, important meeting turned into a bit of a lottery .
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    Having a closer look at Lindbacks record this season it isnt that bad 9 GP's 5 semi finals......unable to make a final..........and only missed another semi final on countback on 8 points........2 poor gp's in Slovenia and Czech Laguta only made 3 semi finals Iversen made 4 semis but converted that into 3 finals Zagar made 4 semis and converted 2 into finals Could any other newcomer have the level of consistency that Lindback has shown? Granted Lindback is unlikely to threaten the top 6 but would any of Drabik, Smektala or Lambert do so or even Michelsen? As i said someone has to come 12th or 13th
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    Having nothing much to do on a damp Monday morning I have had a look at the averages. When Worrall was injured I calculated his average for this season to be 8.76 (including bonus points). The Lions have used 8 different guests (16 meetings) and, on one occasion, rider replacement. Including bonus points the average works out at 8.71. More or less identical!
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    I can safely predict that this will be the most important AGM for years and that major changes are needed to ensure speedways survival..... Then on the Monday we'll find out nothing has changed and that the same crap will continue and be allowed to ruin this sport further still. That's until the AGM of 2020 which will again be the most important one ever.
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    Good to see your alter ego is still alive albeit not very well
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    Dam av been rumbled... I think the press call it a slow news day... Regards THJ
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    It would be a first
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    We do not wait for a perfect track.....we get these playoffs done and dusted by end of August....not in October when we get rain and cold weather (shock horror).
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    So we have to wait for an absolutely perfect race track before a play off can be run. I would say the track at B V on Friday was no better & no complaints from any riders then. How many B V riders did not want to ride at the start of the meeting? The only complaints were from heat 7 when they were a long way behind & the team manager wanted the meeting stopped. I think both sets of riders should be congratulated on making it an entertaining meeting & over the 2 legs Kent were the better team & deserved to win.
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    Guess Gustix got a copy then to help boost sales
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    With me, the programmes bring back personal memories, but that isn't all of it. We had a lot of others from the 30's, 40's, and 50's, and I love the historical value. Worst thing is that we had most of the World Final progs, including Malmo 1961. I really wish I still had those...
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    Just as well i wasn’t a team manager in that case !!!- i would have been useless.
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    Paying riders too much money!!! Heard Cook was near 2K a meeting with points! Insane money for the championship.

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