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    It's like signing R/R
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    Yeah, I think his Edinburgh home scores this year would confirm that............Get a grip!!!..... 13+1 11 13+2 7+1 15+1 10+2 7+4 10+1 10+1 12+1 8+1 13 7+1 14+1 12+1
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    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. Really no idea atm.
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    The return of Nicki Pedersen to the British League is a much more positive signal for speedway in the Uk than any of the decisions taken at this year's AGM of the BSPA.
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    Could you quantify how you can claim the 95%? How is this measured? Have you a graph you could show your data on!? Or is this assessment once again like all of your proposed teams, across multiple threads, using multiple aliases, complete conjecture? I’m not the best at maths so this could be the incorrect method but if you’re 95% sure it’ll be one of these two teams, does that mean you’re only 42.5% sure of either team meaning there’s a 57.5% chance that both of them are incorrect?!
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    I would never boycott my team over an individual rider 2006/7 paying to watch Hamill the spoon week in week out was a bit tricky, but your team is the bigger picture.
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    I hope Rob clamps down on all the people who get in for free .
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    Kurtz 7.54 Lidsey 5.16 Wright 6.68 Bewley 6.31 Holder 7.49 Pickering 4.65 Ayres 3.67 Exchanged Sedgman for Pickering - I cannot believe this lad does not have a Premiership place and he'd be fantastic at the NSS - otherwise the same. Ayres would be a brilliant signing and its surprising no one else has mentioned him. Best of all ? 41.5 on the nail (not including reductions for Wright, Bewley and Ayres).
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    Nicki is box office end of, arguably the most professional for many a year, not the most naturally gifted, but worked very hard to have achieved 3 World titles. Upmost respect for the guy
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    Well done L-C on winning the Poole tee-shirt for the best Worrall question! ps. next signing announcement by Tuesday latest!
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    Who was paying Wells to ride rubbish in the PL then?!
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    Looking at last seasons Championship,the heat leaders have already been signed up or rumoured to be going else where. Does that leave getting one or two from Europe? I believe Scotty is involved in the recruitment.....he must have decent contacts with his vast experience. Intriguing.
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    Thankfully it’s his last season over here!!
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    He is a dreadful rider
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    Dont think Cook will ever ride for Poole. My guess King, Ellis, Starke & Nielsen- all British so 2.5% reduction. Good if 2 more Brits
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    Yawn . Anyway I thought that was Poole?
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    I can read sensible post but not crap the you right
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    Think Coty was based in Ipswich during the season.
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    Of course they would. He is proper box office material and most want the best British rider back racing in the UK. Plus it’s not rocket science, the more top riders in the top flight the bigger the crowds. Nicki will add to most turnstiles next year, that’s a great thing. Ditto Zmarzlik, Emil. Woffy would certainly add more thru the turnstiles, probably more than a rider past his best.
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    Impressive... You could see them working with eachother the whole way around... Brotherly connection... That's Jordan Palin too... No slouch either... Used to seeing Danny at the back, but didn't expect it against these lot
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    There's been a history of the Lions binning young reserves in the second tier, but this year Jack Thomas binned himself, that was all. But overall there's been a stong tendency for younger riders to underperform at Beaumont Park for the Lions, I think that's because they've struggled to master the track and then get discouraged. Joe and Dan will not have that problem, and so they start out with an advantage over many who have trodden this path.

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