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    That really isn't true though is it? All the promising 15-year-old riders this year got places... Thompson, Thompson, Palin, Ablitt, Mulford, Wirtzfeld, McGurk. The only real promising 15-year-old for 2020 - Sam Hagon - has already got a team place. So who are all these other "young riders waiting to get in"? And who are all the "long-term career" riders blocking NDL places? Ben Wilson is now retired and I'd agree Rob Ledwith should never have been allowed in on 3.50. Shelby Rutherford is the only old-timer I'd say is blocking an NDL place without a hope of ever progressing to CL standard (and he won't be in 2020 NDL). The NDL isn't the problem. The NDL should not be being weakened like it is. The NDL is churning out good young kids of a decent standard. The Championship is the problem. Those reaching the top in the NDL should have a natural career progression into the Championship, but they're getting stuffed. The Championship should not be allowing Premiership heat-leaders to double down. The Championship needs to be brought down to a proper second division level. The top NDL riders should be able to move up to Championship knowing they can hold down a place. They shouldn't be coming up against Craig Cook, Danny King, Chris Harris and co. The gap between Championship and Premiership is too close. That gap needs widening by weakening the Championship. The gap between Championship and NDL is too wide. This needs closing, again by weakening the Championship. We do not need to weaken the NDL. That only widens the gap again. Getting the Championship down to its correct level will allow the natural progression from the NDL. Second half competitions like the MDSL can then feed the NDL.
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    Today I started a new venture. Kent Speedway Fans TV, will initially be a pre recorded show but if it takes off I hope to broadcast live ala speedway tavern (but a lot more amateur lol). Fellow fans Glenn Collins and Wayne Raines joined me to discuss the 2019 season and look forward to 2020 season. And we were joined by Dan Gilkes who was "live from the sofa" and he talks about his speedway history, reviews his 2019 season and looks ahead to his championship debut in 2020. Hopefully it will be ready to put out on new years day.
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    So someone in a dying sport gets an award and you have a sap like Richard Weston making stupid comments . This is everything that is wrong with speedway and more importantly, its fans. Well done Dave!
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    Initially i plan to upload to YouTube and share the link around facebook and here. So it should be as simple as clicking a link once it's done.
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    Wish that had been the case at Coventry. Horrible fence blocking a good view of Speedway, especially when the sun was shining
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    For the record. The year end doubling up/down figures were as follows: P only 19 P&C 29 C only 33 C&N 14 N only 41 P&C&N 1 That's 137 riders filling 182 places or if you prefer it visually, my attempt at a Venn diagram:
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    How about maybe just being pleased that someone involved in your sport has been recognised by the wider motorsport world?
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    So here is the 2020 thread with a few of the postings from the back end of the 2019 thread that should have been here in the first place. Leicester seem slow to build their third tier team. Any thoughts?
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    Any news on the last two signings
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    Aspirations weren't as high and there were more punters going through the turnstiles to pay their wages. Doesn't this sum up the problem with British Speedway? We need to realise that it's popularity has waned immmensly over the years meaning there is only so much money to go around. Cut your cloth accordingly meaning only top class riders can be completely reliant on a full time income say in Division 1 Premiership. No doubling down only up so that riders can progress if they prove good enough in time. Seemed to work in the 70s majority in Division 2 had to work outside speedway.
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    Well at least you're honest enough to say so. I don't know either. But we're clearly open to exploring the idea and hopefully coming to a consensus. Long live The Forum. eh? I'll throw this old chestnut in for what it's worth. Decision making by those with a vested interest, might not be the best way to run the sport. An independent governing body may just be the route to a more visionary future. I think their aspirations weren't as high and there were more punters going through the turnstiles to pay their wages
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    You raise a very good point, and one to which I think there is no satisfactory answer. If we tell the top Premiership riders like Cook, King and Harris that they can no longer "take candy from babies" by doubling down into the second division, they're not going to be happy with the pay cut. But for the good of the sport we must find a way to do it. I don't have the answer on how we do that. The situation should never have been allowed to get out of control as it has. Allowing young upcoming 2nd division riders to double up into the top-flight was a good-intentioned idea. But stupidly it was extended to allow established top division riders to double down. It's now very difficult to reverse this mistake, and I certainly don't see how it can be reversed in one year. Question: How did top flight riders survive on one wage in the days before doubling down?
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    There are no guarantees what level any individual will reach, in nature it's called 'natural selection' where those who are good enough survive and those who aren't don't. Speedway doesn't owe anyone a living but it should give aspiring riders a chance.
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    Is it just me that thinks we look quite strong this year, especially at reserve... no offence to the likes of Gilkes/Ledwith, Thompson Twins, Flint/Bickley, Edwards/Kemp etc but Simon alone should clear up them... tell you one thing, its gonna be hell of a season at the track of the year
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    The clue is in the name, it's a development league and there is no shortage of young riders waiting to get into it, there have been too many long term career third tier riders blocking the way in recent years.
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    How long until the racing starts? January 1, by any chance. It's warmer than many a 'spring' day at the moment. Grab the chance, I say.
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    just browsed the last two pages and nothing but bulls**t is this a speedway forum or what?
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    I see the Charles Wright introduction on the Belle Vue tv link and Steve Worrall was also there.I initially thought Steve might of needed a move to reinvent himself but looking at it now Steve has a really important part to play next year for the Aces .I hate the averages facts and figures side of speedway but Steve is one of those riders that there are not many riders on his average that are better than him.I think he can put a point on his average and if he can get back to the level he was at in his WTC year he can average more.I enjoyed watching Steve in his Swindon days stint and i believe he is far better than he has shown recently also he is a really popular team man.
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    I understand and to an extent agree with your frustration but to add a bit of balance four of the riders signed so far were part of the 2018 team which was comfortably the best that year and should have won the league but for injuries. Going by the rumoured side this year the other three from that season were Iversen, MPT and Andersen/Lambert who will effectively be replaced by Cook, Kerr and Hartel. Doesn’t look that different to me assuming Lambert, Proctor and Jorgensen can get back to something like that form in 2020. While like you there are two or three riders I probably wouldn’t have invited back from 2019 I understand why they have been signed as they will keep the majority of the home punters happy as they are popular. However as we keep saying away results have to be better and ultimately that is what this team will be judged on.
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    Or a Lynx Africa gift set.
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    People who live on the Canadian Prairies!!
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    The experience they will get in OZ will stand them in good stead, both have got good mentors Down Under in Tai for Leon and Jason for Kyle, lets hope they take good advantage of this
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    Went to Plymouth last season for the first time and I was impressed with the facilities, especially for such a small track... Was a nice little cosy home imo, food facilities were good as well, felt like I was walking into an Ekstraliga stadium when I was walking into the entrance to the stands on the 1/2 bend Haha
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    Me! Thankyou so much to all who voted, genuinely shocked to have won.

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