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    Not sure that criticising a promoter for hosting this meeting is appropriate whatever axe you have to grind with him? Surely he would hold it regularly if he was bothered about nest feathering.
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    Oh dear, Havvy as Team Manager. Good luck with that one, he could maybe ride a bike in his day, but Team Management skills and interpersonal skills ! He most certainly has not got.
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  4. 5 points
    The only ones likely to exploit any loopholes have dropped a league.
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    Confirmed. First signing Archie Freeman: http://www.newcastlediamonds.co/news/article.asp?id=101074
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    Personally I'm not a fan of racesuits, I find it much harder to know which rider is which!
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    Les Owen rode from 1957- 1973 for the Coventry Bees a real stalwart for the club which is nearly unheard of these days.I read that Les and Col Smith both used to turn up at the Brandon stadium and try to get a few laps in until the great Charles Ochiltree chucked them out.Mr Ochiltree told them both if they went through the right channels ( i.e.) the training school they would both be considered the rest is history.I know when you think of Coventry you think of the great Booey boy blue and rightly so and in later years Olsen/ Knudsen but LesOwen, Roger Hill, Ron Mountford, always make me remember that brilliant Coventry race jacket RIP Les.
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    Don't go ruining the 'excuse'!
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    Clearly you're not that clever either. The UK wants its very lucrative service industry to have access to the European Single Market, and the EU wants something in return. It's not hard to imagine that you can't expect to have access to something without giving access to something in return. I also don't know why you're banging on about buying food back from the EU because you're making the assumption the UK could consume all the fish that comes out of its waters, even if it had the fleet capacity to fish it, and further assuming the British public wants to eat more fish. And further ignoring that a great deal of the fish destined for the rest of the EU is already landed and processed in the UK. Your logic seems rooted in the 'dig for victory' era...
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    Reintroduction of race suits tells me the club is listening to the fans... should be applauded methinks.
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    Great news all round, having Havvy as away team manager is fantastic news, always liked him as a man and a rider.
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    just asking , do you think team suits help a team to win things . easier to follow a certain rider in his own colours than a deck of cards face down . imo .
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    Belted down lastnight all over Victoria! been back at work since Monday, had three days sent home after 4 hours in the sheds as smoke was too bad and now today (Thursday) we are in the sheds as its raining! Got to love the Victorian builders union!!!
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    Arrogantly ignoring that it gives employment in several ports around the UK, and when expanding into the UK waters will continue to contribute to the food chain, instead of buying it off the EU fishermen. Talk about giving away established employment and having to buy our fish, in our waters, at the price that they will decide. Sh*t for brains thinking.
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    Nobody makes the riders buy the most expensive equipment but they all do from NDL upwards. F2 is a red herring and always has been. Why buy a bike that can only be used in one league or one country? Why learn a different style of riding that can only be used in one league or one country? Promoters and supporters have been subsidising riders’ vanity for far too long. The riders need to learn to use what they can afford and not expect others to pay
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    I believe that was for the replacement of the first roof that was blown off the previous year.
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    The previous track alterations were significant and resulted in considerable improvement in racing and passing opportunities for faster riders not having made the gate. Unfortunately towards the latter stages of the season due to wear and tear the track surface became damaged and bumpy in key areas which from reports are in the process of being properly addressed. So have no fear that for 2020 the fours will have a great venue both on & off the track which hopefully a large crowd will enjoy Although the nonsensical clash of dates with the pairs and Cardiff may play a larger part than concerns about the track in reducing attendance.
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    The bends have already been altered so I shouldn't think anything else can be done, apart from what is happening ~ repairing certain areas of the track.
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    I do believe there is a future for our fisheries ok only on a small level but this is very important to local communities.We are not really a massive fish eating country but we sell quite alot all over the world and we could sell even more which would create jobs.We certainly should get our 200 miles of ocean back which is righly ours and if the rest of Europe want to fish those waters in a CONTROLLED way they should have to pay for that right.I find it laughable that we have to cower down to the European union and let them dictate to us what stock we can rightly have when the stock is coming out of our waters.
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    Does have an air of desperation about it. Fans expecting and led to believe there would be decisions made on final 2 Team places once Australian Finals were over but with nothing to report come up with a big announcement announcement to say Havvy as away team manager and Racesuits is something of a letdown to put it mildly.
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    Someone who isn’t a poole fan. What do you want us to do? (This isn’t a joke) we can’t seem to do anything right .
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    Until Trump at least acknowledges that there is a debate to be had over climate change rather than just passing it off as "Fake News" I personally have little regard for him irrespective of any internal policies during his tenure as President.
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    You are correct Dave my mistake. cheers
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    Spoke to many riders who said the track was ruined by the 1000cc sidecars, that dug holes in the worst possible places and were never repaired properly. Never been a fan of sidecars on a speedway track personally.
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    Danny Ayres been back on a bike at scunny today.. word from the guy himself 'I feel like I've never been off one'

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