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    I hope that British Speedway uses this tragedy to kick start a programme of mental health support for everyone involved in the sport.
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    Thank you. Suffering from mental health issues myself, I can relate to putting on a face. What an amazing woman she is. Danny will be proud xx
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    Posted by Danny's partner for people who doesnt have Facebook. What an amazingly strong lady she is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is with a broken heart I have to say that my soul mate, daddy to our two beautiful babies and your peoples champion, has lost his battle to mental health. Danny absolutely lived for speedway. That was the only place he was truly free, free from any troubles and cares in his mind. He absolutely adored his fans. It was his utmost joy to be your ballsy entertainer and riding that dirt line on the edge, #whoDAyreswins. When he rode on that track, he gave everything he could to bring you excitement and give you, his fans, the full experience of the Showman of Speedway!! He absolutely thrived on that energy you gave him and for that, he truly loved you all. I know he would want to be remembered this way ❤️ I’m utterly overwhelmed by all of the support and kind words you have given to Danny, me, Lilou and Anaiya xx Speedway is a huge extended family to us all, so please pull together and if any one of you are struggling with mental health issues, please, please open up and talk to someone. Anyone. Just know that you are loved and NOT alone xxxx Rest in peace my Baby. I will miss you throughout my whole life. I promise to let our babies know what an absolutely amazing, incredible, crazy, fun and loving person you really were. Until we meet again.... Night-night my baby, you can rest easy now xxxxxxxxx Love to you all xxxxxx
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    That's true. As for mental health, never assume that people are ok no matter what their demeanour, and do practice the always ask twice technique when asking if someone is ok. We all say yes as standard for 99% of the time but if you ask again "Are you really ok?" then you may get a different answer. Tragic loss.
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    Oh my. It was a real pleasure to commentate on Danny racing over the last few years. He was without a doubt one of the most flamboyant, entertaining and passionate riders I have ever seen in my career, and I would always look forward to what crazy victory celebration he would come up with next! He would always engage with the fans more than anyone else as well and it was so wonderful to watch him in action. Love and condolences to Danny's family and many friends, Dave Goddard.
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    That is an amazing tribute from his partner who is showing how strong she is while probably feeling the weakest she has ever felt. This topic has shown how Speedway, both fans and promotions, are a wonderful family. Like any family we sometimes have our disagreements but at the end of the day the sport is a very large extended family and Danny is in all our thoughts. RIP Danny and thanks for the wonderful memories you gave us.
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    The day after the night before and it still hasn't sunk in.. Ride easy up there top man, on behalf of everyone at Scunthorpe Speedway - we loved you sir
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    I think you do yourself no favours here, as saying bb holders are having a hissy fit and will turn up anyway shows such a gross ignorance towards the actual issues - sounds like in your young life you've been fortunate enough to avoid any elderly family having mobility issues and the challenges that go along with them otherwise you wouldn't be thinking that it's just so easy to just walk an extra 150m to somewhere. That's before we get to your assumption that it's easy to fork out a few hundred on a mobility aid, or "get an uber".. The arrogance of youth may give you a few laughs as you talk with the adults on here, but believe me, reality will sadly catch up with you one day and you'll see things a bit different when perhaps you or a relative fall into the category of those affected here.
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    For his last two years my father needed a wheelchair and I was happy to take him anywhere he wanted to go. His last visit to Wimbledon stadium was for the Best in Britain meeting that used to take place on New Years Day. We used the bus to the stadium and then had to get from Plough Lane to the entrance which was on the far side of the stadium, probably somewhere around 300 to 400 metres on rough tarmac. At that time I was a fit 55 year old and it was hard work getting the wheelchair that distance. I have walked from the two gates at Peterborough to the main stand and the ground would be far worse for pushing a wheelchair than the tarmac at Wimbledon. I suggest you try pushing a 13 stone person for 300 metres over such ground before you say that it would be possible in 5 minutes with a wheelchair. You would be stuck in the ruts for three times that long and unless very fit you would take nearer to half an hour. I don't want to have a go at any promoter as without them we have no racing to watch. In the same way I don't have a go about riders who don't try, I don't think any rider doesn't try, they may have a meeting where things are not working the way they want and that may continue for some meetings but I am sure they are trying as that is how they earn their money and it they were not trying then their family would be on their backs straight away, it does not need us to make things worse.
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    Just had an update on 'Eis-Hans' Weber, he's out of hospital with painful bruised ribs, but nothing broken. He's a bit sore, but is resting up before Togliatti.
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    Absolutely! That is something that should have been put in places yeara ago.. There have been way too many speedway riders involved in these type of tragic events, both during and after their racing careers over the years.
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    They've been asked to clarify whether that related to the disabled tweet or the one about not having a team? But in true notice output only social media fashion we're in tumbleweed mode.
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    I have a wheelchair but I can't self propel nor get it out of the car on my own. I don't have a scooter but could borrow one...but can't get it out of the car. Uber? Erm, not sure if you quite understand the issue, an Uber wouldn't get you any closer to the stadium than their own car. I am completely unable to walk 300 metres, there are a fair few times I can't even walk the less than 5 metres from my bedroom to the loo! I am pot less and even if you offered up a shortbread millionaire rather than a toffee, I still wouldn't be able to walk it. The only way I could adapt would be to pay for someone to be with me (someone strong who is able to push a wheelchair plus me over uneven ground, not an easy feat) which includes paying for their entrance which would (and would for a lot of people), make going unaffordable. A much simpler option would be to more effectively manage the provision that is already there, a low cost option that would solve a lot of the issues for everyone, including the promotion.
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    The thing is, there is only so far they can adapt and only then if they pay out a significant amount of money for hoists, wheelchairs, scooters or a carer to assist. That in itself will be a barrier and they will just find somewhere else to spend their weekly speedway money as there really wouldn't be a choice. To an able bodied person, 300 metres or a five minute walk is nothing (I used to walk miles without even a thought), for a mobility impaired person, 300 metres is like a marathon, twice over. I couldn't do it now, hell, having to park a further 20 metres away from my house at the weekend left me collapsed and in bed in significant pain and having to cancel all plans for yesterday. Having a disability can be isolating and provision/thought is essential to allow those who are experiencing a disability live some kind if semblance of a life. Now the situation at Peterborough doesn't impact me directly, I couldn't do the distance in the old arrangement let alone the new one unless I paid someone to be with me but it will impact more than the cost of a person who can 'police' the parking more effectively.
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    300 metres may as well be 300 miles to someone like me.
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    Exactly how does someone with 2 walking sticks/crutches carry such a chair? Give me a sensible reply please as I realise you like to offer solutions.
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    Here's an idea (yes I'm still awake before anothor of you hilarious observations), there's plenty of room inside the Showground so how about letting our disabled customers park inside so that intelligencia such as yourself don't have to raid their Viz Top Tips notebook of suggestions?
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    Sad news Rip big man condolences to his family
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    There are no words.
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    I called you ignorant the other day and that's another gem that shows that you should be nowhere near this discussion: Mark Twain: It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.
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    I know what your are saying, but they didn't for one reason or another. So the best thing to do with the season looming would be to get a man and his cones so that no one turns up and is unable to get in
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    I don't know the truth. My only comment would be that hiding behind such a name does nothing to enhance your credibility. And before you say it, I chose my forum name on the basis of the fact that everyone picked a name of some significance to themselves (can you walk on water btw?). Back in the day, I took every opportunity to make it clear who I am. In case you weren't born then, I'm David Williams, former grasstrack, speedway and road racing sidecar passenger. Oh, and I've been a Bees supporter for 50 years. Who are you?
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    Because Poole's track is as bad as it gets, why else would I mention it? If it was free , then thank you Redcar.
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    At the end of the season yes!! All as a result of deferring earlier fixtures

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