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    Link to Podcast by Ian Jordan is now on the Eastbourne website. I've just had a listen and well done to Ian Jordan really interesting and informative to listen to. Eastbourne are really trying to bring their Speedway club to the notice of more prospective fans and also to keep regular fans of the Eagles and speedway in general informed about the latest news etc of Eastbourne. Other clubs should take note and try to follow Eastbournes excellent example.
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    You must be about 12 with those creative reading skills a true fantasist... As for frail little gimp I will put it in WWE terms for you.... remember the Brahma Bull from the late 90's ya man the Rock who kicked Hacksaw Jim Duggan's ass well I'm the Benton Bull... the Rock is a pussy (cat) compared to this frail old gimp.... No one called you out for a fight I just offered you some quality time for a chat so I could impart some common sense manners and etiquette into the Total HACKSAW that you come across to everyone on here... I'm sure I could punch some breeding into you in a very short time... What's up with you did your mummy not show you any love as a child? Regards THJ
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    SCUNTHORPE SCORPIONS have held their admission prices at their 2018 and 2019 rates for the 2020 season. It will remain just £16 for an adult to watch a Scorpions’ meeting at the Eddie Wright Raceway. Scunthorpe promoter Rob Godfrey said: “We offer one of the most attractive set of admission prices across the entire Championship, and that will be the case once more in 2020. “We have pegged our admission prices at the same prices as both 2018 and last season. “It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to watch speedway in Scunthorpe and that’s important if you want people to come back every week. “Our prices for the programme and the food at the EWR are also very reasonable and I believe they represent value-for-money. “And as well as keeping the prices down for supporters, we will again be going all out to make sure the racing at Scunthorpe is second to none. “We’re proud that many supporters from all over the country has visited and branded our racetrack the best in Britain – that means a lot. “I believe we offer an unbeatable package, with plenty of entertainment and thrilling action.” Scorpions commence their home meetings on Friday, April 3rd (7.30pm) with the visit of Newcastle Diamonds in league action. Prior to that, the track will stage both the Ben Fund Bonanza on Saturday, March 14th at 2pm (please note that this meeting has its own set of admission prices) and the Josh Auty Testimonial on Sunday, March 22nd at 3pm (which has the same prices as a regular Scorpions’ meeting). The club hold its press and practice at the Eddie Wright Raceway on Friday, March 20th. It will start at 3pm and it will be followed by a Meet-The-Riders session in the clubhouse at 6pm. ADMISSION PRICES 2020 (same as 2018 and 2019): 2020 SGB Championship Admission Prices (also the prices for the Josh Auty testimonial): Adult: £16.00 Student/OAP: £14.00 Child (10 – 17): £5.00 Child (0 – 9) Free (accompanied by paying adult) Family Ticket £37 (2 adults, 2 Children 10-17) 2020 SGB Championship / Youth Championship Double Header Admission Prices (i.e. the bumper meeting on Sunday, April 26th): Adult: £18.00 Student/OAP: £16.00 Child (10 – 17): £5.00 Child (0 – 9) Free (accompanied by paying adult) Family Ticket £41 (2 adults, 2 Children 10-17)
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    Dunno about the cider am in Spoons in Barra Marra after a long day on the drink an a think am gonna have to throw the towel in am paggered... cheapest spot av been in for a long time... Time to go before a make a total HACKSAW of me self... an it's not 10 yet... doh... Regards THJ
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    Not many days since I read that he gave up the sport. Thats a reason for an act like that. For Bavarian, AAR was the best Finn at the Nordics and said at an interview that this was his first chance to come back from his injuries.
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    I have no concerns over the virus, what does concern me is any potential over reactions to the virus affecting me going to Warsaw. Paid everything on non refundable rates.... lol
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    The football club redeveloped the ground and they squared off the ends.Also the football club had to put boards down on the corner with grass on and lifted when the speedway was on and visiting teams complained to the F.A.
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    A think Dave has managed to 'tell him off' already,
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    He was only running on John, a play on the Minors & Brady name .....
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    that's not very nice bud to say things like that about any body if you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all
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    I think he can tbh in his first season on these shores he was getting double figure scores in the top tier and while some people say the two are close the Premiership is still a fair better standard of quality than the Championship. I'm really excited about this signing. Strong heat 13 partnership too with Schlein riding together week in week out. A strong middle order with Barker/ Bates Rowe improved a lot last season and Cook looked a decent little rider too. With the right equipment Stoneman should mix it with the other reserves as well. I think we could be in for a good season.
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    What's with all the TEAM, it's FAIR, do you think I'm thick? I disagree, this effectively ranks 2nd and 3rd as better the first and fourth. To me there should be no difference and in team speedway that's been how the points have been awarded for decades.
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    Yeh, ok. I’m not convinced Newcastle will end up bottom but I couldn’t by **sed coming up with a new list
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    Just read about the Premier League considering a ban on over 70's at matches - https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-sports-bosses-and-broadcasters-summoned-to-discuss-contingency-plans-11951225 Couldn't possibly do the same in Speedway, tracks would be closing down within a month
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    Wow! Becker is likely to set this league on fire. He has had many, many offers to 'come across' from the Premiership, and it looks (no pun intended!) as if Garry & The Hancocks -- sounds like a 'sixties pop group -- have a hit on their hands!
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    I've just finished Tai's book "Raw Speed"... or as it should have been called "It Is What It Is". And while it was very interesting to read his take on things (I still can't make head nor tail of why he punched Ben Barker, other than they were both drunk) I have to say that I don't think I've ever read a more poorly written "Autobiography" and I've read a few. At least a third of the book must be pure filler as it goes off at tangents giving irrelevant and needless details and giving you history of who people are and and venues etc. Which quite clearly haven't been penned (or even thought of, I suspect) by Tai. And if I had a pound for every time I read the sentence "As I've mentioned before"... Take away all of the filler and I don't think it's anything more than an extended Speedway Star interview. 6/10
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    I believe all true speedway followers should support the Bonanza. In the years l couldn't attend personally l always gave the BenFund a donation.
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    Morning all, Thank your kind words - its much appreciated. Delighted to be in the position to be able to do this, and as a real fan of Speedway, it means a lot to be able to work with Buster, Dale & the team - who have both been brilliant to deal with to make this all happen In answer to question above, our third office is in Caister-on-Sea, next to Great Yarmouth. Heres to be a big 2020!
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    17,000 a year, on average, die from flu in England. Yeah. Whatever. Who cares? 1 already frail person dies in Reading after testing positive for covid-19 and you can't get bog roll any more.
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    So far in this century, like a cat with 9 lives I've managed to survive Mad cow disease (not the 80's version, the new one from the middle of last year) Sars (another coronavirus) TB Ebola a Flu pandemic Possibly Brexit - although that might be premature. and probably more that I cant remember. All of which according to the press were likely to result in vast swathes of people dropping dead worldwide. (possible exception for Brexit but I thought it was funny) As a child of the 60's there are another 39 years before that where I was fortunate enough to survive all sorts of certain death such as lead paint, wrapping asbestos string around exhausts and working on asbestos brakes, walking through a workplace without a bright yellow vest on, lifting more than 25kg all on my own and so on. So no matter what the press and internet tell me I'm going to keep riding my luck and carry on just as I am without giving a toss
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    While complacency is unwise a little caution needs to be taken before going overboard. The current death rate from Coronavirus is 2% of victims globally, 3,000 in total but 90% in China. With a world population of 7.8 billion you have a i in 2.6 million risk of dying from it. This could of course change. Just 300 people have died from the virus outside China. The last flu pandemic was SARS which had a five times higher death rate of 10%. I don't recall public events being cancelled then. A death rate of 1 in 2.6 million would produce about 25 deaths in the UK. Even if it hit the same rate as SARS you would be looking at just over 100. That's not a pleassant number. One death is to be mourned. The UK average annual deaths from the common flu viruses is 17,000, based on recent figures. On that basis and current 'logic' all public events in Britain should be permanantly banned and everyone should work from home. Of course the infection/death rate of Coronavirus may well increase but right now I think there's a lot of media-fed hysteria going on. Me, I'd rather go on the advice of medics rather than journalists but then I'm old-fashioned....
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    The truth is out there. The Prem clubs step in to save the day (after the destruction of the current development league) by running a second half division for "local young riders" to enable them to develop and hone their skills before finding there is no team place for them as they are all filled with overseas riders and fading GP stars.
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    There is posting from him on Facebook. No he hasn't retired from speedway but last season took it's toll on him trying to run his butchers shop and being a speedway rider as well, particularly riding for the Warriors with a full on programme meaning quite a bit of time away from the shop. Life running a shop on the high street has proved to be a bit more challenging than was anticipated due to various problems, but he has definitely not retired. I am sure he will appreciate your comments.
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    I also was there- 1969 v Plymouth heat 8 1st attempt Plymouth`s John Ellis suffered an EF and was excluded for not being under power when the race was stopped on the 2nd lap when away rider Chris Roynon(father of Adam) had racers rider Bob Tabet off and was excluded leaving just Tabet and his partner Dene Davies to cruise round in the re-run for a 5-0 !!! However Davies fell on the 1st lap and Tabet on the 2nd. My thanks to Arnie Gibbons`s wonderful book " tears and Glory" for the details.
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    I think he often produces good, informed output. It's just the lapses into narky self-importance which spoils it, which is a shame.

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