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    You have to hand it not only to Robert, but to his parents as well. They put the hours in and were dedicated from an early age. He travelled around in that camping van (when I saw them first) at the weekend getting him experience and not staying in the comfort zone. Rather like the Aussie riders. Of course not everyone is able to do that. But it seems to be paying off now and good luck to him and his parents for that
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    I hope not, I know its unprecedented times but 6 of the 8 rounds of a world championship in one country would be a bit of joke.
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    Always felt that the Dons missed a trick by never signing Schoie. He was a fabulous rider at NL level and popular to boot.
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    Terrible shock. Totally stunned when I found out. As a Lynn fan at the time, it hit hard because of the connections with some of the dead and injured.
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    Katie Gordon,,,, and some ginger kid.
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    I am expecting Holder to ride- they can make a change and they do it to wind the opposition up
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    Hard to work out which one causes the most sick in your mouth
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    Lockdown is going quicker for me by reading these fascinating Articles on the Dirt Extra column on the Club Website.
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    Was my fave Ranger in 1963.
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  11. 1 point
    The shock of seeing the headline in the evening news and reading the report is as fresh in my mind today as then.
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    LOKEREN 50 years ago ... special feature in SS this week
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    Depends on what the first meeting was like as to whether I would want to watch a second meeting, Prague GP can be iffy.
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    Ian Cartwright 1974/82 at Halifax he started at Crewe , Cyril Maidment ( two spells ) 1951/1961 and 1969/71 Wimbledon he had spells at other clubs to.
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    bitter cradley fan !! nothing to do with commonwealth games FACT !! where you get this fantasy garbage from is quite astonishing !! i remember cradley fans singing where's your stadium gone at the last meeting at hyde rd !! karma justice prevailed !! keep weeping when you read & watch what we have
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    Don't know what clubs can actually update their support on? They have no power nor do the sports governing body. Clubs do as they are told - irrespective of size or sport.
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    Really not a BSPL issue. The season ticket holder is a customer of Peterborough speedway. Panthers management are responsible for their customers and should be talking to them in terms of their own business
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    Well had a visit today for a cuppa of our very own Chris Schramm.... He was looking well... still got that beaming smile and we had a good chat and a better laugh... He's doing well... keeping fit and busy.... and two hours went over in what seemed like 10 minutes... really pleased to see him and it brightened a crappy Monday... Regards THJ
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    Bewley is not in the same league as Lambert ,both in style and skill levels.IMO
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    Dates released for Inzell 2021 12,13 +14.03.2021
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    Maybe speedway could attract the lgbt crowd with a gay bar in the stadium ?
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    Personally I thought Buzz turned back to ride a narrow back straight and caused the clash with Smektala who was minding his own business on the inside but can see why the Lezno man was excluded. Why was Pedersen being a plonker towards Smektala after heat 15?
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    In the UK your average earnings are about 3 times of that in Poland.So logically thinking you would pay roughly 3 times more for things in the UK than you do in Poland.
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    Not jealous, I simply expect perfect speedway from Poland on perfect tracks, I certainly don't expect processional 'races'!! I'm obviously not emotionally attached to any Polish team so am watching it as a neutral ....
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    I think Curtis sports are selling a programme( unofficial ) which has blank scorecards for all 5 rounds( they might have round 1 typed in). I am waiting to hear from our Austrian friends JK racecards as to if they will be doing them each round as previously.

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