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    The whole thing now is just completely out of control. In Victoria, Australia, we are on full lockdown. Not allowed out the house between 8pm - 5am. Unless for work, and even then you need a work permit on your signed by yourself and your employer. Construction in Victoria contributes to over 50% of the tax and it is completely screwed atm. High rise buildings only allowed 25% of usual staff rate on site which means its nigh on impossible to progress any further. Companies, big and small, have had to let most tradies go. Its a farce. I have been sat at home for three weeks nearly. Nightmare. This virus has been massively, massively over hyped. Something absolutely stinks about the whole situation. It's only when the restrictions begin to affect YOUR day to day life that you sit back and think what a joke the whole situation is. Luckily, we have been good with money so thats no issue for the time being but I know plenty of people who are now unemployed and potless.
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    So what else is part of this 'plan'? I hope somebody could expkain this to me because I'm blissfully ignorant to it all.
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    I would like to place on record my thanks to Ian Corcoran for sending me a copy of " fron 2 wheels to 4", the proceeds of which will go wilkies widow, Jean .I recieved the book on friday, and have just finished it.A fascinating, humbling read about two people with immense character and strength. I was just a boy when Wilkie had his accident and only had vague memories of seeing him ride, ironically at Swindon , but am a lifelong speedway supporter. RiP Wilkie , my respect to you Sir, a very brave man
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    If they'd been honest from the start I would have used all my real details.Even one of my clients who was very well placed in the medical world says the numbers are dubious,as does his daughter who is also in medicine. As a result I don't give a stuff. I have more chance of karking it from a parachute malfunction and I gave that up years ago. They knew it affected the old,the sick and fatties but crashed the economy anyway...................and I've had a few holibobs cancelled too.
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    As you are probably well aware that is not true. Anyway, back on thread, let's hope the club find a suitable place and there are no issues and we can watch the team at our own venue and race when we like, rather than being as restricted as we are now.
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    There's a lot different sports can learn a lot from one another. But it's asking for trouble when you copy and paste from other sports. It just doesn't work like that. I get the impression that what has played out here in the scoring is a result of classic corporate politics. The top guy at the FIM Jorge Viegas is far removed from understanding speedway and has issued two key developments he'd like to see for the sport....standardisation in scoring with other FIM sports and moving into new territories. So, Armando Castagna, unable to deliver on the latter, so he delivers on the former. He keeps the boss content and is seen to be making progress.
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    Richard Green however was one of the success stories enjoying a fruitfull, if somewhat controversial, career whilst at Exeter I seem to remember? Martin Rogers was a keen advocate of Junior racing during his time at King's Lynn. Down the road at Ipswich there was Alan Farmer who always managed to get into the mix at Cowley when visiting but never really progressed and another who faded from the scene.
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    I think we will just have to agree to disagree on the definition of very ill. I'm disabled and vulnerable to the virus but not ill by any normal definition of the word.
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    Surely your missing someone .. a man with strike rate of 97
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    I would say the Arenacross is a bit like Cardiff where you have your hardcore fans and the people going for an enjoyable night out, I wouldn’t be surprised if the splits about 50/50. Most people I know that go to Cardiff it is there only speedway meeting that year and I doubt very much they would want to go two days running. However, if you had a GP at Belle Vue two days running I am sure it would sell out both days so maybe it could work at different stadiums. Speedway doesn’t really sit well with fans from other motorsports which does surprise me as it’s a damn site more entertaining than formula one.
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    Have been out for a pub lunch in Chepstow today.But I accidentally signed in with wrong details,silly me.Must be an age thing.
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    Yes I would agree partly with that assessment however without some sort of Junior League in place the opportunities are few and far between for genuine track action and I recall Joe Screen saying that although he was thrust into action straight away in the Belle Vue senior side he did acknowledge the benefit of having extra rides/opportunities in the second half representing Belle Vue's junior side.
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    Thanks Dean...much appreciated. Always nice to see it from a rider's perspective.
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    You do have to laugh. Another Brexiteer cause celebre was getting rid of 'faceless unelected bureaucrats in Brussels'', so now the Tories are hiring a faceless unelected foreigner from halfway round the world...
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    How can this cretinous, useless, lying idiot say this and keep a straight face, and his job? 'The backlog of treatments and scans will be cleared within months' All 2.5 million and counting? Unfortunately cancer has it's own way of dealing with a backlog. Perhaps that's what he meant. The man is beneath contempt. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8675743/Backlog-cancer-patients-awaiting-treatment-clear-matter-months.html
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    Lot of likes under most posts apart from yours Phloppy. Have a think about that
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    Of course they will feel a pinch. But nothing compared to the carnage heading our way in a few months time. And another point. German cars are premium cars, most not affordable to Mr Average. So a hike of £23,000 to 30,000 will be soaked up by the more affluent of the community. Of course it will lead to lower sales and a stronger second hand market. On the other hand a Nissan with an extra 10% chucked on top will lead to buyers on the continent looking at vehicles made on the continent. Expect Nissan at Sunderland and BMW/mini at Crowley to pull the plug shortly after a no deal has been announced.
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    4 potential meetings well done Plymouth
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    And if the government and the MSM had publicised this and been honest about it from the outset and throughout, rather than perpetuated the lie that Covid does not discriminate, we would not be in the total mess of the public having no confidence in the re-opening of schools. The government is paying for its lies.
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    Dont worry . i got the speedway star each week . .it's what i expect
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    Neil Coyle has form on this. Not the first time he has come out with these foul mouthed outbursts by any means. Reason number 746 why Labour lost the election.
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    There's no colour bar to racism in the Labour Party these days.
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    All this talk of Iraq war is irrelevant and a distraction from the actual topic. It’s clear to even the most hardened brexit voter that leaving the EU is an utter catastrophy. Come on brexit voters, time to admit you were conned by unicorns and rainbows and fluffy white clouds, when what you will get is the reality of a 5hitstorm of lost jobs and hiked prices with the UKs world standing in utter tatters. Time to admit you were wrong. There’s no shame.

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