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    I don't think crowds would drop by 50 % by not having "star" riders about because in reality not many of the Worlds top 30 riders compete in the UK anyway, haven't done for a number of years now and In real terms the smaller amount of fans (compared to years gone by) )that still go to British speedway meetings have long since gotten used to the idea. Also theirs probably not enough interest from current non speedway spectators to potentially come along just cause some foreign guy who finished in the top 10 of previous seasons GP has signed for their local club. Likewise I don't think that most fans nowadays necessarily view watching the highest level of speedway as the be all and end all. The better the rider, the less mistakes they make, the faster they become which both add up to overtaking become much harder and less likely which is a key element to good racing. This is why NL racing is often better entertainment. My local NL track Mildenhall have in my opinion made the correct decision in staying in the lower cost, mainly amateur 3rd tier of British speedway because moving up into the Championship (2nd tier) would increase outgoings on rider wages and travel costs massively but crowd levels wouldn't go up enough to cover these extra costs. This was proved in the 2006-08 spell when Mildenhall moved into the 2nd Division. Likewise 2nd Division clubs moving up to the top flight have found the same thing as well for years now! I do get your theme of British speedway being reborn cause I think sooner rather than later British speedway will have to evolve into a mainly part time, lower level status and clubs and riders will have to cut their respective cloths accordingly. This will involve not paying out big time wages if the crowds can't pay for it, less expensive overseas and/or top level riders and riding on racenights that suit the individual clubs not the F.I.M. While I can't see British speedway returning to the halcyon days of the 70's I do think theirs enough interest for it to be sustainable if run within its limitations and more locally based riders are found that would help to stimulate interest!
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    I think you'll find they're not interested in listening to any ideas other than their own. If I were you I wouldn't waste my time and just choose another sport to follow
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    Amazing rider and story! He was better at that stage than the similarly aged Hans Nielsen and look what Hans achieved! - Best 16 year old I've ever seen and probably ever will! Despite his dark, illicit side which indicate a loathsome persona Michaels actually a very nice down to earth person, one that was too easily led one assumes. He has long indicated he has no regrets but surely deep down he must know that he could of been up there with the likes of Mauger, Rikardsson and Fundin in terms of title wins!
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    So 25%. Even at that ratio facemasks and social distancing would be required and I not too sure that many speedway spectators on here would be willing to go along with the rules judging by some posts made. That would mean going to empty stadiums just because some clowns don’t want to comply with orders meant to protect others.
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    https://www.lynnnews.co.uk/sport/a-day-to-remember-40-years-ago-as-kings-lynn-produced-a-world-champion-9121838/ https://www.lynnnews.co.uk/sport/just-champion-the-fans-were-incredible-says-lee-9121826/ https://www.lynnnews.co.uk/sport/who-said-what-after-michael-lees-night-of-glory-9121835/
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    Anything can happen in Speedway. Nothing's a shock anymore. Gorzow have been impressive lately but that has all been at home. Question is can they ride to the same standard away from home?
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    One thing to consider is the poles are absolutely race fit , practice is all well and good but the english lads have had no racing, bewley and a fit brennan can hold their own i feel. The less said about the track the better.
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    Not a lot, i would have thought!
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    Why? What's happening in 2021?
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    Too good for the UK second division!
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    i also rate his longtrack win in '81, incredible style for that size track (as mentioned by Dave Lanning in commentary), up against a good lineup but with a fast DOHC Jawa too
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    I remember that evening at Ullevi very well and Michael was a deserving champion. I was also present at Ullevi for his first World Final in 1977 and he came quite close that night when just 18! Certainly had the ability to win more than one title but that’s another story!
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    Correct. He was part of the Aces team that beat them to the Premiership and joined part way through the league cup.
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    Isn’t it funny how some riders just click all of a sudden? It’s been a mighty fine week for Jeppeson with a 6 ride max in Sweden and 5 ride max in Poland. Fair play to him!
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    Herr fuhrer Sturgeon has now poliitilised this for her and the Natzi parties own gains. The scare mongering she is spouting about this is bordering on ridiculous levels now. Speedway and other sports should return as well as normality , there was no dusputing that there was a real issue 4-6 months ago as my youngest saw it first hand but not now. The Natzi party up here need to get a grip and stop using a virus to drum independence support up they really are pathetic. People need to wake up to what she is doing imho.
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    Do t bet on it. Over half the more-recent cases have been in the 18-25 age group. Who think they're bullet-proof. But then go home and infect their grannies. Who die.
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    And don't get in the driver's seat !!! Altho it did give everyone a good laugh.
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    If you only ever saw him ride at Long Eaton you would have thought he was a star. Brilliant entertainer at Station rd, just a bit of a liability away from home.
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    During the last six months, with not much else to do, I have been spending some time sorting out old boxes, files, etc. that have been lying around at home for years, shoved at the back of cupboards etc. Yesterday, I came across a notebook with a number of things in, including some speedway notes and records. It dates from 1962 and one of the things I had noted was the number of times speedway was mentioned on TV and Radio. So here goes....: BBC Grandstand 17 February: Grandstand Television Trophy 1st leg at Cradley Heath; 24 February: Ditto, 2nd leg Today's Sport 8 September: Report on World Championship ITV Sportscast (No dates): Film of European Championship, Wimbledon (? Don't know what this refers to), Film of Internationale; 8 August: Rye House; 5 September: Preview of World Championship. News 9 September: Film of World Championship London This Weekend (no date): Preview of Internationale; 7 September: Preview of World Championship Saturday Sportstime (no date): Mention of John Burton, son of Squib Burton, famous speedway rider Radio Sports Parade 8 September: Mention of interview with Ove Fundin in Sports Report Sports Report 8 September: Interview with Ove Fundin Children's Choice (no date): Request for "When the Red Red Robin" requested by Swindon supporters; 8 September: Request for Flight of the Bumble Bee from Coventry supporters, wishing best of luck to Ron Mountford, Ken McKinlay and Nigel Boocock in the World Championship Final Housewives Choice (no date): A record requested for a Mrs Hart, Robin Richmond muses, "I wonder if she is any relation to Oliver Hart, one of the last of the leg trailers." Here's hoping things get back to normal soon and I can get out more!!!
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    Dickies are good, 'head lice' sounds more scary.
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    A think there's gonna be a lot of head scratching going on again this winter.
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    Aye but as ever it will turn out nice again won't it... Regards THJ
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    ...there's more Formby songs in there somewhere...A Farmer's Boy With my little ukelele in my hand On the Beat...Oh dear, mother
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    I have found the opposite to you , when I used to go to Wimbledon speedway & stock cars I used to see other people who watched both sports. The same happened when I was a regular at Reading speedway on a monday night , I would often see some of the same faces at Aldershot stock cars on a thursday night Have friends interested in speedway who also follow moto cross , moto GP , formula 1 etc.
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    Great racing - tick Flawed scoring - tick But the other takeaway from this weekend is having GPs back to back on Friday and Saturday nights makes perfect sense going forward. In terms of practically, financially and competitively. We all know it's a costly job and a half putting these events on, particularly for the one-off tracks. So, why not just do it twice over the weekend from 2021 onwards - offering better value for the punter, spreading costs thinner for the organisers, even greater exposure for sponsors, double the content for media? Have a small practice on a Friday morning and crack on into the racing for Friday night. From a riders perspective, it gives ample chance for everyone to get something out of the weekend. Any rider struggling with set up on Friday, has a chance to come back wiser on Saturday and potentially, an even more competitive meeting. From a punter's perspective too, you could get a "double discount" for both nights and I think most would go for it. Every GP I've been to - Cardiff, Prague, Daugvapils, Lonigo, Torun Krsko, Bydgoszcz - has consisted of a very enjoyable Friday night p** up looking forward to the next night. But would I rather have been sniffing the fumes and seeing 23 races? Damn right!

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