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    Such a shame that the NHS has to be coupled with the Serco app for track and trace. We know how rubbish they are. interesting look at the ONS stats from 24th September. Which goes to prove how ridiculous the argument for any further lockdowns are. You can’t argue with stats, especially when you hear just how many under 45 year olds have died that are relatively healthy (with minimal or no known secondary health conditions). And still people believe the mass moronic media and government and health ministry lies.
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    So Liverpool is under stricter lockdown regulations having reached the giddy heights of 268 positive tests per 100,000. Say it quickly and it sounds quite a lot but because 0.268% of the population have tested positive for a virus with a dubious test which if Dominic Raab was right the true positive case figure could be as low as 0.018%. That is tested positive now we know that of those at most 20% will need hospitalisation so we are now between 0.053% and 0.0037% and for that peoples lives are being destroyed, especially when it is very easy to predict which people will need treatment based on their age and pre-existing health. Liverpools population is approximately 600,000 so that is a maximum of 318 or a minimum of 22 people needing hospitalisation. I understand they are trying to stop the figure increasing but surely common sense says identify the vulnerable, test them regularly and treat them early rather than ruin the conomy and peoples lives for years to come.
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    Sounds remarkably similar to BSI's proud boasts about 20 years ago.
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    What's the difference between Iron Man and Iron Woman? One is a Super Hero , the other is an instruction........
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    Yes it's a big risk, I understand they've repainted the TV Licence detector vans to catch people not obeying quarantine
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    What I saw of the 'debate' between the two contenders for the presidency the word pathetic doesn't even begin to describe it. Political debate hit a new low...if that's possible!
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    Very impressed with the effort put in by everyone, the youngsters were right in the thick of the action.Praise for Chris Louis, really impressive with his race comments and thoughts on conditions and explaining himself. Very refreshing from the usual screaming we’re used too.Eurosport need to get him on board.!!
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    I haven't read it yet, but I do have a pdf copy I got from the Internet Archive. You could check it out from there, and see what you think. The Internet Archive doesn't just convert the books into a pdf, they actually scan original books from cover to cover; really neat, actually!
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    You won't see this on MSM very often, if at all...
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    Some true conservatives still remain and they are pizzed...
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    Just like the good old days!
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    Agree with comments, and full credit to Belle Vue for getting on, but the thing consistent about rider attitude regarding whether to ride or not is the context of the meeting.IMO. If it were a league meeting they would have wanted it off,knowing that it will be rerun so they will not lose out financially ,but if it is an Open Meeting they will ride round (not race) just to earn some money on the night just in case it’s not re-run and they lose out. Ps. They all gave it 100% at Belle Vue. I
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    It really doesn't matter; the thong remainth the thame...
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    Agree, I think he'll lose in the New York & LA areas but walk it overall
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    PAY WHAT YOU LIKE...PAY PER VIEW! Berwick Bandits Speedway Club is proud to announce that the British Under 21 Final will be broadcast Live around the world via the club’s YouTube channel Bandits TV! With the constant changing situation due to Covid 19, at this stage it is unclear whether we will be able to accommodate a limited number of spectators at the event or if we will have to run behind closed doors but your constantly forward thinking promotion have put plans in place for all eventualities. We have lots to get through so check out the ‘all you need to know’ below Date change: the event is now scheduled for Wednesday the 21st of October at 7pm. Pay what you like pay per view: Watch the British Under 21 Final from the comfort of your living room on your SmartTV or your household devices. Before, during or after the event head on over to www.berwickspeedway.com and pay what you feel the event is worth? A link will be available for you to make a swift and secure payment and that will go live on the day of the event. Is it possible that people will just watch for free? Yes....but we have every confidence that Speedway fans in the UK and around the world will appreciate the effort and pay what they feel is a fair price. Tickets & Attendance: At this stage it is very unclear as to whether spectators will be able to attend. If and when we can release tickets, we will contact our sponsors and 2020 season pass holders and the remaining quantities will be available for purchase via our website. To avoid disappointment and if we are able to issue tickets they will go live approximately 7 days before the event. Sponsorship: The 2020 British Under 21 Final will rely heavily on sponsorship and a big reason for our innovative ‘pay what you like pay per view’ idea is to maximise the eyeballs tuning into the livestream thus providing substantial exposure for the sponsors who will be graphically represented and announced throughout the event, on the website and of course via our social media platforms. Please check out the list below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to back this innovative and prestigious event. Title sponsorship: Please contact us @ club@berwickspeedway.com Powered By/Sub title sponsor: £500. Souvenir Race Jacket Sponsorship: £130, appear on and get to keep your own souvenir race jacket from the event. 18 available. Heat Sponsorship: £100, 13 available. #Under21Final #BanditsTV
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    The best geordie foreiner has got to be our Dickie juul tho
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    As I keep saying, Trump might be an idiot, but he's not in the same class as some of those who support him...
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    Bomber's had a year to get his bike ready but misses the two minute warning in race one.
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    what they will get out of the stadium ray is their "cut" out of the development of the stadium car park,probably as r&rsays they will then be gone,hopefully the stadium itself(not available for development) will by then be viable and someone will jump in
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    That is your best troll post so far. Hilarious
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    The sooner the rest follow suit the better in my opinion. An empty PC gesture in support of violent criminals who's destiny was in their own hands while ignoring genuine issues that require more effort or commitment to address.
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    Andrew Marr quoting the ONS this morning: “the first week of September saw the lowest number of Covid deaths in England and Wales for 25 weeks”.
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