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    Well I'd hate to disappoint you!.. We went into lockdown in March, the idea being to buy time and flatten the curve. Indeed, as Dr David Nabbaro, the WHO's special envoy on Covid 19 said "The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganise, rebalance your resources: protect your health workers who are exhausted" "We (the WHO) do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus". Well we had three months of it and on the plus side the curve was flattened (though the peak in cases was before the lockdown started), the air was cleaner, wildlife benefited, there was less noise, a lot of people found that they could and actually liked working from home and by and large people followed the guidelines. On the down side 40,000 still died within 28 days of a positive test, at least as many again if not more will probably die as a direct result of the lockdown restrictions, millions lost their jobs, thousands of businesses went to the wall, hundreds of people didn't get their cancer's detected early due to screening's being suspended, large numbers of routine operations were cancelled meaning for some treatable conditions became permanent ones, mounting mental health issues and national debt exceeded £2 trillion for the first time. And after all that we now find ourselves more or less back where we started. This time there is plenty of 'real' evidence and data related to the virus, not just models. And there are now thousands of doctors, scientists epidemiologists, many as eminent in their fields as the governments experts, some more meritorious who say that the approach is wrong and there is another way. Who knows if they are right? The shameful thing is there is no debate to be had, SAGE go completely unchallenged and most of the media (not all) seek to smear them rather than argue and debate what they say. They have set out their arguments clearly and with data to back why they think SAGE are wrong. Why the Imperial College models that SAGE use are hopelessly wrong. These are not conspiracy theorists, lizard people or general loons but people who at least should be properly heard. So we are going to do it all again. I'm not a medical expert but I'll tell you what will happen. The curve will gradually flatten but with no planned exit strategy as soon as it ends it will creep back up again and we'll be back where we started yet again. In the meantime thousands more jobs will be lost and it will be the final straw for countless more businesses. Hospital waiting lists for non Covid conditions will spiral even further out control. The hospitality and leisure sector will be a case of not so much kicking a man when he's down but picking up the baseball bat and continuously clubbing it over the head until it's very lifeblood is running into the gutter. Lockdown failed before and it will fail again. At the very least we should be looking for and talking to those who see another way.
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    If it does, we will be in lockdown again in January after the December rush to buy presents, A lockdown can only work if there is an exit stratagy, they didnt have an exit stratagy to get out of tier 2 or 3 why do people think this will be any different
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    As far as 2021 is concerned I really think something needs to be done with the categorising of Speedway as an elite sport in this country! In other words make it grass roots and pronto! Let's be honest, how many clubs even in the Elite league these days average much more than 1200 to 1500 fans. I would say here at Ipswich about 1500 is the norm apart from playoffs etc when it does go up. The British final was due to take place at Ipswich with a crowd as a test event but ultimately ended up in Manchester behind closed doors due to this wonderful virus. The following weekend 2500 were allowed in the same Ipswich stadium for a Stockcar event at £50 a ticket generating £125,000 of income for a grass roots sports organisation (Spedeworth) 2500 being allowed in the same stadium for one sport and not 1000 for another is just wrong on so many levels. Either ban crowds at both or allow at both! How is this even possible is my question but who the hell do you put it to to try and get something done for parity.
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    Bovey Tracey. This self sufficiency sounds great. I'm looking forward to this. Cows with udders of petrol? Chickens that cra* toothpaste? Pigs that pee soaps?
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    Yes. All of that. Just like in March there was a set plan to avoid lockdown ... All disappeared in 24 hours or so and total capitulation to the braying mob ... And now we've gone down the same route again. Wrong. Just wrong.
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    Not all that often I find an article that pretty much say's what I think, but this gets pretty close, and from of all places the US https://theweek.com/articles/946925/lockdowns-are-no-longer-answer Still I, unlike others don't think I know all of the answers
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    I go to the bathroom for a number 2 as well.
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    The people who run Birmingham Speedway (ie David and Peter Mason and Laurence Rogers) are decent, hard working people, and I see no reason at all why they should be expected to "comment" on a situation which does not involve them. They have already made it plain that there is no place at Birmingham for Garrity after what he has done - ()and nor I would hope would there be a place for him at any other speedway club.) Making a public comment on something about which they had no knowledge and had no part in, could only be detrimental to the club they run, so it makes good sense not to do this. Knowing them, their private opinions will be exactly the same as the rest of us, so let's leave it at this.
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    It’s all clearly a pretext to locking down over the Christmas period. Let’s see if it really lasts only 4 weeks...
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    It’s ironic, isn’t it? Dashcam bangs on about the ‘country life’, yet does a job that relies almost 100% on city slickers. Sums up the Brexiteer mentality...
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    Incredible isn’t it? We’ll not be allowed to leave our own homes except for ‘essential travel’ for shopping etc, but thousands can pour into the country from all over the world. It absolutely shreds the government’s whole reason for locking down to ‘control the virus’.
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    it would depend on what other things you put into place. close the borders so that no one comes in and out of the country, except for essential deliveries and you have a chance and what what happens at the end of lockdown? if it finishes on the 2nd Dec people have 2 weeks to complete their christmas shopping, so everywhere is going to be overcrowded again
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    He did say all construction to continue, so fingers crossed they get it completed.
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    Johnson and his murder squad are going to need a good lawyer in the coming months, the world against him is growing by the minute and he doesn’t have truth on his side
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    Well, rightly or wrongly, you have made it appear that you are just a troublemaker. I suspect that is why they haven't answered.
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    I don't want to turn this into a Covid argument and this is probably one for the nutjob Covid thread but New Zealand, 2 Islands, are "living with the virus" just fine, sport being played to full stadiums
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    'We'll' ? You told us on here umpteen times you've based your business on mainland Europe so Brexit wont affect you. But , you still come on here crying like a blubbing baby. Some of us actually work for a living , pandemic or no pandemic.
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    We only have 1 to go on here, and it has just been proven to have failed
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    Good to that Boris isnt in hiding and he is out doing all the interviews this morning, Boris the invisble man at it again
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    Well, most of europe has taken the same steps, and no doubt there are other countries around the world that are already in lockdown or planning to be, they all wrong as well???
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    Best advice I can give today is - dont forget to get you r hair cut before Thursday.
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    But this is just madness. I can't really come up with any other analysis . Just deeply deeply disappointed in Boris this time. The wrong move at the wrong time.
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    So, the country is back in another lockdown for a month...I await with baited breath for post after post by the 'experts' on here why lockdowns don't work and Bojo and co are eejits etc. After listening to Whitty and Valance earlier this evening, it's blatantly obvious that the real experts have wanted a lockdown of some sort for a while now...but there will still be a few who will bang on about why it's madness. Let the games begin (again!).
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    It was stolen by Trebor Brooking while they were playing polo...

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