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    The headlines this morning and last night prove what an absolute bunch of w@nkers the MSM are. Dear me.
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    It's a shame people didn't embrace the change brought about my our membership of the EU, eh?
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    Safe or not, I don't think the measure have been cheap. Then to be thrown under the bus and told you cannot open anyway, doesn't leave businesses with many options.
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    Out of what? The EU? We left the EU on the 31st January 2020. Out of the transition period? Out of this transition period, but highly likely there will be further transition periods for specific industries which run well into 2021 and beyond. As I said "Get Brexit Done" is meaningless waffle.
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    BBC News just saying Greenwich closed its schools because cases “surged” to 248 in 100,000. That’s 2.48 people in 1,000. Two or three kids in each school! Yes, children, who aren’t affected by Covid. Pathetic.
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    Government scientists have named the new strain of Covid announced by Hancock yesterday. 'The Common Cold'.
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    Are you sure Matt because Vince said no-one did?!!
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    I thought you said change should be embraced and not feared?
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    Mask wearing outside has been mandatory in Spain for months. It's worked wonders hasn't it.
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    All those that jump on his pronouncements and then retweet or repost them, giving them the gift of publicity. As my old Mum used to say about irritating people, ignore them and eventually they will go away.
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    TELL that to all the former Labour voters who made no secret of the fact that they turned blue because of Brexit.
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    You also predicted a lot of things about Donald Trump. How's that going?
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    And the news, Hancock’s press conference and Newsnight have ramped up the doom and gloom today. It’s like they’re in some parallel, London universe. Are we seeing 300 cases per 1,000 or per 100,000? Yes, it’s 300 per 100,000! Are we seeing thousands of all ages dropping dead in the street? The hell we are. It’s unbelievable madness. They’re behaving like immature children, just like the financial markets jerking currencies this way and that upon the merest rumour.
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    But then you don't see the enemy creeping up behind you...
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    Which shows that "Get Brexit Done" was a meaningless soundbite. There are hundreds, if not thousands of variable which will ultimately have to be decided before Brexit is "done". In theory, we have already left the EU and are now in a transition period, but I assume most Brexiteers wouldn't be happy if the current status runs in perpetuity, as that isn't their definition of "done". We already have people talking about Brexit In Name Only, which of course refers to Britain having left, but agreeing to things like regulatory alignment and European court oversight. Therefore, they have a different opinion of "done".
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    Funnily how the Tories constantly beat up the last Labour government for their deficit in light of the Global Financial Crush, yet they have borrowed many multiples this year. Coupled with the sheer amount is also the completely random and untargeted way money has been handed out. If a Labour government had acted in this way they would have been destroyed as economically illiterate and wrecking the long term strength of the economy.
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    But it wasn’t meaningless in the context of the election. It was a clear alternative to Labour who promised a second vote and the Liberals who promised to remain. You’ve spent four years telling us that Brexit is the biggest mistake we’ve ever made but you still didn’t vote against it! Unbelievable.
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    If you are not liking what's happening you can't say you weren't warned
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    Unless I missed it, the last GE, called by the sitting government, was not a leave/remain test at all so I can not see the reason for all of the use of it as proof of anything. I didn't vote on the basis of leave or remain as that choice had already been made. What was trumpeted at the time though was that there was already a fantastic, oven ready deal in place. I knew that was a downright lie and being treated like an idiot is what I don't like.
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    He is all over MSM in the USA, he is not going away any time soon. Gates is financially involved in media, vaccines and the WHO, he has bought and paid for as much publicity as he desires...
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    No. I think politicians do damage in the short term. In the medium to long term, terrible Governments can be voted out. What governs long term outcomes is an individual's decisions. I naively thought that Labour's uncosted spending aspirations, coupled with general public sector inefficiencies would be cripplingly expensive and leave the taxpayer an unaffordable legacy. Looks like we end up with all that, plus nothing to show for it, regardless of whom we voted for. Brexit is what it is. A second referendum would be the worst possible outcome, as even if remain won, we'd be in a best two of three scenario and simply ignoring the referendum result would have opened the door for all kinds of pro-Brexit cranks to infect politics. So here we are. Brexit will make Britain less innovative, less competitive and a less attractive place to invest, however opportunities for those who want them will still be there, just like they are today, only slightly less in quantity.
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    Absolute piffle and typical of the soundbites and spin from the Government. They specifically kept repeating the word 'deal' to make it look like they had it all sorted when in fact all we had was another version of a withdrawal agreement. It wasn't 'deal' or 'no deal', it was 'let's carry on negotiating and see if we get anywhere' or 'no deal'. No deal was never off the table and this suited the Brexit party and Rees Mogg etc. of course because they knew no deal was the most likely outcome, considering the EU held almost all the cards. Saying 'fantastic' or 'absolutely clear' and that other empty rhetoric sprouted at the time and since does not convince me, but if they didn't think it did influence people, they wouldn't use it. Looking at the web it seems many are questioning the spin. e.g. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/boris_johnsons_oven_ready_deal https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/brexit-news/jo-coburn-politics-live-brexit-comments-6655742
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    THEN you voted for something you didn't want which, of course, is your right... Johnson's whole election mantra was "Get Brexit Done"
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    IT is generally accepted that millions who previously voted Labour switched to the Tories on the basis of their pledge to get Brexit done. So, effect, it was a second referendum which ultimately endorsed the result of the first one. ITV ... Boris Johnson's comments about having an "oven-ready deal" was in reference to the Withdrawal Agreement, Minister for Middle East & North Africa James Cleverly told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.Addressing the confusion over the Prime Minister's comments during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Mr Cleverly said: "The prime minister was absolutely clear. You’ve got to remember, we spent a year rowing about the Withdrawal Agreement. The prime minister made it clear that every single conservative candidate in the 2019 general election would subscribe to the Withdrawal Agreement and that was the oven ready deal that he was talking about." "It was absolutely clear, unambiguous that he was talking about the Withdrawal Agreement and he did indeed - once he secured the working majority that we needed - he did indeed get that deal voted through in parliament."
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    You could start with the trilogy:- Tinker Tailor, Hon Schoolboy, Smileys People in that order and then backtrack to The Spy who came in from the cold. For me A perfect spy is probably his best work. As with most of his books the movies/tv adaptations are usually very good. I

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