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    You may have missed it Vince as it hasn't been in the news much, but a few weeks ago there was this thing called "Brexit" where Britain decided to leave the EU. As a result, we needed to negotiate special access for areas where Britain didn't want to be treated the same as all the other countries outside the EU. Some areas where we didn't negotiate special access includes the export of live shellfish and frozen meats, therefore all of those British exports are now treated exactly the same as exports from any other third country. This lack of special treatment appears to have come as a surprise to those who believed the likes of Farage, Johnson, Rees-Mogg et al. who said Britain would get a "great deal" and that "the EU needs us more than we need them".
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    I remember saying the same thing a few years back now But I think it was the SWC or GP series
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    And it doesnt really matter what the "rules" are, because, as we know, Polish Speedway will do exactly what is right for Polish Speedway, at even the slightest hint of them being impacted... Up to, and including, banning their riders from leaving...
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    But isn't there a presumption that sportsmen stay in bubbles with their team mates/ fellow competitors - a model that doesn't work when riders ride for different teams in different countries.
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    Seen a bit from Kurtz that he leaves for Poland soon and HOPES to be able to travel between countries to compete in Britain He is not the only one in this position and I cant see it being the UK coming off best I can see a shambles approaching.......
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    It's irrelevant whether anything has changed or not. Probably nothing has changed as yet, but the UK insisted on the right to diverge from (most) EU regulations from 1 January 2021. So the EU has every right from 1 January 2021 to say that products entering their markets can no longer be guaranteed those standards. If the UK felt that its products continue to meet EU standards then it should have agreed to continue to meet those standards, at least for a further transition period to give UK businesses time to adjust. But Boris and the other Brexit loonies insisted on making clean break after 31 December, despite UK businesses having 8 days notice, so these are consequences. The EU is doing exactly what the UK insisted on doing - applying its own regulations - and whether it's right, fair or applies common sense is utterly irrelevant. The UK claimed it didn't need the EU, that the EU needed the UK more than the other way round, and yet Brexiteers are bleating that they can no longer easily export things anymore. Welcome to the realities of Brexit.. You seem to be brighter than the average Brexiteer, so I really don't understand what you're not getting about this. And it would have been, had not the Brextremist insisted on becoming a third country with the right to diverge on standards. Now the country needs to live with the consequences of the decisions made by its government... I think they're perfectly reasonably applying more rigorous scrutiny to the agreement than the UK Parliament (who had one day) were able to. And unlike the UK, they're processes are more democratic in that their elected representatives do have to have an approval vote. Many treaties and agreements aren't ratified for ages after they're signed. Nothing unusual about that at all, but Brexiteers are of course desperately clutching at straws at the moment...
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    Yeah that is a very nice line in sarcasm but forgets to address which regulations and standards we have changed since leaving. you may have missed it but that was the question! The deal should always have been easier than for other third countries because all the regulations were already in line, that hasn't changed, we agreed not to reduce any standards but still life is currently being made more difficult than it need be. Undoubtedly there will be some twit for tat and posturing from both sides but as always business will eventually pull enough strings to make the agencies see sense. Just recently we have seen it said many times that leave voters on here said that the EU needed us more than we needed them which I don't remember being said. I have said, as have others, that it is better for both parties to work together and both would benefit from doing so rather than trying to make life difficult. The EU is undoubtedly better off having a good trade relationship with the UK just as the UK is undoubtedly better off having a good trade relationship with the EU, which needs the other more is just playground nonsense. As for the deal it was always dependant on those brokering it and would undoubtedly have been better without the Remain supporting politicians hamstringing the negotiators at every opportunity. It isn't a great deal but it is what we have to work with and with a bit of common sense applied could work well enough to allow the vast majority to trade without issues. However common sense and government agencies of any nationality are words that are rarely combined in the same sentence until somebody twists their arm. No mention from remain supporters about the EU asking for more time to ratify the deal, imagine if it were the other way around as the 'inefficiency of the UK government' would be headline news.
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    What a lot of people don't get about history, is how useful it can be for us, even in everyday life. I can't stand these idiots who want to erase/change history; good or bad you can't change what's happened. Nor should we want to, as we can learn from it. Take this pandemic, for example. All these people who are stressed because of the restrictions and lifestyle changes because they are so spoiled and entitled. However would they have survived during the war? Or even in the immediate post-war years? When I think of what my parents and grandparents had to go through, it gives me all the hope and inspiration I need to survive now! Spending countless nights in air-raid shelters, losing everything, seeing family, friends, and neighbours killed, rationing etc. They still carried on as best they could, and got through it. When we first had the lockdown and the shortages in the shops, it didn't really affect me. Sure, I had to make some changes, but they actually helped me in a way. Having dried milk powder in the house, making my own bread and making things from scratch, growing my own veggies (reminiscent of those wonderful allotments), and not relying on all the conveniences (like eating out) that we enjoyed pre-virus, it was really quite refreshing. As I mentioned earlier, one of my favourite aspects of history is daily life, and it has really stood me in good stead for times such as these.
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    We have our country back. Surely we can remove this requirement if it helps British businesses to export and grow!! I keep getting emails and webinar invites from the DTI to advise me on where I am going wrong!!
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    I don’t know how professional speedway can be classed as ‘elite’ given that the sport received nothing from the government whilst other sports that ARE elite did. Speedway appears to be classed as semi professional so should be fighting their corner to start earlier with crowds.
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    Many businesses are also not affected by COVID, but are affected by Brexit.
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    And has been shown in the Champions & Europa league where some countries are banning everyone including sportsmen from going into the country, this could still be a problem in the future.
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    That would wash if the foreign rider just came in on a 4.00 average and was on a comparable deal to a Brit but when they are sponsored there is accommodation supplied, workshop facilities a guaranteed wage etc. If the emerging Brits were afforded this level of luxury they could they could focus on racing, fitness and bike prep without the additional stresses of having to earn enough to keep a roof over their heads.
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    You tell me, your the one making a statement about ‘ dead wood ‘. Are you referring to Dale ? Or were you referring to Dave ? a volunteer who put his own time and money into the training school that has developed us Josh, Archie and Danny . Personally I have no axe to grind with his efforts but you appear too. My comments were aimed at the fact it would be a shame if there were no more training schools , run by whoever, to help us develop our own youngsters to follow these three lads. As far as I’m aware Dale Pate is still running the juniors, unless you know different?
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    It's just a conspiracy theory they said ...
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    Short term workers from the EU not coming over to pick daffs would be nothing to do with the ban on international travel and everything to do with leaving the EU then?
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    I hope so too. Things have been worryingly quiet from the Fen Tigers and Warriors. being the standalone teams who have been most impacted by changes but least informed i fear they will be hurting a little atm. Two contrasting race tracks and promotions but two that the NDL can certainly not afford to upset/lose.
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    Will be plenty more changes / riders following suit i suspect. Watch out for a team building rule change before May 17th
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    All the more reason to increase the 4.00 starting average for new foreign riders. Not a pop at those teams that have taken advantage of this if they can as it's all within the rules. Whilst acknowledging how big a part foreign riders have to play, I think if you're serious about allowing UK riders to progress removing these low averages for foreign riders has to be considered.
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    Wasn't that down to fact Speedway was an "Elite Summer Sport' and those who got offered a grant were classed as 'Winter'?.. Either way, I think the fact it wasn't "free money" was possibly the reason it wasn't pursued. Paying it back might have dissuaded them from going down that particular avenue.. Ironically, a year out for some tracks may have actually been beneficial given we hear so many "lose money" regularly.. And that year out has also, for me, put the standard to where it should have been in relation to its crowd levels a good many years ago. Which must reduce costs going forward.. A 'reset' was long, long, overdue, so maybe this season, with the TV money to add in also, could be a start of something more positive for the sport in the UK?
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    That's the point though isn't it. By giving these riders a low assessed average of 4.00 you can't blame the promoters for going for two assessed foreign riders ahead of say a UK 5.00 and 3.00 who maybe haven't shown signs of improvement. It always seems worth the gamble especially now you might have seen footage of the foreign rider in action and apparently they become an asset of the club rather pay a loan fee. Had those assessed foreign averages been 5.00 then there's some more jeopardy as to whether a newcomer would achieve that level so the likes of Mountain, Greaves, Sarjeant, Kinsley, Smith and Ruddick might have got places. Notwithstanding that there are still places available elsewhere so hopefully they do all get fixed up. But you can see the incentive to go for a new foreign rider on 4.00 over a UK rider which doesn't really fit in with the Rising Star ethos.
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    With injuries like that he will certainly need a "driver" when he leaves hospital.
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    They started with 2 surprises that no one saw coming so would be excellent for the last one to be another one. It makes you wonder why the BSPA were so against them joining for the past couple of seasons. They have been a breath of fresh air and excitement to British season for, hopefully, the new season. Some of the more established promotions could learn a thing or two from the Plymouth promotion.
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    My thoughts exactly, has never had the same amount of NL rides as any of his peers, and never became a heat leader at NL before moving up, plus all kitted out already.
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    Great news that we are going full on in the NL full rather than just the cup competition and I appreciate we need to balance the team with the number of local untried youngsters in there but Max Clegg should not be in there. Nothing against the lad but he’s been riding as a professional for about nine years, he was in the Elite league draft system in 2014 and he is way too good for the NL. Add the fact that the pressure of doing the previous championship match and then being expected to clean up doing another 5 rides afterwards is just too much to put on him. This is supposed to be a development division , he isn’t going to learn anything that he doesn’t already know. Yes, he will be a big scoring number 1 but isn’t the point of the exercise to give new youngsters opportunities ? There are bound to be clashes of fixtures away from home so he will miss meetings anyway and there won’t be many 10-11 point averaged guests knocking about! I know we need a competitive team but there’s room there to bring in two less experienced 5-6 pointers who , with the reduced standard, will become the next generation of heat leaders.The likes of Josh Embleton will double his average based on that so let’s look around at the least experienced lads out there. Id throw in the name of the likes of Greg Blair who is on the comeback. Seen him at Redcar in 2020 and he’s already on the pace, he’s experienced enough and has been unlucky with injuries and don't think he’s actually ever had a full season under his belt . He’ll score points and be entertaining to watch and he’d be an ideal rider to step up into the diamonds side if required!

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