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    The problem is not that you copy and paste stuff; it's that you are convinced that you know everything about what you post, and why. Yes, fuel prices have risen recently. So? The POTUS does NOT single-handedly control fuel prices in the US. Individual states and counties largely dictate that - along with crude prices. Petrol prices are NOT exorbitantly high at the moment, and the only reason they dropped as low as they did last year was because of a worldwide pandemic. Stop acting like you know everything, and blaming everything on folks who have little or no control over things.
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    Meanwhile, over in NY, governor Andrew Cuomo , may be dragged in front of his peers , as a call for impeachment grows stronger from his own side. ( democrats) It seems his policy of emptying hospitals and seeding virus into care homes, may have escalated deaths among the most vulnerable. Are you sitting comfortable Nicola? Your day of reckoning is coming, for your stupidity, unless Wee Eck shanks you first, in broad daylight.
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    At last, the MSM is starting to investigate the scam...
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    Sounds like he was happy with his lot RIP Captain Tom
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    Lockdowns should end now and never be repeated...
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    Here’s an example of how the government twisted the truth in its presentation yesterday. They said “one in five local authorities reported an increase in cases”, they showed these coloured purple on a map of the UK and they said that this was evidence that the battle was not won and that the virus could take off again if we don’t comply with the restrictions. It was a clear scare tactic. Swindon was one of the local authorities reporting an “increase”. But what increase are we talking about? Firstly, it’s an increase in the number of positive tests on the previous week. It went up from 91 per 100,000 people to 124 per 100,000 people, so in Swindon’s population of 220,000 it went from 200 people to 272 people. Possibly concerning. But, secondly, you have to take into account the fact that these figures were based only on test results and that there are many more people who have the virus but don’t go for tests. The ONS says that 1 in 145 people in England currently has the virus, down from 1 in 115 the previous week. So Swindon has, in all probability, gone down from 1,913 people with the virus to 1,517 people, not increased from 200 to 272 as per the test results only measure! It just goes to show that we cannot trust a government that switches between different measures to justify different things, positive test results to scaremonger and ONS surveys to show how well the lockdown is doing! Scandalous.
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    If one in five local authorities did in fact report an increase in cases than there is nothing wrong with what was said at the presentation. The rest of your post is irrelevant.
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    It's just as well you're not, eh, Bluey?
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    About time Judges agreed with most of the people of Britain!... "she made her bed now let her sleep in it."
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    And of course, he knows EVERYTHING by sitting 4000 miles away, while some of us have actually been living it for 30 years...
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    There must be a big memorial service when we are back free of covid.
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    My answer is probably what Tegnell and most others in Sweden would say. Without the unprecedented measures that it seems the Swedes are tired of and has hurt their economy more than neighbours Norway and Finland who did have a lockdown the figures would be even worse And as I posted a day or so ago they could still have a lot of collateral damage to come with postponed operations etc for other diseases
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    Looking at the teams being assembled, and what appears to be quite a long "tail" for most teams, would it have been better to run maybe 5 man teams in the NL? Or even 4 team tournaments? More actual teams maybe but less riders, with a much lower difference between standard. The difference in standard being so important when it comes to the entertainment served up. The best lads wont gain anything from beating the 'wobblers' and the lads 'wobbling' wont gain anything from getting hammered by the best lads.. You wont get a 'wobbler' to HL status in a season, but you might get a Second String there, so these "middle" riders are the ones who should be given priority places, and the most opportunity to race against their next level of rider.. Let the 2, and 3 point NL average lads race together in 'proper' second halves and see the NL place in a team as something to aspire to. Not to just be handed one so you can be a "makeweight" because your average fits.. Its great that we seem to have a joined up development path for riders, however the on track entertainment will be vital to maintain the public's interest.. Not sure seven man teams will deliver this given the difference in standard in virtually every heat..
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    What’s Iris’s answer to this? It’s crystal clear that the pandemic has not caused anything like “unprecedented” deaths, and this is despite no lockdowns in Sweden.
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    With the year we have just had, can we not just leave the petty squabbles and attempted point scoring for now - NNH!! (No Numpties Here). Just focus on the speedway and be glad that you have a speedway team to support this year!
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    I'm not quite as excited as dandelion, but it is a good signing, his 2020 results suggested rapid progress that makes me think he could be a valuable asset to Plymouth if he sticks around
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    Be careful of that deadly ozone hole if you step outside, experts said it's going to kill millions. Whatever happened to that scam...
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    Climate change has become a never ending billionaires scam. Digital id they definitely want, they are not hiding that one anymore...
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    My opinion is it's about countering climate change and bringing in digital id..
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    Listened to the radio link shared on Facebook earlier on that included a short interview with Garry May. The two main snippets to take from the interview was that he was determined and adamant that Somerset will be back. He also seemed very positive about Somerset still hosting the pairs this year if they’re allowed to do so and offered the chance. Great news on both fronts.
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    Doesn't change my opinion that the whole thing has always been about a vaccine. I said that a year ago, and with it now being 'sold' harder than double glazing, i'm sticking with that informed opinion...
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    You are so right Steve. Some not all need to grow up.
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    Line-up order not confirmed, but it's how I'd set them up
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    I won't be losing any sleep over this particular story I'm afraid.

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