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    Hi Everyone, Thanks for your comments and posts which I appreciate and read with great interest. I would like to say that in order to have a virtually amateur 3rd tier of speedway it needs to be either funded by the governing body or the governing body wave all its charges. The issue to put on any speedway meeting under the BSPL is that it is now a business and as a business it has have revenue and directors must act in the best interest of that business. How does the BSPL raise revenue? Through match fees, sales of rights (TV) and sponsorship. What do clubs have to pay excluding travel and riders points money and assume that all staff volunteer.... well BSPA Fees, SC license fees, Referee Fees, Insurance, Fixed insurance, Medical ambulance, Medical Paramedic plus advertising budget, program and so on.... so with everything before the plus.. for the IOW to stage speedway it is £1325.... oh then there is stadium rental on top of that too and this is before we can advertise, pay a rider home and away........ So let's look at the options for NL in my view to make it work. 1. Purely amateur (no paid riders as in motocross) and BSPL use money from TV deals to cover all costs associated with putting the meeting on. Entry for fans for say £5 and perhaps cover the clubs stadium rental. 2. Purely amateur and riders pay to enter (to cover costs would mean each rider for a 7 rider team had to pay £94.60 home and away) and the club is responsible for all costs which then raises some revenue for BSPL - Entry for fans for say £5 and perhaps cover the clubs stadium rental. 3. Structured pay scales, proper sellable product, with fans prepared to be entertained, a real structure to move forward, step by step progress, a club to be proud of. My personal view is the only one able to work is number 3... 1 and 2 will always be seen as an overhead and the same as the current push toward second teams in double headers. My fear is that 7 riders teams will be reduced to 5, then 4 and guess what we are back 20 years but without riders and promoters who want to support it. As for Buxton being drawn back in to the league... the opportunity is there but not taken, and I understand will not be either. As always keep safe and stay positive. All the best Barry
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    May have already been discussed on here but how have they established that the Pfizer vaccine reduces asymptomatic transmission by 75%? Last I knew whether asymptomatic people transmitted the virus at all was open to debate.
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    A letter from a Hereford GP to her MP, Tory Jesse Norman, on her being threatened with removal for refusing to have the gene therapy injection. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EvK3N3aWYAkHeaT?format=png&name=large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EvK3gCzWYAAoqik?format=png&name=large Still think this is about a virus?
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    Does that apply to forum members who are selective in what they post?
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    I don't totally agree and would argue that as a result of reducing standards we have lost Isle of Wight (and that loss should not be underestimated). In addition, I am of the opinion that there were other reasons for Buxton finishing - not least that Sheffield were to ride on the same day. To me, its a matter of compromise (and indeed always has been). The double up clubs - particularly if they run double headers - want the league for development without the same need to attract paying fans. The stand alone teams still have an interest in development but need to make the product good enough to pull customers in. The NDL has, for years, achieved such a compromise but that has been torpedoed for 2021 by the BSPL imposing a points limit without any discussion or negotiation - its a been a case of take it or leave it. In my view - and I suspect in Barry Bishop's - that is what is most unacceptable. There seems to me a slight contradiction in what you are saying, too. You indicate that the league should permit a competitive Buxton to join, but then go on to state that winning the league - ie being competitive - should not be a priority. I'd point out that the latter view does not seem to be shared by double up club promoters, given that the NDL has been won for 2 out of the last 3 seasons by their teams. The way I see it, if the league is about development and not competition there is no need to reduce the points limit at all. Retaining 39 does not prevent the double up teams from putting out their developing riders, but it means that the product - and hence the ability to pull in customer - is not weakened for both Mildenhall and Isle of Wight. On a final note - and as I have said before - it is nonsense to suggest or even imply that the NDL has not performed its development function in the past. Every single British rider in Championship and Premiership teams started in the third tier, as did our GP representatives Tai Woffinden and Robert Lambert.
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    No idea who the George is, but it was Hugh Grant she was caught with
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    That's not the worst idea!
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    Another good post but some clubs will never be encouraged to give extra track time and coaching to riders . I have lost count of the time's juniors have there spot at the end reduced because a senior wants to test something. He then proceeds to do a start and 20 wheelies. please don't think the current crop of riders and those just behind them lack experience in racing. These groups have been at it for year racing nearly every week at amateur meetings and British youth level . Admittedly some are better than others but that's how things work but I don't see any of the dreaded wobblers everyone is worrying about.
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    Another dinghy carrying 12 more illegal immigrants rocked up at Dover this morning . Each and every one of the 12 tested positive for coronavirus. Will these illegals have to pay £50 a go for the Covid tests, the same as incoming legal visitors do ? Will they each have to stump up £1470 each for 10 days in an hotel , the same as legal visitors ? I don’t see why they should not be treated the same as legal arrivals. After all, they’ve got plenty of money. They paid, we are told , around £1500 a head to cross the Channel , plus whatever it cost to get to Calais .But no, in the Land of Plenty the good ‘ol taxpayer will pick up the tab, as always.
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    Ah, so that will be the tests that Mrs R and myself did starting back in September for three weeks (that became nine weeks and only stopped because we moved house). In that case, I'll add another term to VB's description of the system - hap-hazard. For several of those weeks we were getting constant negatives (by inference, they never actually told us until the last one, rather the tester just telling us each successive week we must be negative because positives are notified) whilst just next door the couple were staying indoors because they had symptoms with nobody official knowing. Accurate system, that!
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    As if they'd say that. Like I said, best to agree to differ.
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    My point is exactly what I said. The government has used a small measure to distort the bigger picture and it knows it is disingenuous. It’s what it’s done throughout the Covid campaign, lied to the public to keep it onside.
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    There you have it from the horses mouth, 'a mild infection and cleared itself up',,, amazing what your own body can do. Mind you, av lately been having some toilet trouble, but from the other side. Suppose a was a bit embarrassed and didn't consult my GP, but av been struggling to clean myself after the event. A did try using my left hand to carry out the task, but it made an even worse mess!!!,,, Eventually my thumb got better and things are back to normal, true story.
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    Smart Alec DC2 had already flagged that one up! No my condition was that I was passing too much urine (well it had to be said!) and visiting the loo much too often causing concerns but apparently it was a mild infection and cleared itself up no thanks to my GP's intervention!
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    Nice deflection, Blu! That has got bugger all to do with Biden trying to "kill poor people", hasn't it? Anyway, that's good coming from someone who can't understand how voting numbers work...
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    Bluey explain something? Your 'avin' a laugh, Kester.
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    surely that just shows that 4 in 5 have LOWER? and as a brucey bonus it's also eradicated flu
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    The figure isnt one made up by the ONS - it uses the results from random sample tests carried out every week via a study conducted by Imperial College
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    That's where we'll have to agree to differ. I didn't see the programme but on what you've written, that one in five local authorities have shown an increase in cases does indeed show that this hasn't been beaten yet and that the virus could, just could, take off again. Your disagreement seems to be that cases found as a result of testing are used here rather than some figure made up by the ONS (come on, how can anybody know how many people are currently infected using guesswork, or estimation as you prefer to call it given that many people, especially those not in the vulnerable groups just get on with it and don't say anything). If what you post was what was said it was to the point, correct and used a source of figures we are all familiar with.
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    I'm sure you will be made very welcome. Kent folk are a friendly bunch and viewing in our big grandstand is second to none with good facilities enclosed. It is one of the reasons that, when Arena closed, I have become a Central Park regular. For me, a comfortable seat during racing is a "must" nowadays. The only thing that bothers me ( not that much) is the 6.30 start time and 8.30 curfew, but at least I get home at an acceptable time. But I do sometimes arrive very close to start time and a couple of times I have missed the 1st race. No ones fault but my own, of course. Still annoying though.
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    Wallinger would be good value on his low average but I don’t think he’ll ride. By the looks of the latest IOW press release they are extremely bitter with the BSPA and Mildenhall but If IOW wanted to run in a more ‘ professional ‘ division they should have considered moving up. It is a shame they’re not running but it’s they’re decision.
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    Meanwhile, over in NY, governor Andrew Cuomo , may be dragged in front of his peers , as a call for impeachment grows stronger from his own side. ( democrats) It seems his policy of emptying hospitals and seeding virus into care homes, may have escalated deaths among the most vulnerable. Are you sitting comfortable Nicola? Your day of reckoning is coming, for your stupidity, unless Wee Eck shanks you first, in broad daylight.
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    Jeremy Paxman would make a better choice although he has mellowed somewhat as can be seen on University Challenge.
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    Are they not just trying to say that, by having the vaccine it will give you a 75% chance of not passing on something that you don't even know that you've got, cos your asymptomatic?
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    British patronage. The passport rule for the NL was brought in because of examples like BWD

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