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    One of the great scandals of our times. There was a very good Radio 4 series about it. Special mention should go to the utterly vile Paula Vennels who for years lied through her teeth, including to a HoC Select Committee. She was arrogant throughout and has failed to show any genuine contrition at any point. All from an Anglian Minister. Quite a piece of work.
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    For years innocent local Post Masters have been sent to prison for supposedly fiddling the books when it was a faulty computer that was to blame. Even when it became known that the computer was at fault the prosecutions continued. It has been described as the biggest miscarriage of justice in modern times Now the taxpayer is being called upon to bail the Post Office out in the claims these innocent people have succussefullly made for compensation. Meanwhile the real culprits in the Post Office , and for that matter in the CPS get off Scott free, despite all the midery and hardship they caused. UK government sets aside up to £233m to cover Post Office payouts (msn.com)
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    Thats a bit rich Blu , liking your own post
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    One of the most crazy things of all times ... Anyone with common sense would have thought to themselfs how can these honest people all over the uk start fiddling at the same time ?
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    Computer modellers are behind both the climate and covid scams. Ferguson adds to the huge list of failed predictions after only a week.
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    No, antibiotics would have dealt with Yersinia. You May recall the “ public health “ measures at the time of confining the healthy with those affected increased the death count many times, looks like we have not learned much from meddling “ to keep everyone safe”
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    £2,500 raised in a collection for Ulrich today at Glasgow. In his short time at Glasgow we have really taken to him speedy recovery hopefully, both teams could be doing with him back sooner rather than later.
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    The Black Death is estimated to have reduced the population of Europe in the early 14th century by anything up to 60%. Yes, the human race survived, but are you saying that scale of loss of life is acceptable? If only medicine was advanced enough to have invented a vaccination, eh?
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    Glasgow promotion put in £1000 that puts Buster under pressure to match that haha I think hes been rider of the year in both leagues in 2021 so far now the flymos have been updated
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    If they are having issues with tyres it was only one side struggling with them... IMHO it had nothing to do with tyres On the track... not sure where it was Grippy Charlie Wright put in the fastest time of the season passing Ben Barker up the back straight... also the James Grieves line was 2/3rds of the way out on the 1st and 2nd bends unless my memory is failing and no one goes out where Ludvig used to do his passing in the dirt on bends 3 and 4 as there is nothing there for anyone... no grip whatsoever... and everyone tries the Lemmo cut back on 4 hugging the inside line which can make it rather processional at times... 3 or 4 passes up the back straight which is unusual for Brough and Dickie Juul's advice in the pits must have been invaluable to Redcar... the dust was an issue for sure and the problem with a new track man for me is he potentially won't listen to the home riders and will prepare the track how he likes to see it not how the home riders want to see it... the issue may settle once the guys get dialled back in... and the dust will settle with more water on the track... Newcastle were just not good enough in every department... Redcar were better and stronger right through... it was a good old fashioned stuffing without a doubt... gating was an issue all night for the Diamonds with the exception of heat 15 when James Wright got a massive roller and still couldn't keep the lead... Also what's up with Max Clegg... his body language didn't seem right and on the track the effort just didn't seem there... has his head been turned? He seems to have gone right off the boil... The team is ripe for changes however is there anyone out there who can come in and significanty strengthen the team... some big decisions to be made... Finally I am not surprised any newbie liked what they saw as it was a master class of Speedway... passing with thrills and spills... good entertainment... only problem was it was all coming from the away side... Newcastle were just not at the races unfortunately... Regards THJ
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    Looked on the pace just seemed to drift too wide towards the end off his heats and losing momentum, also rode well on Friday still has talent.
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    Again - thought Brexit was going to create sunny uplands for the UK haulage industry...
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    Berwick allow under 16s in free. As a result you get a lot of younger fans going as part of a family. But that side of promotion very seldom gets the praise it deserves. Far easier to be negative.
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    It's been in place since 2020 to stop teams having to field a NL rider if their no.1 is missing
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    It's not hard to grasp is it,,, he is on the Rising Star list at the start of the season,, and still on it,,, ipswich don't use him as a rising star,, as only one rising star per team this season in the Prem,,, Kemp is ipswich rising star. So Rowe gets an average, but because he is on the list still,, he can guest for other 4 rising stars.
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    Saves having to come up with rational and well-researched facts to rebut the argument.
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    I think he will be at Peterborough next year if he wants to be, I also think he will be racing again this year as he should be back for our September matches if not some of the later August meetings. Ulrichs very popular, with his team mates, sponsors and most importantly the fans and it’s noticeable he is very fit this year and a fit Ulrich on good equipment is a match for mostly anyone. You don’t put over 3 points on your starting average by fluke or accident.
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    So you weren’t there, didn’t know anything about the meeting, track, opposition, conditions, refs decisions? In fact you knew nothing at all except what you read on the internet? Well they say opinions are like ar$eholes because everyone has one. I think all you did is prove the point. as to hitting a nerve ? Don’t flatter yourself mate, any real fan laughs at people who spout off with no knowledge of what they’re talking about. yeah, my boy did ride. He also top scored. Embarrassing…? Nope. I’m proud as hell.
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    A hope ya right but if it doesn't come back soon the riders will.forget it's there... and to be fair there was nothing finer than watching Lingren go for he big bomb on the outside and lately we have seen a couple of riders go for it and you see them going backwards as there is nothing out there... Regards THJ
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    Poor machinery as usual as he has been told so often. For his talent he should be a heatleader.
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    Thank you. If you had read what I had queried initially you'd have realised it was a genuine question. Now I realise you and your wee pal have no clue. If either of you work/volunteer for the Tigers then you messed up today. No big deal, it happens.
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    How did the human race survive a million years of annual coronaviruses without big pharma and merchants of doom. Might be something in this ‘immune system’ conspiracy theory.
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    And built with no thought as to where the sun would be setting lol
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    So much more enjoyable without all that screaming.
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    by far the best commentary pairing,kelvin 10 times better when not trying to make stupid jokes with an equally unfunny pearson,stick with kelvin and chris, and also scrap the studio analysis,pearson probably on the biggest wage so bt think also of the money you could save!!!

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