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    Delighted to see that after x-rays Jye Etheridge has no broken bones but is obviously very battered and bruised.
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    As others have said, well done on working hard and making a life for yourself. That's exactly how it should work. You've taken this personally. Try not to, and think how the 20 year old you would fare today instead. The point is that the ladder society provided for you has since had multiple rungs kicked out from it, all for the benefit of those at the top of the ladder already. The same opportunities do not exist...and if you were starting out now...or even 10 years ago, you would not have the same success. People are having to work hard (or even harder in the 24 hour digital world) just to get by, never mind get on in life. A third of 35-44 year olds are unable to afford a home now and are renting. The outlook is even bleaker for millennials. And Brexit has kicked more rungs out of the ladder. And the kicker is that the boomer generation has voted this environment in time after time, denying subsequent generations the opportunities that existed for them. It pains me to say it, but my own folks are a classic case. They got on the property ladder when first married aged 21 when the average house price was only double the national average annual income. Dad was a plumber and mum had the odd part-time job, but by and large was a stay-at-home mum with two kids. My dad has worked hard and they've made a decent life, a couple of cruises a year, mortgage paid off years ago, children through University all covered by grants and three vehicles (don't ask!). A similar couple today would be struggling. And yes, they vote Tory, voted for Brexit, read the Daily Express and consistently moan about immigration...and live in Devon where they never encounter any immigrants anyway! The sadness is the generation who had it all, benefitted from the sacrifices of previous generations and huge improvements in health, education and housing have not passed the same opportunities on.
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    Dear me! What with the covid, climate change and Trump threads you seem to wish to monopolise the discussion with your obscure beliefs and sense of self righteousness. Presumeably Blu has the same sense of self congratulatory hookum!
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    Very late to be posting from Dubai. 2.30am? Still, at least Blumpet was "coincidentally" up at the same time to enjoy your valued contribution. Grow up son.
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    And there's me thinking that people are being encouraged to use public transport rather than cars and here you are bucking that trend by forcing pensioners into cars just because they own one.
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    In other words the retirees could be bothered to vote but the 18-38’s couldn’t yet the retirees are somehow expected to vote remain to cancel out the fact that the 18-38’s didn’t vote at all . Lol.
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    ...as my parents were paying their parents state pensions and as I'm paying for my parent(s). As I keep re-iterating 1 in 4 people within the age group of 18 - 38 chose not to vote during the referendum. I can't take responsiblity for their apathy and non interest in their future.
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    I photographed this from the pits and there was no contact between Ricky and Kasper
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    Shame I can only give one like to this message. I'd give more if I could!
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    All in all a good night 2 sets of fans enjoying the racing and a good crac on here next day thats what its all about
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    In my opinion promoters in general are just as much to blame for the sport going on such a huge decline as anyone. Its their product to sell each week and very few do a good enough job. Admittedly I have never been a speedway promoter and never will be, but I wouldn't invest in a speedway club and expect handouts to keep the club going. What I have seen recently is a couple of Championship clubs having the begging bowl out for money to help them through the season as well as threatening to close down because the fans aren't packing into the stadiums. And those clubs are clubs with new promoters over the last couple of years who have never promoted before. The value for money just isn't there. On average around two hours stood around watching 15 heats of speedway, overpriced food and drink, barely anything going on between the heats and more often than not being stood in freezing cold conditions listening to completely out dated music. Add that with poor stadiums that look older than the average pensioner and processional racing on track and its clear to see why there are no fans coming through the gate. I absolutely love speedway, admittedly no where near as much as when I attended Newport regular before we shut down and I moved to Aus, so I am not one that wants to see the sport fail and cease to exist. But I really do think that the sport has been driven that far into the ground (in Britain) that it is beyond a state of repair. It would take a miracle of epic proportions to revive the sport in the UK, IMO. I remember the beginning of the end being when Rickardsson quit Poole after a few meetings one season, I think it was the season they brought the grading system into the Elite League. Ever since, the quality has got weaker and weaker, prices have gone up and up and ultimately, crowds have gone down and down.
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    Brexit is something that should never have been put to the vote, where the issues were dumbed down to silliness and the consequences not understood by much of the population. You're now seeing the chaos faced by exporters, diminished opportunities for trade, and important industries unable to find workers, whilst violence escalates in Northern Ireland. And it'll only get worse when COVID can no longer be used as an excuse. All so predictable though...
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    Under the old system you could have five wins and an engine failure in the semi and end with 15 points In this system you could have five wins and an engine failure and end with nine points. This system is far more likely to punish you for one bad ride
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    Yes they have also split Woffinden and Madsen- i refused to do that at this stage of the season
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    Round 4 was much better with some very good racing, nice to see Tai have a good night but he certainly picked the wrong gate for the final. I must be honest and say I prefer the 2 GP weekends, much better value for supporters.
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    Now you're talking like Wolfie...in riddles!
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    The points system is an absolute farce and I have no idea why they changed it on what it was before. Why do the powers that be constantly tinker with things that need not be changed? That said, I agree with all the comments about the racing. The last few years have IMO seen the best racing for a long time, any newcomers watching that would surely "come back for more" to use a Tony Millardism. Its just a shame they keep tinkering with the point system. Not sure I like the two GPs at one track over a weekend either.
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    Where I worked in the past, some older staff were on 1/40th final salary schemes, so have basically retired or will shortly be retiring on their full salary at the age of 60. I'd imagine the time servers would be on a minimum of GBP 40k and anything upwards of that. This was subsequently downgraded to a 1/80th scheme, which I was on - so would have been retiring on approximately half salary from 65 if I was still working there. Still quite a reasonable income, but then for people under a certain age (such as myself), it was further downgraded to a contributions-only scheme. Add in the fact that since I've been working, state pensionable age has been increased from 65 to 68, and you can see why younger people are resentful. They're doing nothing different or working less hard, yet are have far poorer expectations upon retirement. I'm lucky in that I've had decent earnings and been able to put money aside for such things, but despite that it's still not a realistic proposition to be able to retire at 52. You'd basically need a pension of a million quid to do that these days, and even then you'd only get about 20k per year.
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    Still not a lover of this points system .for me it devalues the heats
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    I genuinely say well done, but you have inadvertently confirmed some of Pieman's assertions. You were very fortunate to work for a monopoly public company that was privatised that could - with some justification - be claimed to have fleeced the public for years afterwards. And you got a pension at 52 - no doubt along with underpriced shares - that allowed you to never work again. Furthermore, you were able to buy three houses - no doubt just before the housing boom - with the proceeds. I'd suggest the vast majority of anyone under the age of 55 today can never expect to get anything like that. Pensions are worth far less than they were, people realistically have to work years longer to get them, and the housing ladder is beyond the reach of many today. There are also no longer any public utilities that can be sold off cheaply, even if the younger generations had any spare cash to buy shares. I find it appalling - and I'm not directing this at you - that so many retirees think it's acceptable to pull up the ladder behind them after really being very quite lucky in the mid-years of their careers. Meanwhile they laugh about having three cars and free bus passes, winter fuel allowances as they head off on winter holidays, and still complain when they're expected to pay for television licenses...
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    Done via email. Dear Ms. Buchanan, I write with regards to the above application and the proposed redevelopment of Brandon Stadium, Coventry. I am not a local resident, I live in Sheffield, but I was a regular visitor to the stadium before it was closed by the owners and stripped back to the sorry state it is in now. I am a speedway supporter and have followed how the owners of the site have made repeated attempts to redevelop the site for housing and make millions of pounds in the process. This stadium was opened for speedway back in 1928 and I made my first of many visits in 1976 as an 8 year old with my parents. The stadium was one of the best speedway stadiums in the country and it was fantastic to see it packed with fans, hosting World Championship meetings, test matches and British Finals. It could be a great place to visit again and I know that speedway fans in the area and further afield would love to see the sport return. On looking at the latest application, a 3G football pitch is a poor effort at maintain the site for sporting purposes and I feel strongly that a stadium steeped in history and with the potential to be returned to its former glories should not be allowed to be demolished. I object to the proposal submitted by Brandon Estates. Please do not allow this to happen as it would be tragedy for many people who would love motorsport to return to the site.
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    Leftists believe that anyone who disagrees with them must be evil. It's the same mentality as every other hate group in history. Some are so dense that they think hospitals only open during the daylight hours. The world of leftists is truly void of any common sense.
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    Or a five month ban if the seasons starts in April...

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