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    Back in the real world Hubby and I had to take a pcr test yesterday, first for both of us, due to looking after the grandchildren last Saturday, and the 5 year old testing positive after a day out with friends, one of which tested positive also. Very well organised I must say, and thankfully both negative, good old vaccine. Hubby had his booster Tuesday too.
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    The higher number of teams in the Championship enables the promoter to provide greater variety to the fans and frankly there is almost zero difference in the quality of racing. Thus better income at the gate coupled with lower costs makes sense to stay put.
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    Only from transgressors and that's been the case for ages.
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    Think you need your head checking if you wouldn't have Ellis back next season. Was one of the very few good things about last season. I'd hope we'd be looking at bringing back Berge as well. Was a while ago now but I thought he was absolutely class round owlerton when he rode for us and I don't think we'd get much better riders on a 4.14 average.
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    Not the full package? Only Jack Holder, Dan Bewley and Sam Masters managed the higher average last season. 50% of all his rides for Sheffield were either winning races or paid wins. He is British and qualifies for a reduction on his average. He is on record as wanting to comeback to the club next season He will do for me.
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    Whats your point? Both clubs requested special dispensation to extend into November. Permission was granted as any delay was primarily down to other teams fixtures not being completed and was hardly the fault of either team in the final!
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    That was the original stated intention - but I'm hearing it may be held over til 2023 due to this 'truncated' season.
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    Is that the lot Kym Marsh was in? Didn't realise their language was that bad.
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    Thanks. I wear a face mask as a matter of course and courtesy to others. Never would enter a building without one. Only COVIDIOTS wouldn’t wear a mask.
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    Don't be surprised. It's entirely deliberate. It's a popular racist right wing trope to characterise former First Lady, lawyer and best selling author Michelle Obama as a male. Or worse, as a gorilla. And those who anonymously amplify this narrative deserve little more than contempt.
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    The Tories now wriggling out of replacing European Regional Funds. So much for their 'levelling up agenda'... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-politics-59078825 The Ebbw Vale lift has been out of action so many times because of frequent vandalism, as you can easily find out. Don't know what that says about the locals, but hardly the fault of the EU.
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    Quite right I'm boycotting the Poole stream on similar grounds... Oh wait... You're promotion have already done that for me And as has been pointed out to you several times now, the person posted that video is a well known wind up merchant who had a beer with said club official after the meeting. Get over it
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    If the person you tell the joke to doesn't laugh then it isn't funny. You can hide behind supposed humour as an excuse but we all know it isn't that at all. You just take it too far cos SS winds you up. But why are we surprised when a member of your club swears openly at an opposition fan. Glad Glasgow aren't getting one penny off me. I was gonna buy the stream, but absolutely no chance. Twitter updates for me
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    The best signing Glasgow could make would be a new team manager.
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    Don't think should be allowed to sign a rider who you know is going to miss home meetings IMO. Makes a mockery of the league. Quick enough to criticise grobauer, absolutely no difference if that's allowed. Should go back to NL guest as only facility in such occasions
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    I agree. I think he disliked the new tyres as well which had a massive impact mentality
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    There were four of us on the 1st bend along an Ipswich/Edinburgh fan. We cleared off after the meeting to go to the nearest Spoon's for some cheap Ale to drown our sorrows. Disappointed with the track being as dusty as it was, could have done with some water. Poole clearly the better team who handled it well. Been home for about an hour after the long drive.
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    Well one northern town is as grim as another Oop North... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/rishi-sunak-burnley-bury-market-b1946928.html
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    Be lunacy to jump into the highest league. Sustain not skint should be the mantra .
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    Only thing that I see is people making meaningless quotes. Perhaps you can help a very occasional visitor to this thread? What is the big picture that I'm missing and similarly what prediction is unfolding in front of me?
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    Whose team exactly do you think Terry-Daley, Sealey and Muff are in? I definitely saw both teams only using unattached riders. Perhaps you need to go back and read my previous email properly, where I commented on how good it has been this year in the NL, with teams covering gaps with unattached riders instead of resorting to guests.
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    It is well and truly broken - but they do nothing to re-invigorate it. Simply weaken the teams, increase the price and they will still come. Errrr - nope
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    The husband of a Nevada woman who died in 2017 reported someone stole her ballot and fraudulently voted in her name during the 2020 election. The case was one that local and national Republican leaders touted last year as concrete evidence of voter fraud. On Thursday, the Nevada attorney general’s office announced it had filed two charges of voter fraud. Can you guess who the charges are against? Yep, the husband. More proof that voter fraud does exist, but it is being perpetuated by Trump supporters. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/10/22/nevada-republican-who-claimed-someone-voted-his-dead-wife-is-charged-with-voter-fraud/
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